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Friday April 3, 2009 6:59 pm

WEEKEND READING: Alan Moore, Gotham By Gaslight, Jim Mooney, Ted Rall

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Lots of fun stuff on the internets lately. We’re still not done with anything Alan Moore’s ever touched, seen, eaten or smelled; Gotham By Gaslight, the classic “Elseworlds” book gets a callback; Jim Mooney makes an appearance; and an old fanboy remembers the Chicago Comic Con of 1986 when funnybook fanatics were all talking about Alan Moore, Frank Miller and the grand future of the printed comic book!

MORE ALAN MOORE: This has been linked to elsewhere but Steve Rose has a nice interview with Alan Moore, published in England’s Guardian (which is both a newspaper and a website, not some cape-clad superhero).

GOTHAM BY GASLIGHT: There’s a great internet game started by blogger Patti Abbott and her site, pattinase. Every Friday, she encourages her fellow crime bloggers to write about their favorite Forgotten Books. This week, crime blogger Scott D. Parker weighs in with an old favorite. For those unfamiliar, in Gotham by Gaslight, Brian Augustyn and Mike Mignola (Hellboy) imagined Batman back in Victorian England and created a memorable stand-alone adventure involving Jack the Ripper. Parker argues that this is a forgotten book that deserves to be discovered again. You can chime in on the conversation at his blog.

JIM MOONEY: I think Jim Mooney is a vastly underrated artist who doesn’t get nearly the love and respect he should. I feel the same about Bob Brown and Ross Andru. Over at 20th Century Danny Boy, Dan Best (who’s published a book about Andru and his longtime business partner Mike Esposito) has an excerpt from his yet-to-be-published book on Mooney. From just this sample, this looks like a great book and I hope someone publishes it soon (I’m looking at you, TwoMorrows). Mooney’s career spanned decades – a lot of Batman work back when Bob Kane was still taking credit for everything, and a lot of Marvel work later in his career.

Part One is here (and has the greatest photo of a very young Steve Gerber)

Part Three focuses on his Batman work. You’ll have to click the links and get part 2 on your own!

CHICAGO COMIC CON: Jay Zilber scanned and uploaded the entire program book from the 1986 con. It’s a fascinating journey back to the old-school days of comics. It’s a pdf and the scan is a little fuzzy, but the journey is worth making.

And finally, this cartoon by Ted Rall made me laugh out loud. Have a great weekend, internets!

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