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DC Comics Logo

Word raging through the internets - Bleeding Cool, Comics Beat, Comics Alliance - has it that DC is going through a new logo design, replacing the one they just redesigned a few years ago.

I think the new peel-back design looks great, and a very good idea if DC’s finally getting serious about the appliance business.

[Artwork: New DC Logo, © DC Entertainment]


Ragemoor #1I’ve been fans of Jan Strnad and Richard Corben for years. They do great work separately, but the times that they’ve teamed up (like say, Mutant World, Jeremy Brood, Arabian Nights) it’s like funnybook magic.

And now they’re back together again, this time for a new mini-series at Dark Horse called Ragemoor.

Here’s what Dark Horse has to say about it:

“Ragemoor! A living castle, nurtured on pagan blood, harborer to deadly monsters! A fortress possessed of its own will and ability to change itself, with the power to add and destroy rooms and to grow without the help of any human hand. Its owner is mad with jealously, its servants aren’t human, and its secret’s horrific!”

That sounds awesome, and I’m looking forward to it.

The first issue goes on sale at the end of March, which means you can pre-order now through your retailer.

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Stop SopaWelcome to the weekend! Let's see what the internets hold for us!

Tom Spurgeon at The Comics Reporter speaks out against SOPA, the Stop Online Piracy Act. It really is a terrible bill that does more harm than good and Tom makes a strong case to do everything you can to stop it from being passed.

Mark Evanier doesn’t like the proposed law either.

If you’re an aspiring fantasy/sci-fi writer, the Clarion Workshop is accepting applications, according to Boing Boing. You can find a list of Clarion alumni here.

And award-winning sf writer John Scalzi provides even more details and words of encouragement about Clarion.

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Doctor StrangeA small community hospital in Pennsylvania is seeking a doctor to join them.

“This location has a large assortment of shopping facilities including grocery stores, tee shirt design shops, comic book stores, and jewelry stores and is nestled in western portion of PA.”

If I were a doctor, I’d be enticed by comic book stores near my hospital!

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[Artwork: Dr. Strange, by Steve Ditko © Marvel Comics]

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Men of War #7After a few months in the #2 slot, Marvel regained its long-standing #1 position, by a tiny margin. It pushed out DC Comics, which had been #1 since it's big reboot and launch of 52 #1's.

Now DC’s New 52 is changing.

Heidi at Comics Beat reports that the New 52 is about to become the "Recent 46 and the New 6" with the cancellation of 6 titles with issue #8, and 6 others coming in off the bench.

Plus the return of Earth 2 and crossovers.

If you had 8 months in the office pool, you're the winner. I had 10, so I have to cough it up.

Happy new year!

[Artwork: Men Of War #7, the penultimate, © DC Entertainment]

Batman Beyond UnlimitedI’ve loved Norm Breyfogle’s art ever since I first saw it years ago when he was drawing Batman.

Later on, I got to meet him when he was drawing Prime for Malibu Comics’ Ultraverse (he designed the character and I was lucky enough to be around to see all his sketches).

Still later, I got to work with him directly when he did some character designs for a superhero project that Chris Ulm and I were pitching around.

Now, after some time working for Archie Comics, Norm is back on Batman in the newly relaunched Batman Beyond Unlimited title from DC, edited by another pal Jim Chadwick.

The first issue goes on sale in February, and Norm posted an interior page from it on Facebook (you can see it over there on your right).

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Universal Studios OrlandoEver wanted to work at a theme park and not dress up like Snow White or Garfield? Universal Studios, the Orlando one, is looking for a Painter.

This is not the kind of painter who makes the kitchen egg shell blue and the bathroom ivory (although you might do that at some point).

What they want is a painter who can “make sure our guests feel like they've just set foot inside the pages of a comic book or onto the set of their favorite movie.”

Skills needed include: “Problem solving, superior painting skills, attention to detail, and possessing the ability to use good judgment under pressure.

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Peanuts #1"It should not be forgotten that nearly all thoughts of Peanuts, especially by those who love it, are viewed through the rose tinted bifocals of nostalgia. This was a good comic strip and it certainly had a following, but it wasn’t Watchmen."

-- Ryan K Lindsay

Wikipedia: “At its peak, Peanuts ran in over 2,600 newspapers, with a readership of 355 million in 75 countries, and was translated into 21 languages. It helped to cement the four-panel gag strip as the standard in the United States, and together with its merchandise earned Schulz more than $1 billion. Reprints of the strip are still syndicated and run in almost every U.S. newspaper.”

Thank goodness it wasn’t Watchmen! [I have my copy of Peanuts #1 and will post a review shortly.]

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[Artwork: Peanuts #1 from kaboom!]

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What do you do when you’re trying to remember the name of a long-forgotten indy comic book from the 1970s and all you can remember is that the creator’s first name might be Kerry, and he might have been from either Seattle or Portland.

Or not.

It’s a puzzle, and without Google, I’d never have pieced it together. For a long time, I didn’t even remember the “Kerry” part.

I could picture the art style, but it never led me to the name of the comics or their creator. Fortunately, over time I pieced together fragments of my brain to come up with the guy’s first name, and then went hunting.

I figured he had to have a web presence - any cartoonist still working would have that. He didn't.

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Everyone enjoying the new year so far? So’s the internet, so let’s see how:

Tom Spurgeon at The Comics Reporter wrapped up two weeks of holiday interviews with a pile of interesting creators. Even if you’re not specifically into their individual works, you should read them all. It’s a fascinating look at lots of creative people in the biz. I especially enjoyed the chats with Kim Thompson, Art Spiegelman, and Todd DePastino on Bill Mauldin.

Is there a worse piece of entertainment than the Star Wars Holiday Special? What about its book tie-in?

If you’ve been interested in the Gary Friedrich/Marvel/Ghost Rider lawsuit, Daniel Best at 20th Century Danny Boy has the judgment paperwork to read.

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