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Paris Hilton, dogsHotel heiress was doing normal promotion for her movie when she smilingly answered a question posed to her by . Hilton told the talk show host she has 17 -seventeen- dogs. How did the dogs reach such an astronomical count? “They keep having babies, and I feel bad to give them away ‘cause I feel like if I had a baby and someone gave it away, it’d be mean.” So, she just keeps them all. Welcome to the logic and mindset of Paris Hilton - spend too much time here and you’ll forget to wear underwear but maintain all sorts of canine morality.

After this network appearance, animal services turned up at the Hilton home. Because Paris isn’t a pet breeder, she actually can’t have more than three dogs at a single address. However, department officials weren’t able to find any dogs (or the heiress herself) at the mansion. A rep for the heiress claims the doggies are actually divided up among those close to Paris, and always have been.

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A few days ago, we told you about actor ‘s secret marriage.  The Diff’rent Strokes star, 40, married Shannon Price, 22, last August after meeting her on a film set.

Aside from their obvious age and height differences, there were two things particularly noteworthy about their union.  Not only is this Coleman’s first ‘romantic’ relationship ever, it’s apparently one filled with anger issues.

Well - it seems there’s one more interesting huh?-fact that’ll trump those others:  it’s never been consummated.

In an interview with , Coleman (for some reason) admits that - even after more than a year together - their marriage remains sexless.

“It’ll happen when it will happen.  And it will happen for all the right reasons.”

Well, I would have thought marriage would have been a good excuse….but I guess it could always wait until the anniversary.

Mary-Louise Parker, Jeffrey Dean MorganEvery once in a while, you come across a person you hardly now….and you find yourself rooting for them.  For me, is one of those people.

Why?  Two words: .

Although I loved him in Almost Famous, the actor’s Q-score went down (in my eyes) when he left a 7-months-pregnant Parker for actress .  Couldn’t he have waited until she at least had the baby? Dear God—they’d already been dating like seven years at that point…what’s a few more months?

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Last night on Chelsea Lately, the late-night host revealed a surprising secret.  After addressing an organization and have been working on, the comedienne sent a special shout out to the Bruce Almighty star:

Unfortunately, as juicy as that tidbit was—it apparently isn’t true.  According to McCarthy’s rep, the actress is not pregnant.  So why would taunt/freak out/panic Carrey like that?  The host claims she only meant to be funny.

“Jenny wanted to play a joke on Jim. She’s not really pregnant, but hopefully I am.”

Hmmm….I wonder if she really was lying after all.

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Heidi MontagLast week, we gave you the chance to check out ‘s new music video for her new single, Higher.  (You can view it again here.)

After the clip splashed across the internet, negative reviews about the cheap production, weak song and talentless performer came fast and furious.  Unfortunately, it was more than star was prepared to take. 

In an interview with Us Magazine, Montag admitted to feeling crushed by the comments:

“I cried myself to sleep that first night after my video came out.  I just couldn’t understand why people I didn’t even know felt the need to be so cruel and hurtful toward me.”

Uhh, well you assaulted our eyes.  How about telling us why the piece of film looked like crap?

“We were at the beach and, literally, Spencer had his camera and a boom box in the trunk.  We did it in one take, maybe two, and it took us 20 minutes to film and cost us zero dollars.”

Boom box, nice.  Well that pathetic excuse only explains the visual quality, Heidi.  It doesn’t explain why you have absolutely no rhythm and lack the ability to lip synch.  Get back to us when you have an answer for that.

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After spending a long Tuesday afternoon in jail, finally had some pals bail him out.  (I wish I had three friends who could secure me a $20,000 bond.)  It seems the DUI offender was being served a dose of tough love from not only his parents but his recently incarcerated sister.

To make matters worse, the hotel heir - already deprived of family funds - made it quite known he was obviously lacking the signature Hilton flair.  One would have thought Barron had learned a trick or two from the day ‘Paris was liberated.’  Unfortunately, he was apparently asleep that night.  His grand exit yesterday was reduced to Trick #1 in the Walk of Shame Handbook:  “Put Coat Over Head.”

I must say - as much as I despite , she at least worked her jail departure.

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Tyra Banks worshippers may be a bit shocked this week to discover that their beloved supermodel-turned-entrepreneur may be suing a stage four cervical cancer survivor.

The mother of two, thirty-nine year-old Jodi Hughes, was both thrilled and surprised to find out that her two sons had won her a makeover spot on Tyra’s “Holiday Girl Party!” episode. Not only was the makeover a real letdown consisting of nothing more than a new dress and hair weave, but Hughes claims that producers would not allow her two sons (one of whom is blind) to enter the building, leaving them with no supervision or care while she received her “makeover.”

Furthermore, Hughes had to have the weave surgically removed due to an infection it caused on her scalp; all of the hair she grew completely gone after having undergone chemotherapy for years.

Hughes has asked nothing more from Banks and her team but an apology—she has not requested any monetary compensation for her mistreatment. However, Tyra showed her love towards Hughes when she threatened a lawsuit for violating her gag-order, which prevents her from talking about the show.

Someone told her that she definitely isn’t the next , right?

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Gary Coleman, Shannon PricePut away the wedding gown ladies.  is now a married man!

According to People magazine Coleman, 40, married Shannon Price, last August 28…on her 22nd birthday!

The nuptials took place “on a mountaintop”, according to the star.  “Nobody was around but the minister, preacher, the videographers, the photographer, the helicopter pilot and us. That was all that was there. There was nobody else.”

Coleman, who met his bride on the set of their movie , tells People that it is also his first ever romantic relationship.  “I never got the opportunity to be romantic or feel romantic with anyone,” he says. “I wasn’t saving myself, she just happened to be the one.”  (Oh, how sweet!)

Coleman however, does admit that things aren’t always kisses and sweet talk between them. He says that sometimes after an argument, they can go a whole week without speaking while she claims, “he lets his anger conquer him sometimes. … He throws things around, and sometimes he throws it in my direction.”  She adds, “I don’t like the violence.”

Neither of them, however, have any issues with the age difference.

Well, as they say, diff’rent strokes for VERY different folks!

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Put-Description-HereUPDATE: Barron’s bail was later increased to $20,000 because he was apparently carrying a fake driver’s license.  Idiot.

, younger brother to Paris and Nicky, continued the process of dragging the family name through the mud this morning by getting arrested in Malibu for DUI.

Per PageSix.com, Hilton 18, was arrested at 8:04 am after he allegedly careened into a 76 gas station and struck a gas station attendant in the process. The attendant was not injured but insisted on calling the police anyway.

“I was knocked to the ground,” Fernando Tellez told PageSix.  “The Mercedes lost control as it was turning into the gas station and Barron got out of the car and he was totally drunk and couldn’t walk straight.”

When the police arrived, they tested his blood alcohol level (which he failed miserably).  He scored a 0.14 on his breath test for blood alcohol — that’s almost double the adult limit of 0.08 in California. An eyewitness at the scene claims that Barron was so drunk he couldn’t speak.

Barron was then led away to jail where he now resides waiting for his bail to be posted-a paltry $5,000.

Gosh,  those crazy Hilton kids—you just never know where they’re gonna get arrested next!

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Ryan PhillippeActor would like to set the record straight.  He wants me

everyone to know that his “friendship” with Abbie Cornish had nothing to do with his break from .

Speculation about a relationship between Phillippe, 33,  and Cornish, 25, began when the two worked together on .  (That film is scheduled to be released March 28.)  In a interview with W, Ryan doesn’t deny ever becoming involved with the Australian actress, only that it wasn’t the reason for his public split.

“It was unfair for her to be called the names that she was, because it wasn’t about that. I don’t think an outside person can ever cause a divorce. I had difficulties in my relationship, and in my marriage, long before I ever met her.”

Well, duh.  If you become involved with another woman - it’s clearly because you were the problem to begin with.

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