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Quote of the Day: Winona Ryder on Her Shoplifting Incident

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Winona Ryder in 'Interview'

"In a weird way, it was almost like the best thing that could have happened because I'd never asked myself the question before of, "Is it okay if I'm not going to act? Is there anything else?" because that was all that I really knew... Honestly, as terrible as this sounds, when you're making movies, you think that those other things are not as important—the most important thing is that you do a good job in the movie and that you're prepared. So just getting that kind of perspective on life really helped me."

- Winona Ryder opens up about her famous shoplifting debacle in Interview magazine.

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Charlie Sheen Named Winona Ryder?

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Winona Ryder and Charlie SheenCharlie Sheen claims he gave Winona Ryder her stage name.

The Anger Management star said he was listening to psychedelic band The Doors with the actress - who's birth surname is Horowitz - when he was inspired to give her a new moniker.

"We were listening to the Doors, to "Riders on the Storm." And I said, 'You know, I'm thinking Winona Ryder sounds cool,' and she was like, 'Yeah!'"

However, despite coining the name, Charlie claims she never thanked him: "She never, never gave me credit to this day."

Charlie, 46, also talked about his firing from TV show Two and a Half Men last year following his erratic behavior and drug abuse, saying he thinks both he and the show's makers were to blame:

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Quote of the Day: Winona Ryder on Aging in Hollywood

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Winona Ryder in Black Swan

"I did relate to Beth on a certain level. Just that thing of, you know, when I'm told I'm not the ingénue anymore. And now I'm 39. I remember when I was younger, I couldn't wait to be older, because I was always the kid on the set, I was always younger than everyone else. And now I'm older than a lot of the people I work with. I've been doing this for 25 years, which is so strange."

-Actress on playing an older ballerina in Black Swan.

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Someone Ryders Away with Winona’s Jewels

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Winona Ryder is being investigated by police after a theft resulted in the loss of jewels worth $125,000. The rocks were Winona’s…kinda.

A diamond-encrusted Bulgari bracelet and ring, on loan to the actress for her use during a Marie Claire magazine party, have mysteriously come up missing in Spain. The actress (who has been almost totally off the radar for the last several years - who the hell decided to give her jewelry?) was convicted in 2001 of shoplifting. This is in no way related to this current jewel threat, but does bear mentioning.

Police involved with the case have not commented. Reps for Ryder have likewise offered no comment - giving the press free reign to speculate wildly. Let the gossip begin.

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Young Love

Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas

In the upcoming issue of Seventeen magazine, pop princess talks about her heart-breaking split with Nick Jonas and remains positive for a future with the tween sensation. We non-celebs keep up with the changing couples in Hollywood….but doesn’t it seem like some splits are just a little harder to take than the rest?

Over the years, young stars are often pairing up and breaking apart. Which couples caused us to root for them the most, created the biggest headlines…and suffered the worst break-ups?

That’s right - it’s time for another Top 5. Let’s visit the past to look at the hottest young couples through the years - which pair did we love the most?

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Bai Ling Pleads Guilty to Shoplifting

Bai Ling pulls a Winona at LAXConsequences have finally come back around to the sexy-yet-eccentric Chinese actress , who pulled a Winona last month at LAX, shoplifting a pack of batteries, and, ironically, tabloids.

Ling pleaded guilty on Wednesday to disturbing the peace, agreeing to pay over $700 in penalties and fines. Definitely beats any time in the can, though, right?

Later that evening, the Southland Tales actress confusingly claimed, “I told you the truth is going to be told and I am innocent!!!” on her blog. Ling, who also appeared in the cult hit, The Crow, also stated that she “will drink a sexy red wine tonight after filming and celebrate! I am smiling for real!”

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