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American Idol’s Casey Abrams Back in the Hospital

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American Idol Casey Abrams - judges saveThe health problems with American Idol contestant Casey Abrams continue. We joked in our Thursday results recap that “for a few seconds it looked like he might need some sort of medical attention,” and the singer proved us right just minutes later.

Abrams won the coveted judges’ save after failing to secure votes following his Wednesday performance, and the experience was so overwhelming that he hyperventilated and collapsed after cameras stopped rolling.

Staff rallied and sat Casey in a chair before rushing him to the hospital, again, in his third dramatic stay of the (still rather young) AI season. Abrams had received a blood transfusion that very morning for his ongoing stomach problems.

As always, you can keep track of the current season of the show when you read all our American Idol 10 posts.

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Billy Ray Cyrus: Divorce Dropped

Miley Cyrus, Billy Ray Cyrus“I want to put my family back together,” Billy Ray Cyrus, one-hit wonder and father to Miley Cyrus, will tell The View on Friday. “Things are the best they’ve ever been.” Thanks to the recent progress, Billy Ray will put a halt to his divorce plans and stay in his marriage (which, so far, has lasted 17 years).

“I feel like I got my Miley back, in a way,” he revealed at the Thursday taping. “I feel like we are the daddy and daughter that we were before Hannah Montana happened.” Minus a few years, some questionable photos and a salvia-smoking scandal, of course.

Billy Ray and wife Tish issued a joint statement about their disintegrating marriage in October. In a later interview with GQ, the country singer blamed Hannah Montana for “destroying” his family.

But on The View, he’ll change his tune. “I don’t think Hannah Montana ruined my family,” he backpedaled. “Now fame, fame is a different animal. You’ve got to be careful with that thing.” Or, so he’s heard.

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Gilbert Gottfried Fired for Tacky Japan Tweets

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Gilbert Gottfried and Aflac Duck

Winning! Gilbert Gottfried is currently walking the Charlie Sheen path toward success -- he just got fired from his TV gig. No longer will Gottfried power the grating voice of the Aflac duck, and you’ve got Twitter to thank for it.

The comedian went one laugh over the line when he cracked a dozen jokes in a 24-hour period, all of them about the massive catastrophe that occurred in Japan, via Twitter. Some of his ill-timed, tasteless cracks include: “Japan is really advanced. They don’t go to the beach. The beach comes to them,” and “I just split up with my girlfriend, but like the Japanese say, ‘They’ll be another one floating by any minute now.’”

Aflac didn’t think any of it was very funny, apparently. In a statement, the company said, “Gilbert’s recent comments about the crisis in Japan were lacking in humor and certainly do not represent the thoughts and feelings of anyone at Aflac.” They also promised not to rest on their laurels, adding “Aflac will immediately set plans in motion to conduct a nationwide casting call to find a new voice of the iconic Aflac Duck.”

Gilbert Gottfried could not be reached for comment about the situation. Stay up-to-date on all the celebrity gossip -- follow VIP Breakdown on Twitter.

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Parents React to Glee Magazine Spread

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UPDATE: You can read Dianna Agron's response to the controversy here.

Two of Glee’s leading ladies, Lea Michele and Dianna Agron, struck sexy poses in tiny clothing in the newest issue of GQ, delighting men and angering parents everywhere. The Parents Television Council has seen the photos, and they’re reacting … badly.

In a statement, the Council wanted to clearly denounce “the makes of the TV show Glee for a hyper-sexualized GQ photo shoot that will be featured in the November issue.” The language of that comment is sure to send a flurry of people to the newsstands to get a copy.

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Paula Abdul on the HSN

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Paula AbdulObsessed with ? In love with Paula Abdul designs? Or do you just want another reason to watch the Home Shopping Network? Now you can combine all these passions - and get some new jewelry, to boot.

According to , she personally designs jewelry for each contestant on Idol. But the judge doesn’t stop there - anyone can see her designs if they just look hard enough. “I pretty much wear my jewelry all the time now,  but I end up giving it away,” Abdul recently explained. She started making the jewelry back in 2002, when Idol first hit (and took over) the TV scene.

“I wanted something the kids could touch and feel to remind themselves that their talent got them here,” Abdul explained. The judge is no stranger to home shopping. Paula previously made a foray into QVC, selling some of her jewelry collection to home-buying fans.

Her new line, Forever Your Girl, will first appear on Saturday and feature products ranging from $29 to $200 (USD) in price.

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Did Simon Cowell Wow Britney Spears?

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Simon Cowell“I think she was in awe of me,” told the British press recently. Currently in country to work on the X-Factor, Cowell will soon be Stateside for the eighth season of American Idol. And, according to him, the reality TV contestants aren’t the only ones who seem to be overwhelmed in his very big presence.

When visited the show, Cowell said she was awed by him, though he admitted the statement “may be a bit egotistical.” Ego from you, Simon? Never! “She was just staring at me,” he admitted. “I said ‘touch me, I’m human,’ and I think that broke the ice.”

Cowell recently told the British media that he may not return for another season of X-Factor, though he’s been threatening the same of for years.

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