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Lady Gaga Upstages Sister at Graduation

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Lady Gaga at sister Natalie's graduation

“Alejandro” singer truly doesn’t leave her couture pieces in the closet when she steps outside her home. Case in point: the 24 year-old showed up to her younger sister’s graduation completely decked out in a lace bodysuit with an avant-garde, black head piece and her favorite heelless Nina Ricci platforms.

Although she’s more covered up than usual, she probably still stole the spotlight from her sister Natalie’s celebration, which was held at the same school she attended, Convent of the Sacred Heart.

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Quote of the Day: Jake Gyllenhaal on Sibling Abuse

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Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal

“Depends on what you call beating up. She performed the musical Cats for our parents, and she made me lick milk from a bowl while she sang, which was, in a way abuse.”

- Prince of Persia


hunk , when asked if big sister Maggie beat him up during their childhood.

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Ali Lohan’s Musical Debut

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Ali Lohan

It’s no secret that is trying to follow in big sister Lindsay’s footsteps - she’s already said as much in her interviews. Ali, 14, has recently debuted her first single “All the Way Around” (it can be found here on YouTube). Here’s the surprising part: it’s pretty good.

The somewhat repetitive song has a rhythmic R&B feel that’s somewhat different from ’s poppy sound, and Ali’s vocals sound very mature. Ali calls her soon-to-be-released album “more hip-hop. Kind of like Rihanna.” If this first single is any indication of Ali’s sound, I think the album could be pretty good. All the way around.

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Ali Lohan: She’s Supposed to Be 14

Ali Lohan, Lindsay Lohan

Over the past few weeks, I have become increasingly disturbed by the news I’ve been reading about Miss Lohan.  No, not Ali Lohan.  Let me tell you why:

First of all, the girl-who-used-to-be-very-cute recently said that she admired her older sister and wanted to be just like her.  (I don’t think I even need to explain why that statement is so wrong.)

Secondly, the teen who’s supposed to be fourteen has physically aged beyond her years.  (And not in a good way.)

And finally, Ali’s wardrobe decisions have been seriously questionable.

In the picture above, you can see how sweet the younger Lohan looked at a premiere for 2006’s A Prairie Home Companion.  (Keep in mind - that was only two years ago).  After the jump, you can see what she looks like now…

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James Blunt Is Sweet and Creepy

James BluntI’m sure is a perfectly nice guy, but something about him just creeps me the heck out.

Today on the show, Blunt told an audience for the countless time how he sold his sister to a wealthy man on eBay. Now they are married. 

The story sort of has a legitimate beginning. Blunt, a self-proclaimed eBay addict, says his sister Emily had no way to get to a funeral in Ireland.

The “You’re Beautiful” singer came up with the bright idea of listing her on the popular auction website as a ‘damsel in distress’.  The highest bidder was a man with a helicopter and apparently no qualms about the white slavery aspects of the deal. They hit it off, moved in together and got married about 6 months ago.

Blunt says he hasn’t decided whether to offer up his remaining sister to the highest bidder. Ick.