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Simon Cowell Wants a Daughter, Says Lauren Silverman

Lauren Silverman and Simon Cowell with their son EricSimon Cowell would love a daughter, according to Lauren Silverman.

The couple - who welcomed their first son Eric into the world in February - are keen to have another child and the media mogul's girlfriend revealed he would like to have a baby girl.

Speaking at the launch of the London Cabaret Club, she told the Daily Mirror newspaper, "We'll definitely have more children... I would like one more, I think it will be a girl. Simon wants a girl very badly."

The socialite feared she couldn't have children after the birth of her son Adam, eight, with ex-husband Andrew Silverman, and she described Eric as a "blessing." She added, "I was never able to have a child for a long time, it's the biggest blessing. With Simon I'm the happiest I've ever been. He's an amazing dad, he does all the nappies, very hands-on. I love him."

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Simon Cowell Shares First Pictures of Eric

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Simon Cowell and his son, EricSimon Cowell has shared the first pictures of baby Eric.

The reality TV mogul's girlfriend, Lauren Silverman, gave birth to their son on Friday and Simon has posted pictures of them doting over the tot. Alongside three black and white shots of the new parents with the baby - including one of Simon cradling him to his chest - he wrote on Twitter, "Mum, Dad and Eric. Now two days old. Now you can see how very handsome little Eric is. I never knew how much love and pride I would feel."

Simon flew from London to New York on Friday as soon as he heard Lauren had gone into labor, and was by her side as his first son was born. He then visited the hospital again yesterday to see the newborn, arriving with a red bag, most likely filled with treats for Lauren.

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Simon Cowell Names Son Eric

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Simon CowellSimon Cowell has named his son Eric after his father.

The reality TV mogul and his partner Lauren Silverman have decided to name their firstborn - who was delivered two weeks early yesterday weighing six pounds and seven ounces - in honor  of his late father, who passed away in 1999.

"Very happy to say Eric was born at 17.45pm. Healthy and handsome," Simon, 54, wrote on Twitter. He later added, "Lauren in great shape. Thanks for all of your kind messages."

The couple had been rumored to be naming the baby Simon, and the star teased they had settled on a moniker for the tot last November, but they were determined to keep it a secret: "Actually, we agreed on a name last night, me and Lauren. I'm not going to say what it is yet, but I'm happy."

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Simon Cowell’s Girlfriend Gives Birth to Son

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Lauren Silverman and Simon CowellSimon Cowell received one of the best gifts this Valentine's Day: the birth of a new son.

The music producer and X Factor judge hopped on a plane and skipped Britain's Got Talent auditions in London to meet up with his girlfriend Lauren Silverman, who went into labor earlier today in New York City. "He has had a plane on standby for a week," a source said.

Hours later, the couple welcomed their first son together into the world at Lenox Hill Hospital. Lauren's parents were also in the delivery room to witness the birth with Simon.

While this is Simon's first child, Lauren has 8-year-old son Adam from a previous relationship with Andrew Silverman. Adam was not present, as a source reveals that he was on a planned trip with his father for the holiday weekend.

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Leona Lewis to Sing at Simon Cowell’s Wedding?

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Leona Lewis with Simon CowellLeona Lewis would sing "Happy" at Simon Cowell's wedding.

The music mogul recently claimed he would have all his acts perform when he weds girlfriend Lauren Silverman and his X Factor protege - who shot to fame in 2006 with Simon's guidance - believes he would make her sing the hit ballad, which she recorded in 2009.

"He'd probably get me to sing 'Happy' because I think that's one of his favorites of my songs," she said.

The track is about taking chances no matter the potential risk, with lyrics including, "I gotta find my place, I wanna hear my sound, don't care about all the pain in front of me, 'cause I'm just trying to be happy."

Simon, 54, is expecting his first child - a boy - with Lauren and Leona, 28, admits it's "weird" to think of her close pal becoming a father. "It's so weird. I never thought I'd see the day but I think it's amazing. It's so lovely having a baby. I'm so happy for him," she added.

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Simon Cowell Tells Russell Brand to Give Up His Money

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Simon CowellRussell BrandSimon Cowell has told Russell Brand to give up his multi-million pound salary if he's serious about his new political beliefs.

The music mogul has criticized the comic star for accepting large salaries for his Hollywood films, while also campaigning against the political system in the UK. Russell, 48, recently joined a protest with British activist group Anonymous as part of a worldwide protest against austerity cuts and the disadvantages of the current socio-economic system.

But Simon thinks Russell is a hypocrite who doesn't do what he says and has actually greatly benefited from capitalism. "A revolution? He's getting $10 million a movie. I mean come on! Well give your money back then, Russell. I always say that about people. Start off as you mean to go on. Donate all the money back to the revolution and then I'll believe it. I'm living in a $10 million mansion and I want a revolution? Give me a break," said the X Factor boss.

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Leona Lewis Isn’t Worried About Losing Fame

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Leona LewisLeona Lewis would be "fine" if her celebrity status disappeared tomorrow.

The "Bleeding Love" hitmaker shot to fame after winning the third series of The X Factor in 2006 with the help of her mentor, Simon Cowell, but she admitted she wouldn't be too worried if she wasn't perceived as a star anymore: "Simon has always told me to trust my instincts and so that's what I've always done. I'd love to sing for the rest of my life, but if my celebrity status disappears tomorrow then I'll be completely fine with that, I really will."

The 28-year-old beauty is known for her powerful ballads, despite being more of an opera singer when she was younger, and she is hoping Simon will take her "more seriously" as a classical performer since she tasted success in the music industry:

"Well I did train in opera initially. I didn't actually switch to contemporary until I was in my teens. I wanted to be a classical singer originally. I told him [Simon] I'd love to make an opera album, and he was like, 'Yes, you should, at some point, blah blah blah, whatever.' I don't think he took it seriously. Perhaps he will now."

Simon Cowell Plans Proposal

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Simon Cowell and Lauren SilvermanSimon Cowell is planning a "special holiday proposal."

The music mogul will reportedly ask pregnant girlfriend Lauren Silverman to be his wife during his annual festive break and has even splashed out on a ring. "Simon has an engagement ring, but is being secretive about the proposal. Simon is flying to the Caribbean for the Christmas holiday. Lauren will join him for parts of the holiday trip. Simon could be planning a special holiday proposal. It seems he will definitely propose," a source said.

Simon is said to be excited about becoming a father for the first time next year, and is looking forward to Lauren's baby shower. "He is beyond excited about his son He loves feeling the baby kicking and acts very proud that he will be a father. Lauren's friends are planning a New York city baby shower that Simon will attend," the source added.

A spokesperson for the X Factor boss refused to confirm his engagement plans. "The matters are private and there will be no comment on it," they said only.

Simon Cowell to Face $50,000 Penalty

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Simon CowellSimon Cowell will face a $50,000 penalty if he goes near Lauren Silverman's son Adam.

The 54-year-old music mogul will be subjected to a hefty fee if he is in contact with seven-year-old Adam - whom his girlfriend had with her former husband, Andrew Silverman - due to a clause in the brunette beauty's divorce agreement with property developer Andrew. According to TMZ.com, although the agreement will only last until January 2015 if Lauren - who is currently pregnant with her first child with Simon - violates the clause three times she will lose contact with the child until a court is able to intervene.

The settlement also states that Andrew has a legal obligation not to rubbish Simon - who had an adulterous relationship with Lauren - and must make sure other people don't trash the businessman in the presence of his son. In addition, Lauren and her former spouse both agree that Adam should only refer to either of them as "mother" and "father," and the wealthy real-estate owner agrees to pay Lauren $3,000 a month in child support.

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Simon Cowell to Welcome Baby in NYC

Lauren SilvermanSimon Cowell's girlfriend is due to give birth to their son in New York City on February 28.

The X Factor boss and Lauren Silverman have reportedly booked a delivery room in one of the most exclusive hospitals on the east coast of the U.S., so her mother, Carole Sandland, who lives in Florida, can be on standby and fly up to help her care for her first child with the British star. A source told the MailOnline website that Lauren's mother will help her adjust to the newborn, as Simon, 54, will need to continue to travel to Los Angles and London regularly for work.

The decision to have their baby in NYC isn't surprising since Lauren's eight-year-old son, Adam, whom she shares custody of with her ex-husband, Andrew Silverman, who she divorced in August, attends school in the city.

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