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Lindsay Lohan Vindicated by Alcohol Test

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Lindsay Lohan at the MTV Movie AwardsUPDATE: New sources say that Lindsay’s alcohol level was 0.4 when the SCRAM bracelet alert went off.

Much to people’s disbelief, tested negative for alcohol following a recent alert from her SCRAM bracelet.

Lohan’s lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, revealed that a urine test extracted shortly after the alert tested negative, proving the troubled starlet’s unwavering statements about her innocence to be true.

The actress, despite her strict bail requirements, was all too tempted to attend an MTV Movie Awards after party earlier this month; at the soiree, Lohan’s alcohol monitoring bracelet went off, blinking a red light through her boots (she later denied this, claiming that the light came from a bracelet her friend had given her).

Faster than anyone could say, “I Know Who Killed Me,” a warrant was issued… and then later recalled once Lohan coughed up a cool 10% of the bail—$20,000. The district attorney’s office previously said that the alert was “an alcohol-related violation.”

No word yet as to what actually set off the alert.

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Lindsay Lohan Thirsty For Slightly Alcoholic Organic Tea

Lindsay Lohan

You can’t ever let a good


alcoholic down: has been gulping down cups of organic tea that contains a small trace of alcohol.

The actress, who has been forced to wear a SCRAM bracelet which monitors her alcohol consumption following a probation hearing regarding her second driving under the influence (DUI) conviction, has reportedly become addicted to a herbal drink which is said to detox and energize the body.

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Lindsay Lohan Submits to Random Drug Tests, SCRAM

Lindsay Lohan in courtAfter a weekend of hardcore partying in Cannes, is back in the states and has been ordered to submit to random drug testing.


professional party-goer

actress appeared in a Beverly Hills court today for a probation review hearing, where she was told by Judge Marsha Revel she can remain out on bail, but only if she abstains from drinking alcohol, wears a SCRAM bracelet - which monitors alcohol consumption - and attends at least one alcohol education class a week.

The judge also indicated the 23-year-old star must stay in the Los Angeles area, despite her being lined up to work on a movie in Texas. A formal hearing to determine if Lindsay has violated her probation - which she was placed on following her second driving under the influence (DUI) conviction in 2007 - has been scheduled for July 6.

If she is found in breach of the terms, Lindsay - who is expected to face at least five drug tests before then - could be jailed for 180 days. Lindsay was originally scheduled to appear in court last Thursday, but was stranded in Cannes, France, after claiming her passport had been stolen.