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Lindsay Lohan Says Ronson Relationship Was “Toxic”

Samantha Ronson and Lindsay LohanLindsay Lohan has described her relationship with Samantha Ronson as "toxic." The couple split up three years ago and although Lindsay says they are now friends again, she doesn't think they were ever really right for each other even though she deeply loved the DJ.

"I need to love myself first before I could be with anyone else, and I was going through a lot. Two toxic people cannot be together. End of story. We're friends now. That's how it started so I think that's how it was meant to be," she said.

While the pair are now on good terms, Lindsay admits the separation left her heartbroken: "I was bold enough to say, 'Yeah, I like a girl. And?' That put her in a situation where she was being attacked every day. That's not fair. And what am I left with? Heartbreak. That was three years ago. It was my last serious relationship."

The Liz & Dick star also says she blames "sycophants and bad influences for her troubles."

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Is Lindsay Lohan Back with Samantha Ronson?

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Samantha Ronson and Lindsay LohanLindsay Lohan has reunited with Samantha Ronson.

The 25-year-old actress was seen getting cosy with her ex-girlfriend - who she dated for two years from 2007 to 2009 before briefly getting back together last year - at New York nightclub Le Baron earlier this week, and reportedly "couldn't get enough of each other" while partying the night away.

"Lindsay and Sam were whispering and laughing and they left the club holding hands. They didn't care who saw them and they definitely seem to be back on. It was just like the old days, they couldn't get enough of each other!" a source told X17Online.com.

Bisexual Lindsay, who recently landed the role of the late Elizabeth Taylor in a new TV movie Liz and Dick, was linked to photographer Terry Richardson and porn star Alex Torres in March, but was believed to be trying to stay single so she could focus on her part. "Lindsay wants to devote all her spare time to reading the script and getting Liz's persona down pat rather than focus on a new relationship," a source said.

Samantha Ronson Charged With DUI

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Samantha Ronson's recent mugshot

Lindsay Lohan's ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson has been charged with misdemeanour DUI.

The 33-year-old DJ - who was arrested last Monday while driving her black Porsche back to Los Angeles from a gig in Las Vegas - has been charged with two counts of DUI, driving under the influence and driving with a blood alcohol level over .08. If she were to be convicted, she could face six months in prison, but the majority of first offenders usually get probation, according to TMZ.

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Dinner Date for Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson

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Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson

Ex-lovers New neighbors Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson enjoyed dinner together over the weekend in West Hollywood, according to TMZ. However, sources say the pair remains “just friends.”

Linds recently moved into a new condo upon her release from the Betty Ford Center. We're supposed to believe the star had no idea whatsoever that ex-girlfriend/celebrity DJ Samantha Ronson already lives in the unit right next door.

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Lindsay Lohan Back With Sam, Receiving Outpatient Treatment

Samantha Ronson visiting Lindsay is back with Samantha Ronson.

The DJ regularly visited the troubled actress while she was undergoing a drug rehabilitation course at the UCLA Medical Center and the former lovers will rekindle their relationship now Lindsay has been released. Samantha has already reportedly been telling friends they are a couple again.

“Samantha always wanted to ‘fix’ Lindsay. Now that Lindsay has been legally and emotionally beat down, Sam is back to work trying to help. Apparently Lindsay never got over Sam so she was all for rekindling the relationship, a source said.

Meanwhile, Lindsay is to receive outpatient treatment several times a week. The actress - who left the UCLA Medical Center yesterday after spending 23 days there as a patient - will continue to visit the facility on a regular basis, an arrangement she is said to be happy with.

“She doesn’t have a choice but she’s not fighting it. Lindsay is going to do what she has to do. She wants this all behind her.”

Samantha Ronson Leaps to Lindsay Lohan’s Defense

Samantha and Lindsay has defended Lindsay Lohan after a scathing online attack by Joan Rivers.

The DJ, who was in an on-off 16-month relationship with the troubled actress from the start of 2008, took to her account to support her former lover after the 77-year-old comedienne left a series of comments laughing at the star’s personal problems and upcoming jail sentence.

“Hey Joan Rivers - you have collagen older than Lindsay, pick on someone your own age, oh wait, I guess people that old can’t hear. #bully (sic)”

Lindsay, 24, later thanked her former girlfriend for sticking up for her, Tweeting, “@samantharonson thank you I love yams x (sic)”

Last Tuesday, Lindsay was sentenced to a 90-day jail term, followed by 90 days in rehab for violating the probation terms of her 2007 driving under the influence (DUI) charge. Since the hearing, it emerged Lindsay had “F**k You” written in tiny handwriting on one of her nails as she sat in front of Judge Marsha Revel.

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Samantha Ronson Still Loves Lindsay

Samantha Ronson and Lindsay LohanSamantha Ronson says that she still loves .

The DJ - who was in an on-off 16-month relationship with the troubled actress from the start of 2008 - insists she still has strong feelings for her former lover, despite the tumultuous end to their relationship.

“I love her as a human being. I’m not gonna sit here and negate everything we had. You know, I could have a thousand times countered s**t with facts. It’s just not for me.”

Although Samantha - the sister of producer Mark Ronson - still cares for Lindsay, she admits the highly-publicized romance caused her numerous problems because of the level of interest: “To be honest, being with her was more of a headache than anything else. Everything I was doing I was already doing (before Lindsay). It just meant there were paparazzi pictures documenting it. It sucked, because I’m a pretty private person and I’d managed to stay under the radar for so long. But at the same time I’m not gonna not hang out with somebody that I care about because of that s**t.”

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Celebrity Chatter: Rimes Wants to Stop the Slander, Klum Wants to Stop Making Babies

Naveed Andrews and Barbara Hershey-Naveed Andrews didn’t get the woman in the end after all. The Lost star and longtime girlfriend Barbara Hershey broke up six months ago. Probably didn’t help that he fathered someone else’s child.

-Lindsay Lohan may fight publicly Samantha Ronson, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be friends - right? The DJ was seen leaving her ex’s apartment Friday night.

-LeAnn Rimes is accusing her boyfriend’s estranged wife, Brandi Glanville, of slander. Maybe Rimes should have thought “cease and desist” when she got involved with Eddie Cibrian?

-Finally some good news for a Buffy the Vampire Slayer star! James Marsters, 47, is set to wed 24-year-old Patricia Rahman this fall.

-Heidi Klum says she and Seal are officially done making babies. They don’t feel the need to flaunt their amazing genetics anymore.

Lindsay Lohan Dating Female Photographer

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Indrani on the red carpetWhile she may be having legal woes, she’ll at least have a shoulder to cry on: has a new girlfriend!

The 23-year-old actress - who previously dated DJ - has grown close to photographer 36-year-old Indrani since they met on a photo shoot last autumn.

Indrani - also known as Julia I. Pal-Chaudhuri - told the New York Post, “We have been spending a lot of time together. I have never had a relationship with a woman before, but Lindsay is just somebody who I find fascinating, gorgeous and extremely smart, as well as super-hot. Lindsay gets a lot of bad press, but she’s a really strong, creative woman and is trying really hard to get her life in a good, positive place.”

The couple have been on a series of dates in Los Angeles and recently spent the night together at the actress’ hotel. Indrani’s photography partner, Markus Klinko, thinks the pair are good for each other:

“Lindsay and Indrani have been seeing each other since we shot her last fall. I’ve seen them on dates, I have seen them making out. Indrani is a good influence on Lindsay. She is the opposite of a party girl - a Princeton graduate, she’s into art and is a philanthropist - not what you’d expect the typical girl for Lindsay to go out with. When they are together, they talk about art and the deeper meaning in life.”

Lohan Blames Ronson’s Family for Relationship Problems

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has lashed out at Samantha Ronson’s family. The Mean Girls star, who has had a turbulent relationship with the DJ, has blamed Samantha’s mother and siblings for their rocky romance.

Referring to Samantha on her Twitter page, Lindsay wrote: “she doesn’t respond 2me b/c her family will cut her off if she contacts me…They control the one I love (sic).” (That tweet has since been taken down.) “im incapable of making any sort of difference. I’m in love with her, as she is in love with me….but her loved ones-hate her brilliance+resent her happiness (sic),” Lohan added.

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