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Ryan Seacrest Thinks Ellen Will Change Sexual Tension on Show

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Ellen DeGeneres will join Idol panelMan of a million jobs Ryan Seacrest says that the new American Idol judge Ellen DeGeneres will change the “sexual tension” on the show.

The host is very pleased that the openly gay star is joining the judging panel—which also includes Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson and Kara DioGuardi—because she will bring a new dynamic to the series.

“We love Ellen, she is a superstar. She will change the sexual tension. Simon and Paula had a specific sort of tension, but this will be quite different.”

Although Ryan is excited about Ellen’s arrival, judge Randy insists she has a lot to learn from himself, Simon and Kara: “She’ll be following my lead, I’ve told her to watch the dog.”

Ellen is taking Paula Abdul‘s spot on the TV talent show, and will join the panel after the audition rounds are completed.

“This is so exciting for me. Hopefully, I will be the people’s point of view because I’m just like everyone at home, I sit their and I watch it. I’m not looking at it in a critical way from the producer’s mind. I’m looking at it as a person who is going to buy the music and is going to relate to that person,” Ellen said.


Ryan Seacrest Finds Help From Below

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Ryan Seacrest on Box

American Idol host Ryan Seacrest was caught filming segments for the Boston auditions whilst standing atop a box. While most would probably freeze at the glimpse of a camera catching oneself in such an embarrassing moment, the 5’ 8” host continued to flash that familiar smile and graciously signed autographs for fans. I must be the only person who finds this photo strangely adorable.

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Jennifer Love Hewitt Now Dating Co-Star Jamie Kennedy

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Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jamie Kennedy

If it seems like Jennifer Love Hewitt is never without a man, it’s probably because she never is. Even though her engagement to Ross McCall ended just a short time ago, the 30-year-old has already moved on.

Just this morning, ‘s Jamie Kennedy confirmed rumors that he has been seeing his co-star. When asked by Ryan Seacrest and his morning radio crew if he and Jennifer were in love, the comedian claimed the relationship was “more than love” and actually “an intense connection.” (I believe Jason Mesnick may have used that line more than once on the The Bachelor as well.)

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Sharks Don’t Like Ryan Seacrest, Either

Ryan Seacrest gets bit by a shark!Even though I’m quite guilty of refreshing the E! Online site every five minutes or so, I felt utterly compelled to share a story that they actually consider noteworthy.

The short article centers about none other than their very own, multi-talented, workaholic Ryan Seacrest. Earlier today on his Los Angeles KIIS FM talk show, the American Idol host recalled his recent weekend “shark scare” with listeners: “I was bitten by a shark. It swam up to me, and it took a bite, and then he left.”

As if this couldn’t get even more exciting, Ryan revealed that the “predator” was about the size of a cat and that the incident occurred a whopping four feet from the shore.

Unsure of whether the writer’s sarcasm was lost to me on their site or not, Peter Gicas ends the news flash with a near-mocking “Proof positive that nothing—even a fanged fish—can keep our man down.” Thanks a lot for nothing, Mr. Jaws.

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Simon Cowell a Fan of Botox

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Put-Description-HereApparently isn’t just frank when it comes down to doling criticism; he’s pretty open when it comes to the details of his own life.

The judge readily admitted to UK’s Glamour that he has subjected his face to the Botox needle.  “To me, Botox is no more unusual than toothpaste. It works, you do it once a year - who cares.”  (Why am I envisioning sitting right there next to him when he does it?)

Cowell also revealed that he owes about an inch of his frame to platform heels.

Although the injection news doesn’t really surprise me, I must admit - I find Simon’s vanity issues to be quite interesting.  If he really didn’t want people to focus on any unsightly wrinkles, maybe he could should focus on redesigning a less boxy haircut?  (What is up with the part down the middle anyway?)  Then again - it’s not like people are looking at that part of his body anyway.  I, for one, still can’t peel my eyes away from his man boobs.

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