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Katy Perry Changed Russell Brand

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Katy Perry and Russell BrandWhile his soiled hair, uncouth mouth, and lack of manners made it quite clear that British comedian Russell Brand was a stranger to normal, monogamous relationships, it would seem as of late that his girlfriend Katy Perry is changing his view of the world.

“There have been times when I have been in the company of prostitutes and they were the most wonderful women in the world,” Brand said, reflecting on his past behavior.

Apparently, those times are behind him, and he’s ready to embrace the “I Kissed a Girl” popstar, which I honestly didn’t believe, despite their very public affection for each other.

“She’s lovely. I am living in a different way at the moment. Regardless of what happens in my current situation, I am unlikely to be satisfied with the calamitous promiscuity of the preceding five or six years.”

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Katy Perry and Russell Brand Caught Locking Lips

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Russell Brand and Katy Perry kissing

Forget Sarah Marshall. ‘s new lady isn’t so Hot N Cold.

In the month since the Video Music Awards, Katy Perry’s relationship with Brand has become a hot topic of the paparazzi. Now the two are feeling comfortable enough to display a little PDA.

Shortly after the MTV event, the singer and the actor traveled to Thailand for a little vacation together. Since that time, the new couple has been snapped around Paris at Fashion Week and near Jim Morrison’s grave. The photo above was taken yesterday outside of LAX.

Based on comments made earlier this month to The Sun, it appears the British comedian may consider Katy to be more than just a fling. “I think I’m in love,” he said.

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