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Quote of the Day: Prince Harry on Prince George

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Prince William with his son Prince George and Prince Harry inset

"I think he's just quite jealous that I managed to get away from a screaming child."

- Prince Harry, joking about his brother's thoughts on his trip to the South Pole.

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Prince Harry Cozies Up to Cara Delevingne

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Cara Delevingne Prince Harry

Prince Harry has reportedly been flirting with Cara Delevingne.

The flame-haired royal is said to have enjoyed the young model's company while attending a barbecue thrown at his cousin Princess Beatrice's home recently and "spent the whole afternoon" playfully chatting with her. "Harry made a beeline for Cara as soon as he spotted her. Everywhere you looked there were models, actors and aristocrats but Harry and Cara didn't seem to notice. They spent the whole afternoon only talking to each other. The theme for the [party] was Hollywood Westerns. Cara kept stealing Harry's cowboy hat and teasing him about his boots. He seemed to love it and obviously thought she was hilarious," a source said.

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Prince Harry Spotted Shopping at Discount Retailer

Prince Harry at TK MaxxLike the rest of us commoners, it looks as though Prince Harry can't resist a good deal when he sees one, either.

Dressed inconspicuously in a cap, plain sweater, and blue jeans, the 28 year-old looked like any other customer when he was photographed shopping at British designer discount store TK Maxx (known as TJ Maxx on our side of the Atlantic). The British royal must have been taking cues from his sister-in-law, Duchess Catherine, who is known for recycling her clothes and mixing high fashion labels with more affordable pieces.

Having spent 30 minutes in the store - where, according to other customers, he was "relaxed and chatty" - Harry emerged with "T-shirts, a hoodie, other clothing and an iPhone case" in a plastic bag (clearly not opting for being very green that day).

Though it's not a stretch to see the Duchess shopping at such a store considering her more humble background, it is rather nice to see that even a prince isn't above saving some cash!

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Prince William Wants Kids Soon

Prince William and Duchess CatherineBritain's Prince William has spoken out on his desire to have children.

The royal - who married Duchess Catherine in April 2011 - revealed he and his wife are both keen to start a family but wouldn't comment on when it will be.

"I'm just very keen to have a family and both Catherine and I, you know, are looking forward to having a family in the future," he said, speaking on ABC News special The Jubilee Queen With Katie Couric.

However, when asked if he and Catherine - who was known as Kate Middleton before her wedding - have plans to start a family soon, he laughed and replied, "You won't get anything out of me. Tight lipped."

William, 29, isn't the only broody royal. His brother Prince Harry revealed he has always wanted children, but just needs to find the right woman.

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Prince Harry Wants to be a Reggae DJ

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Prince HarryBritain's Prince Harry wants to become a reggae music DJ, according to his friends.

The 27-year-old royal has been inspired to get behind the decks and play music from the genre ever since he visited Jamaica in March and met Rita Marley, the widow of music legend Bob Marley, who died in May 1981.

"Harry has always been interested in music, but Jamaica was a real eye opener. He started looking into reggae as soon as he got back to the UK. Meeting Rita Marley was a great inspiration too. She seems to have had a big impact on him," a source told The Sun.

Harry has been increasing his music collection by purchasing reggae on vinyl from specialist online stores and he is thought to be hoping to get good enough at mixing records at parties, although he is "unlikely" to ever be able to show off his newfound skills in public. "He's unlikely to ever DJ in public -- but if he did it'd be the party of the year," the source said.

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Prince Harry ‘Wants a Date With Katy Perry’

Katy Perry Prince Harry

Prince Harry reportedly wants a date with Katy Perry.

The second in line to the throne apparently hopes to sign the "Firework" singer up for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee concert so that he can make his move. Harry, 27, is even said to have turned to event organizer and Take That star Gary Barlow to help get 27-year-old Katy - who is back on the market after splitting with husband Russell Brand - on board.

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Royal Wedding: Details on Prince Harry’s Speech, Wedding Reception

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Royal Wedding - Duchess Catherine and Duke William

Prince Harry has always been a little less serious than big brother William (who must always remember that one day, he’ll be a king), and he injected plenty of fun into the after-party following the royal wedding. The Prince’s speech was a huge crowd-pleaser, and filled with laughs.

Harry started out on a serious note, telling Prince William that “Our mother would be so very proud of you.” Then he added that he felt sorry for Kate, because she didn’t marry the good-looking brother (himself!). He delivered the speech standing atop a table.

Reports also say that Prince Harry then unbuttoned his shirt and dived into the crowd at the end of his speech. How’s that for royal decorum?

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Royal Wedding in Pictures

Royal Wedding - Carole Middleton

The countdown to the royal wedding started several days before the event, but things really got exciting when mother of the bride Carole Middleton and son James Middleton (Kate's younger brother) arrived at Westminster Abbey. Their arrival was followed by the rest of the VIP guests... and we've got pictures to prove it. Follow the jump to see the entire royal wedding in pictures.

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Royal Wedding Photos: Guests Arrive

The red banners have been draped over the balcony at Buckingham Palace. The trees have been taken inside Westminster Abbey for Kate Middleton's fairy-tale walk down the aisle. The red carpet has been rolled out. And the guests are just starting to arrive at Westminster Abbey to watch the royal wedding.

Wedding gossip tells us that the very first hymn to be played at the nuptials was the very last hymn played at the memorial service for Princess Diana. Crowds have been gathering around Westminster and Buckingham in London for days, hoping to catch a glimpse of the popular royal couple being married today. William is Diana's oldest son, and very beloved to the English people since he was born. William and brother Prince Harry greeted gathering crowds the night before the wedding (though rumor says that Harry still hadn't finished his best man speech at the time!).

View more pictures of the gathering wedding crowd after the jump...

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White Carpet: Princely Fashion for the Royal Wedding

Prince William, Prince Harry - Irish Guards uniform

We’ll be giving the royal wedding our full red carpet coverage (or, more appropriately, white carpet), so you can keep track of all the fashions and designers. Up first: Princes William and Harry of England.

Reports say that the two heirs to the throne (Prince William is second in line, Harry third) will wear their military uniforms during the wedding. William will be in red, the color of his Colonel of the Irish Guards regalia. He has served in all of Britain’s armed services, three total. The Prince was appointed Colonel in February. The picture above shows the Princes in the black Irish Guard uniforms.

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