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Paul McCartney Calls for More Meat Free Mondays

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Paul McCartney's PETA adPaul McCartney believes that livestock are responsible for a large percentage of global warming. The Beatles legend - who is vegetarian - has written a letter to the Conference of the Parties (COP) climate change conference in Doha urging for the Meat Free Monday campaign to be adopted in a bid to slow down the apparent damage done by the ever-growing meat industry.

In the letter to conference leaders Ms. Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary of the UNFCCC, and Mr H.E. Abdullah bin Hamad Al-Attiyah, President-Designate for COP 18, he wrote, "Although more and more evidence is coming to light showing how the growth of the global meat industry is having alarming environmental consequences, the impact of the livestock sector on global warming does not as yet seem to have been acknowledged by the Conference of the Parties (COP). I therefore call upon you to bring this issue to the attention of the conference and encourage the adoption of policy and individual actions, such as a weekly meat-free day."

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Paul McCartney’s Family Is in Awe of Johnny Depp

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Paul McCartney with Johnny DeppPaul McCartney's family gets nervous when Johnny Depp comes to visit.

The Beatles legend says his wife Nancy and his fashion designer daughter Stella McCartney act very unnaturally when the handsome Edward Scissorhands actor stops by his house, and even he feels the need to smarten up for his "special guest."

"John - if I can just drop a name there - comes visiting quite a lot. It's cool. I had my daughter and her husband and the kids staying there recently, and my little one Beatrice. I said to them all, 'By the way, Johnny Depp is coming round.' They all perked up - 'Oh yeah?' I said, 'Yeah, he's coming round tomorrow.' That morning I come into breakfast and the first guy coming in is Mary's husband, and I say, 'You look very smart today.' Then Nancy comes in, she's all smartened up - make-up, you know. Normally, everyone bowls in bleary-eyed. Then suddenly they are all laughing at me because I'm in a waistcoat and I've done it too - subconsciously made a real effort. Everyone, Beatrice, all smartly dressed for our special guest," he told The Sun.

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Paul McCartney Lays Wreath For Whitney Houston

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Paul McCartney lays flowers at Whitney Houston's memorialSir Paul McCartney has personally laid flowers for Whitney Houston. The Beatles legend was in Los Angeles when the 48-year-old singer was found dead at the city's Beverly Hilton hotel on Saturday and wanted to leave a personal tribute to the "I Will Always Love You" star.

He was seen with wife Nancy Shevell at the makeshift memorial created outside the hotel yesterday dressed casually, and left a bouquet of yellow roses at the scene. When fans tried to congratulate Paul on his performance at the Grammy Awards the previous night, he shrugged it off.

"This is about Whitney, not me," TMZ reports that he insisted.

Following Whitney's passing, a host of stars have paid tribute to the singer. Mariah Carey tweeted, "Heartbroken and in tears over the shocking death of my friend, the incomparable Ms. Whitney Houston."

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Heather Mills Terrified By Cancer Scare

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Heather MillsHeather Mills was left terrified by a cancer scare before Christmas. The 44-year-old former model - who lost her left leg below the knee in when she was hit by a police motorcycle in 1993 - revealed doctors found a tumor in the limb late last year which thankfully turned out to be benign.

"An MRI scan picked up a tumor in the top of my left leg, which is the same one I had amputated below the knee 19 years ago. I had to go back into the MRI machine and they put a dye into it. Doctors said it had been there for some time. It all happened very quickly. Thankfully it was all fine. Doctors told me the tumor was benign, not cancerous," she explained.

Heather has hopes of competing in the 2014 Paralympics skiing competition but admitted she is happiest when enjoying a more leisurely approach to her "miracle child," eight-year-old daughter Beatrice, from her marriage to Beatles legend Sir Paul McCartney.

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John Lennon Wanted Out Before McCartney

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John Lennon and Paul McCartney during happier days

A lost interview reveals that John Lennon told Paul McCartney he wanted “a divorce” months before The Beatles split.

The dialogue between with the guitarist and singer reveals that he told his co-songwriter of his intentions to split the band in September 1969, before the release of their last album Let It Be.

Until now, it has widely been thought that Paul was responsible for the group—which also featured Ringo Starr and George Harrison—splitting, when he quit the band in April 1970. In the taped interview, John said that he told Paul when they fell out at a record company meeting.

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Parole Denied for John Lennon’s Killer

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John Lennon

It was nearly three decades ago when legendary songwriter/singer/musician was gunned down in front of his apartment building in New York City. This week, Lennon’s killer was denied parole for the fifth time.

The parole request was denied this time, as it has been denied in the past, “due to concern for the public safety and welfare.” Lennon’s killer was sentenced to twenty years to life by the state of New York. The took place on December 8, 1980.

Lennon’s killer will not be named in this article, per the request of former Beatle (and Lennon’s songwriting partner) and Lennon’s widow Yoko Ono. When John Lennon was shot and killed, the two asked in a joint statement that the killer’s name never be repeated or printed. To do so would only give him the notoriety which he sought.

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Paul McCartney and Heather Mills’ Divorce Settlement

This St. Patty’s Day has proved to be quite a lucky one for .  Today he officially washed his hands clean of .

The former Beatle and his ex left the High Court in London today after a financial agreement was finally ironed out in their bitter divorce.  Although it was originally reported that Mills would receive somewhere in the neighborhood of $110 million, she came away with much less.  Including assets she already owned, the 40-year-old will take away approximately $50 million dollars from the marriage.  (That’s approximately $12.5 million for each year they were together.)

You can view her response to the settlement below:

Daddy will also give be giving their 4-year-old daughter, Beatrice, approximately $70,000 per year for her expenses.

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Paul McCartney Makes Heather Mills a Millionaire

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Paul McCartney, Heather MillsCome next week, will not just be the most-hated women in Britain, she’ll also be one of the wealthiest.

According to UK’s Daily Mail, there may finally be an end to the -Heather Mills divorce saga.  The two, who announced their separation back in May 2006, have been negotiating in court over the past week.  The Beatle and the contender were married back in June 2002.

The Mail claims Mills is expected to receive a $110 million settlement.  That figure is based on $40 million lump sum for her, and approximately $5 million per year for the McCartney heir up until the age of 18.  (Beatrice is currently 4-years-old.)  Stella’s half-sis will also have a $2 million trust waiting for her when she comes of age.  In all, Mills will be raking in approximately $27.5 million for each year she was married to the music legend.

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