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Pamela Anderson Spotted Kissing Estranged Husband

Pam Anderson and Rick Salomon

Pamela Anderson was spotted kissing Rick Salomon this week despite filing for divorce from him.

The Baywatch actress, who submitted court documents seeking to dissolve the couple's second marriage couldn't keep her hands off the the 46-year-old poker player during a romantic break in Sardinia. The couple looked very much in love, according to pictures obtained by RadarOnline, which show Pamela in a skimpy silver bikini while her spouse was topless in just shorts and a baseball cap.

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Pamela Anderson Marries Rick Salomon for Second Time

Posted by Robin Paulson Categories: Movies, Television, Weddings,

Pamela Anderson and Rick SalomonIs the second time the charm for Pamela Anderson?

The actress rung in the new year by wedding her former husband Rick Salomon. When spotted at Sean Penn's Help Haiti Gala in Los Angeles on Saturday, folks couldn't help but notice the sparkler on her ring finger.

"We're very happy. Our families are very happy and that's all that matters," Anderson replied when asked if she was married (again).

Although the PETA spokesperson did confirm that she was seeing Salomon previously, an October 2013 interview with Ellen DeGeneres made it seem as though their relationship wasn't quite headed towards a chapel again: "I say we're best friends… with benefits."

Salomon and Anderson wed back in 2007, although the marriage was annulled two months later.

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Pamela Anderson Heading Back to Therapy

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Pamela AndersonPamela Anderson is going back to therapy.

The former Baywatch babe - who was the first voted off UK TV show Dancing on Ice last night - says she is planning to return to her long-standing therapist after enduring a tough few years.

"I've had some interesting therapists. I haven't been in a long time. I probably should go back. I've been working non-stop, digging myself out of a construction hole. The house just enveloped me financially and I didn't know how to handle it. It happens to a lot of people in Hollywood. It was a very stressful couple of years. I still owe the taxes but I'm working on that. I'm paying that off monthly. I was in a bizarre situation with a former business manager. I don't want to blame anyone. I want to put it behind me and move forward," said Pamela, who was left virtually broke after building her dream home before being given a huge tax bill.

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Pamela Anderson Regrets Her Sex Ban

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Pamela AndersonPamela Anderson is struggling to stay celibate.

The 45-year-old blonde bombshell vowed to give up sex until November for the duration of Dancing with the Stars: All Stars, but is finding it an impossible task because her dance partner Tristan MacManus is so sexy.

"I'm being tested. It's hard when you have a sweaty man pressed up against you every day. I feel lascivious. But I'm trying, I'm trying," the former Playboy model told USA Today. She added that Irish hunk Tristan makes it much "harder," joking, "Trust me; I could chew through a table right now."

The Baywatch babe - who originally took part in the ballroom dancing series in 2010 - is heading to Rio next week for work reasons, and has asked Tristan to join her on the trip. "I'm going to take my sweaty Irishman down there. I'm 45 he's 30. But maybe that's how it's supposed to be ... Not good. Not good," she joked.

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Pamela Anderson Wants to Move Back to Canada

Pamela AndersonPamela Anderson wants to move back to Canada permanently.

The former Baywatch beauty relocated to Los Angeles from her native British Columbia in the 80s when she first started modeling, but now divides her time between and the Californian city and Vancouver Island, where she says she will probably settle as she feels like she can be herself.

"In Los Angeles I feel like I'm playing a character. I'm going here and there and dealing with things that aren't typical anywhere else. At home I feel completely relaxed. My hair's in a ponytail. I have my dad's flannel shirt on and I'm running around. It's great. I am so happy that I'm from there. I think people who are from Los Angeles don't always know what else is going on. That's why I get involved in all these other things, because I know Los Angeles is not real."

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Solo Dancer Pamela Anderson

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Pamela Anderson and Damien Whitewood

insists her new dancing partner is the only man in her life at the moment.

Starting tomorrow, the former Baywatch babe - who recently split from her toy boy lover Jamie Padgett - will begin her run on ABC’s . This means she’ll have little time to concentrate on anyone other than her new partner.

“The only man in my life right now is Damian [Whitewood]. He has my undivided attention. I don’t know if likes that though. He has to live with it. He got stuck with me,” Anderson declared.

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Pam Anderson Talks to Sons About Sex Tape

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Pam Anderson and her sonsIt was merely a matter of time. In light of the 2006 comedy Borat, was forced to fill in her sons about her infamous sex tape, considering it was referenced in the film.

“I knew kids were going to watch the film and there was a reference to the tape in the movie and they’re that age and, you know, people are going start saying things. I just said, ‘Look, Mommy and Daddy were massively in love, we videotaped everything, everything was videotaped, and you’re probably going hear about something at school.”

Smart move on Pam’s part for nipping these things in the butt; you know, especially before they start using that Google thing.

I’m quite surprised that her sons—Brandon, 12, and Dylan, 11—haven’t already been tormented over the fact that their mother is a milf, let alone the fact that the image of her in a red bathing suit is one of the most iconic in pop culture!

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Pamela Anderson Reunites with Tommy Lee

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Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee

In the gossip world, there are a few things you can always count on:

  • will always find a pair of brown boots to wear with her outfits.
  • Paris Hilton will always declare that she’s in love with the current man she’s dating.
  • Pamela Anderson will always find her way back to Tommy Lee.

Yes, kids - it’s true. Even grown adults don’t learn from their mistakes.

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