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Nicolas Cage’s Sex Photos Stolen

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Nicolas CageSex photos of Nicolas Cage have reportedly been stolen.

The Frozen Ground actor has drafted in police officers to recover steamy pictures of himself and ex-girlfriend Christina Fulton - the mother of his 22-year-old son Weston - that were allegedly stolen from her home. TMZ reports law enforcement officials have arrested handyman Richard Orozco, who is accused of the theft, and charged him with felony burglary. However, Orozco has pleaded not guilty and the photos have yet to be found.

The arrest occurred last month and the handyman's bail has been set at a whopping $1 million. It's thought the pictures were stolen from Christina's home in April and the culprit nabbed four computers, as well as a box containing the illicit snaps.

The 49-year-old star began dating Christina, 46, in 1988 and the couple welcomed their son Weston into the world in December 1990. Nicolas has been married three times since his relationship with Christina.


Nicolas Cage Settles $6 Million Debt

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Nicolas CageNicolas Cage has settled $6 million of his tax debt. The Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance actor has cleared almost half of the $13.3 million debt he owes for taxes in 2002 to 2004 and 2007 after he paid off $6,257,005.

Nicolas has blamed his former business manager Sam Levin for his problems, though he has countered this, claiming actor was overspending. “Over the course of my career I have paid at least $70 million in taxes. Unfortunately, due to a recent legal situation, another approximate $14 million is owed to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), however, I am under new business management and am happy to say that I am current for 2009. All taxes will be paid including any to be determined state taxes,” he said in 2010.

The 48-year-old actor's spending is legendary, and Sam has claimed that by 2008 the star owned “15 palatial homes around the world, four yachts, a Gulfstream jet and millions of dollars in jewelry and art.”

Nicolas was forced to sell off many of his assets, including properties in California, Las Vegas and New Orleans as well as a British castle, yachts and a 67-million-year-old dinosaur skull worth $276,000.


Nicolas Cage Bailed Out of Jail By Dog the Bounty Hunter

Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage is a free man… and he’s got reality’s Dog the Bounty Hunter to thank for it. The mulleted TV star posted the  $11,000 bond to get Cage released after the actor was arrested on charges of domestic violence and disturbing the peace over the weekend in New Orleans, LA.

“I am truly a dedicated fan of Mr. Cage and will not be granting any interviews about my client, as I wish to respect his privacy,” Dog explained in a statement to E! News. “I performed my duties as a bail bondsman and not in connection with our show. This is what I do for a living.”

TMZ has managed to get video footage of an incident that preceded Cage’s arrest. In the video, the actor appears to be arguing with several people (his wife included) inside a tattoo parlor. According to witness statements, the actor grabbed his wife during their argument.


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Nicolas Cage Blows Up Outside Romanian Nightclub

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Nicolas Cage can be seen in the video above unleashing a torrent of curse words at bystanders outside a Romanian nightclub (the expletives have been bleeped out).

In the video, the actor screams “Get in that car and walk away,” to someone—along with lots of other things.

Cage is on location filming the follow-up film to Ghost Rider, and this is the second video of him screaming at people in public that’s come out this week. His reps have not yet commented on this story.


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More Financial Problems for Nicolas Cage

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Nicolas CageAs if Nicolas Cage didn’t have enough . The actor’s former girlfriend is now suing Nic and his ex-business manager. She says she’s owed at least $13 million and a house promised to her by Cage.

Christina Fulton is the mother of Nic’s son Weston. She filed the suit after being ordered to leave her home in LA.

She wants the title to the house and compensation for debts. The actor’s attorney claims Fulton was given $6,000 every month, up to $3 million per year.

and Fulton split up around 1994.

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Nicolas Cage Countersued By Business Manager

Nicolas CageMovie star recently admitted to having some serious financial troubles, suing his business manager because of his missing funds. But the manager - Samuel Levin, CPA - has filed a countersuit against the actor.

Levin said that Cage “had already squandered tens of millions of dollars,” when he was hired, and that the National Treasure star owed “millions” in “income taxes, with no funds available to pay the tax debt.”

The countersuit claims that Levin told Cage he needed to make at least $30 million per year to continue living in his usual manner. Levin says that in 2007 alone, the actor purchased three homes for the sum of $33 million and twenty-two cars (nine of which were made by Rolls Royce), among other extravagant purchases.

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Johnny Depp Returns a Favor to Nicolas Cage

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Johnny Depp Nicolas Cage

This is actually a great Hollywood story, but only if you can stop asking “really?” in regard to Nicolas Cage’s financial situation. There’s a lot of gossip surrounding the issue. Cage alleges that his business manager failed to do his job, resulting in the actor owing six million to the IRS (ouch, right?). However, points to Cage’s spending habits. The man owns two islands and almost as many cars as Jay Leno, people.

But, sure, if you extract all that it’s a pretty good story. A-list actor , who evidently is better at managing his money, has decided to extend a helping hand. One movie star to another, right? As it turns out, Depp sort of owes his fame to Nicolas Cage (who owes his to Coppola, but that’s a different story).

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