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Paris Hilton Detained in Japan

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Paris and Nicky Hilton in Japan

Even though Paris Hilton made a plea bargain in the states for her cocaine troubles, the country of Japan seems to not care for any of her “It wasn’t my purse”-like excuses, as authorities there detained the socialite upon her arrival.

Paris and her sister flew to Japan in order to debut their Fall/Winter collections. Instead, they were held and interrogated Paris about her cocaine possession (and her well-publicized obstruction of justice) for six hours until police decided to deny her entrance into the country.

There is no word yet as to whether or not Paris will stay until the issue is resolved or fly back to the United States.

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Paris Parades BFF for Paps

DescriptionFor the holiday season, is doing some relaxing shopping in Aspen - with MTV reality-chosen BFF Brittany Flickinger in tow.

According to reports, Paris and her BFF were joined on holiday by sis Nicky Hilton and her boyfriend David Katzenberg. Hilton parents Rick and Kathy were on hand as well. Rumor has it that the entire group enjoyed the Caribou Club two nights in a row - though the elder Hiltons left the dance floor to their daughters well before the heiresses were ready to quit.

Paris has recently been spotted hanging with on other occasions as well. The duo have been photographed shopping and dining together in the past month, which would seem to prove that Paris didn’t ditch her newfound friend once the cameras stopped rolling on her reality show.

But, that’s probably the point of all these photo ops.

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Another Hilton Checks Into Jail

Put-Description-HereUPDATE: Barron’s bail was later increased to $20,000 because he was apparently carrying a fake driver’s license.  Idiot.

, younger brother to Paris and Nicky, continued the process of dragging the family name through the mud this morning by getting arrested in Malibu for DUI.

Per PageSix.com, Hilton 18, was arrested at 8:04 am after he allegedly careened into a 76 gas station and struck a gas station attendant in the process. The attendant was not injured but insisted on calling the police anyway.

“I was knocked to the ground,” Fernando Tellez told PageSix.  “The Mercedes lost control as it was turning into the gas station and Barron got out of the car and he was totally drunk and couldn’t walk straight.”

When the police arrived, they tested his blood alcohol level (which he failed miserably).  He scored a 0.14 on his breath test for blood alcohol — that’s almost double the adult limit of 0.08 in California. An eyewitness at the scene claims that Barron was so drunk he couldn’t speak.

Barron was then led away to jail where he now resides waiting for his bail to be posted-a paltry $5,000.

Gosh,  those crazy Hilton kids—you just never know where they’re gonna get arrested next!

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