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Justin Bieber is ‘Figuring Out’ Love

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Justin Bieber and Selena GomezJustin Bieber is "figuring out" love.

The 18-year-old singer - who is in a relationship with Selena Gomez - admits his ideas of dating and romance have changed now he is getting older.

"When you're 13, that's when you're first trying to figure out what it means -- that's kind of a puppy love. Now, being 18 and trying to figure out what it actually really means is a totally different story," he said.

Justin released his new single "Boyfriend" yesterday and admits he is hoping the track will give him a whole new set of fans: "I was younger and my voice was higher [on my old songs]. My music was geared to a younger audience. Now I'm broadening my audience. We wanted to show people that I can evolve."

Although Justin's new musical direction has been the subject of much speculation, he insists he doesn't pay attention to other people's opinions because he knows he has to take charge of his own career. "There's so many people that are going to give me opinions, but I'm the only one who can ultimately make those decisions, because I'm going to have to live with my career for the rest of my life. So I thought this was the perfect single. It was me all the way; it is a representation of me."


Pete Doherty Haunted By Amy Winehouse

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Amy Winehouse and Pete DohertyPete Doherty believes that he is being haunted by Amy Winehouse. The 32-year-old singer was close pals with the "Rehab" hitmaker before her death from alcohol poisoning in July, and he has become so concerned her ghost is now floating around his London home he has gone to Paris to escape the spectre.

"He is utterly convinced that he has seen her ghost. A lot of people will think his visions are probably drug-induced but he claims he is clean," said a friend of the Babyshambles singer.

Pete, however, is so worried about the alleged apparition he is refusing to come back from his French break. During a recent London concert, Pete revealed he had written a song for Amy but he never got a chance to record it with her. Introducing the song, the former Libertines frontman said, "Amy Winehouse asked me a while ago if I had written any new songs. I played her something, and when I had finished, she looked at me and said, 'Is that it? Is that all you've got?'"

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Gwyneth Paltrow: Chris Martin is Like Picasso

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Chris Martin and Gwyneth PaltrowGwyneth Paltrow has compared her husband Chris Martin to Pablo Picasso. The Glee actress says her Coldplay frontman husband - whom she married in 2003 - is a "musical genius" and asking him for tips on singing would be like approaching the legendary Spanish artist for painting advice.

"[He's] a musical genius. It's like living with Picasso and being like, 'Should I make a little something-something?'"

While Chris is a notoriously private person and often refuses to be photographed with his spouse, Gwyneth - who has two kids Apple, seven and five-year-old Moses with him - says she can understand why he doesn't want to be known as part of a celebrity couple.

"He makes music for his fans, and he doesn't want people to conjure a lame famous couple when they're getting into his music. I get it."

Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery: Are They a Couple?

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American Idol 10 - Scotty McCreery wins

“Me and Lauren have been together since day one, and we’re gonna stay together,” Scotty McCreery cried after he won the title of American Idol. This was just moments after it was announced that he’d won; moments after runner-up Lauren Alaina grabbed his head and planted a kiss on him.

“He might be my boyfriend… ask him,” she said of Scotty in a later interview.

So, someone did. But McCreery maintains that he’s “still single.” According to his version, he and Lauren have “gotten really close, but I don’t know about the more than friends stuff.”

Their finale performance songs (McCreery’s “I Love You This Big” and Alaina’s “Like My Mother Does”) are available on iTunes.

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Russell Brand Deported in Japan, Katy Perry Angered

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Russell Brand

Russell Brand and Katy Perry aren’t going to let an international incident keep them from being together… for long. Brand traveled to Japan over the weekend to see his lady love in concert, but he was in the country only a few hours before he was deported.

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Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon Pick Names for Twins

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Mariah Carey, Nick CannonMariah Carey and husband Nick Cannon have picked names for their twins, who were born on Saturday.

The little boy’s name is Moroccan Scott Cannon. They named him (get this) for Mariah’s Moroccan-inspired room in her New York City apartment, where Cannon proposed to her. Scott is Cannon’s middle name and his grandmother’s maiden name.

The little girl’s name is Monroe (no middle name) Cannon, named after Marilyn Monroe, one of Carey’s inspirations. Mariah Carey does not have a middle name, either.

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Mariah Carey Delivers Twins

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Nick Cannon, Mariah CareyMariah Carey gave birth two babies -- a boy and a girl -- on Saturday. The day also marked Carey’s anniversary with hubby Nick Cannon.

The twins were born just after noon in Los Angeles. The girl weighs 5 pounds, 3 ounces and the boy 5 pounds, 6 ounces. According to a spokeswoman, Carey’s “We Belong Together” played as the twins were born. As for names, the couple hasn't picked them out yet. Cannon told People magazine "They won't be crazy names, like Carburetor or anything, but they will be unique."

Reps report that Mariah is doing just fine and the couple is "overjoyed."

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American Idol’s Paul McDonald Dating Twilight Star

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Paul McDonald - American Idol“It’s officially true,” Paul McDonald confirmed what the gossip columnists have suspected for the past several weeks. Fresh from his Thursday elimination from American Idol, McDonald confirmed that he’s dating Twilight’s Nikki Reed.

Paul never stopped smiling during his exit interview. His luck in love has apparently taken the sting from his Idol rejection. “When I first tried out for [the show], it was just kind of for fun, and I didn’t even expect to get this far in the competition.”

He’ll be moving forward with his music post-elimination. “I’ve been writing tons of material while I’m out here… I’ve been focusing a bunch on writing and working hard on stuff that’s coming out after Idol.”

We just hope he’s got a few more jacket designs up his sleeve, too.

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Glee’s Lea Michele Victim of Hit and Run

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Lea MicheleLea Michele, Glee’s reigning diva, was hit by a car on Friday morning.

Michele was driving on Melrose Avenue in LA, on her way home from work, when she was hit by a car driven by “a couple of drunk girls,” according to an unnamed source. The source says that after the collision, the girls “got out of the car, giggled that she [Lea Michele] was famous, and said something like ‘are you drunk, too?’ Then, they drove off.”

The actress called the police after the accident, but she is not injured and “is fine,” according to her rep. In any event, Michele is a trooper. The former Broadway star was famously involved in a car crash while on her way to her Glee audition and “ran into the audition with cuts and glass in my hair.”

And still managed to completely wow everyone in the room when she sang “On My Own” to secure the starring role on the successful show.

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American Idol’s Casey Abrams Back in the Hospital

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American Idol Casey Abrams - judges saveThe health problems with American Idol contestant Casey Abrams continue. We joked in our Thursday results recap that “for a few seconds it looked like he might need some sort of medical attention,” and the singer proved us right just minutes later.

Abrams won the coveted judges’ save after failing to secure votes following his Wednesday performance, and the experience was so overwhelming that he hyperventilated and collapsed after cameras stopped rolling.

Staff rallied and sat Casey in a chair before rushing him to the hospital, again, in his third dramatic stay of the (still rather young) AI season. Abrams had received a blood transfusion that very morning for his ongoing stomach problems.

As always, you can keep track of the current season of the show when you read all our American Idol 10 posts.

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