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Lindsay Lohan Vindicated by Alcohol Test

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Lindsay Lohan at the MTV Movie AwardsUPDATE: New sources say that Lindsay’s alcohol level was 0.4 when the SCRAM bracelet alert went off.

Much to people’s disbelief, tested negative for alcohol following a recent alert from her SCRAM bracelet.

Lohan’s lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, revealed that a urine test extracted shortly after the alert tested negative, proving the troubled starlet’s unwavering statements about her innocence to be true.

The actress, despite her strict bail requirements, was all too tempted to attend an MTV Movie Awards after party earlier this month; at the soiree, Lohan’s alcohol monitoring bracelet went off, blinking a red light through her boots (she later denied this, claiming that the light came from a bracelet her friend had given her).

Faster than anyone could say, “I Know Who Killed Me,” a warrant was issued… and then later recalled once Lohan coughed up a cool 10% of the bail—$20,000. The district attorney’s office previously said that the alert was “an alcohol-related violation.”

No word yet as to what actually set off the alert.

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Warrant for Lindsay Lohan Recalled

Lindsay LohanLindsay Lohan should have limited her appearance to the red carpet.

Following the ceremony, Linds partied a little too hard - or at least, that’s the story her SCRAM bracelet tells. After Lohan’s alcohol-monitoring device went off Sunday night, alerting authorities that she was in violation of her parole, a bench warrant was issued for her arrest.

The warrant was later recalled after a bail bondsman posted $20,000 - 10% of her $200,000 bail - to keep free from custody.

The actress turned to her - predictably - to deny the allegations that she violated her parole. Linds wrote: “My scram wasn’t set off-Its physically impossible considering I’ve nothing for it to go off-All of these false resports are absolutely wrong.”

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Katie’s Choreographer Teaches Tom How to Dance

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Tom Cruise as Grossman and Jennifer Lopez has been taking dance lessons from his wife’s choreographer.

The 47-year-old actor teamed up with Jennifer Lopez to perform a comic routine at last night’s in the guise of his Tropic Thunder character Les Grossman and revealed his spouse Katie Holmes had helped him with his extensive preparations for the sketch.

“I worked with Katie’s choreographer, . Katie loved it. She was there while we were working on it. You know, I can dance a bit and we rehearsed, and my wife’s a dancer and so I like dancing,” he said, speaking after the performance.

The routine saw Tom being spanked by the Back Up Plan star, who stopped him returning the gesture, and ended with the Knight and Day actor trying and failing to do the splits. Tom admitted he had a great time portraying the foul-mouthed, fat, balding producer in a series of sketches at the awards, which took place at the Gibson Amphitheater in Los Angeles.

“It was a lot of fun - it was great. It was a blast!” he added.

Red Carpet: 2010 MTV Movie Awards

From Lindsay Lohan’s SCRAM bracelet to Katy Perry’s blue wig, this year’s red carpet at the was filled with sequins, colors…and totally bizarre fashion choices. View the photo gallery as we break down the best- and worst-dressed celebs of the night.

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VIDEO: Sandra Bullock’s Kiss with Scarlett Johansson

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Yes - she braved the live cameras to appear at the . Yes - she looked fabulous in her short dress with the low-cut back. And yes - she definitively declared that she has no plans to leave the film industry anytime soon.

But those aren’t the reasons why got people talking tonight.

During Sandra’s acceptance speech for the Generation Award, Scarlett Johansson got a chance to see why hubby Ryan Reynolds was co-nominated with Bullock for Best Kiss. (Cue the video to the 3:30 mark.)

Somewhere Meryl Streep isn’t feeling so special anymore.

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Johnny Depp Extends Island Visit to Lindsay Lohan

Johnny Depp and Lindsay Lohan at the 2008 MTV Movie Awards

Very much like Mel Gibson extended a helping hand to fallen pop star Britney Spears, sexy Sweeney Todd star Johnny Depp invited a troubled Lindsay Lohan to his Caribbean island! Tabloids could not be any happier.

Upon meeting her at the MTV Movie Awards last Sunday, Johnny welcomed the confused actress to his own private island, aptly named F*** Off Island. He and his longtime partner, Vanessa Paradis, travel there to escape the paparazzi (as I’m sure everyone remembers how Johnny has dealt with them in the past).

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Lindsay Lohan’s Fashion Slip-Up

Lindsay Lohan, MTV Movie Awards

While I’m sure has had better days, two positive things were learned from this MTV Movie Awards moment:

  1. Lindsay actually wears underwear.
  2. The stick-thin actress apparently seeks help from Spanx too.

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NY Daily News

Fashion at the MTV Movie Awards

Sarah Jessica Parker

Award shows on aren’t like the somewhat staid network versions. Seriously, which network would have the guts to tell two presenters to pretend to smoke pot on stage? Thanks to streaming video you don’t have to miss any of the must-see moments of the MTV movie awards, but if you didn’t watch the broadcast (and even if you did) there’s one thing you’ve got to see: the fashion.

Who wore what, who shouldn’t have worn what they did and who looked the greatest on the MTV red carpet?

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