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Megan Fox Welcomes Second Son

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Megan FoxMegan Fox has become a mother for the second time.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles actress welcomed her second son with husband Brian Austin Green today, according to TooFab.com. The new arrival is a brother to their two-year-old, Noah. Brian also has another son, Kassius, 11, with his ex-partner Vanessa Marcil.

Last year, Brian said he was doing all he could to support his wife through her pregnancy: "She is doing great, she did great the first time around. But I wouldn't wish the experience on anybody, I couldn't do it! I couldn't make a baby. It is unbelievable. I do whatever she asks for and I say 'Yes' no matter it may be."

In November Megan said things had started off difficultly, telling ABC news, "I've had rough first trimesters. But once you get into the second, it's fine after that."

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Megan Fox Becomes a Mother

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Megan Fox and husband Brian Austin GreenMegan Fox has become a mother. The Transformers actress welcomed her first child, a boy, with husband Brian Austin Green in late September, according to E! news. The 26-year-old star and her husband - whom she married in Hawaii in 2010 - have kept the happy news to themselves since then.

Megan has been similarly private throughout her pregnancy, ending one interview when asked indirectly if she was to have a baby. She only later confirmed she was pregnant by posing for photographers with her bump.

Megan said earlier this year she has "always been maternal" and wants "at least two, probably three kids." The new arrival will be a brother to Brian's son Kassius, 10, from a previous relationship and his wife has previously said how being a stepmother makes her extremely happy.

"A lot of things make me happy. But I feel unbelievably happy when my stepson tells me I'm beautiful. When I started living with Brian, his son was only two and I was 18. I've been looking after Kassius since he was three - it's part of my world that very few people really ever understood about me. I love being a stepmom and the experience grounds me when nothing makes sense in my life," she said.

Megan Fox Expecting a Girl?

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Megan FoxMegan Fox is reportedly expecting a baby girl.

The 26-year-old actress and husband Brian Austin Green have not confirmed reports that she is pregnant, but friends say they are "beyond thrilled" to have learned they will be having a daughter.

"She's been helping to raise Brian's 10-year-old son Kassius for years, and now she'll have the experience of being mommy to a little girl. Obviously, Megan and Brian would be happy with a healthy baby of either gender, but they're beyond thrilled that Kassius is going to have a little sister," a source said.

The couple will welcome their daughter into the world at the end of September with Megan having no movie commitments until 2013.

"She'll be due at the very end of September or the first week in October. Megan is attached to a movie called Swindle, but it's in rewrites and probably won't even begin filming until next year. So right now her plate is totally clean, and she can devote herself to her baby," the source added.

Quote of the Day: Megan Fox on Beauty

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Megan Fox

"I live well with my image. I cannot complain. I would not trade my place with an unattractive girl."

- Megan Fox, being honest about her sex symbol status.

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Megan Fox is Pregnant

Brian Austin Green and Megan FoxMegan Fox is reportedly pregnant.

The 25-year-old actress is said to be expecting her first child with husband Brian Austin Green and the couple are thrilled with the happy news.

"They just found out and are incredibly excited," a source told Star.

Megan and Brian had kept the news to just close family and friends something they have found difficult because they are so excited about the baby. "It's still early, so they are only telling close friends and family members," the source added.

The Friends with Kids star has already had lots of parenting practice as she is stepmother to Brian's nine-year-old son Kassius, his child with actress Vanessa Marcil. "Megan has become a great stepmom, and Brian knows she'll be wonderful with the baby. She has really grown in the past couple of years ... her family comes first," the source said.

Brian Austin Green Accused of Assault

Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox

Brian Austin Green has been accused of assaulting a photographer.

The former Beverly Hills 90210 actor and his wife Megan Fox were photographed by paparazzo Delbert Shaw while holidaying at the Four Seasons Resort in Hawaii last December and, according to gossip website TMZ, he alleges they were so incensed that Brian punched him after Megan egged him on.

The lawsuit Mr. Shaw filed at Los Angeles County Superior Court yesterday says that after seeing him taking pictures Megan yelled, "Are you going to let him get away with that?" He claims Brian then began pummeling him, causing severe injuries before throwing his iPhone into the sea. Mr. Shaw is suing for unspecified damages.

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We know you're ready to ring in the new year, and we're right there with you! That said, we figured you'd enjoy stepping back with us for one final look back at the year that was 2010 as we give you the top ten most popular stories of the year here on VIP Breakdown. Interestingly enough, Justin Bieber made the cut, but he was relegated to the #10 spot (unless you give him credit for the story about Tom Brady getting a Bieber haircut that nabbed #3.) Number one was the story about Gary Coleman's parents being left with more questions than answers as it pertains to the late star's death. Speaking of death, the list also includes the death of Dixie Carter, and two stories about celebrity tattoos. Hit the jump for the full list, and have a safe new year!

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Celebrity Double-Take: Megan Fox vs. Katie Price

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Megan FoxKatie Price

In today’s installment, we have Jonah Hex star Megan Fox on the left and model-turned-reality star Katie Price on the right.

Although Katie is a huge fan of plastic surgery and has changed her look throughout the years, the Las Vegas bride could easily pass as Hawaiian bride Megan’s sister at the moment.

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Megan Fox Marries Brian Austin Green in Hawaii

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Brian Austin Green and Megan FoxAnd the hearts of Transformers geeks broke all over the world: and Brian Austin Green are now married.

The couple tied the knot in secret last Thursday in Hawaii at a small ceremony with only half a dozen guests. The nuptials took place at the Four Seasons Resort on the Big Island and Brian’s eight-year-old son Kassius - who he has from a previous relationship with - gave his dad away, according to TMZ.

The couple met in 2004 on the set of Hope and Faith and got engaged two years later. In February 2009, they decided to call off their wedding plans but got back together and earlier this month it was revealed they had got engaged again.

The 24-year-old actress previously hinted when she did wed it would be a discrete affair: “It’s not going to be a big wedding. I’m not one of those girls - if it happens, it will be very low-key and quick and unplanned.” 

Brian - who made his name in TV show Beverly Hills 90210 - also admitted the pair would prefer discrete nuptials, saying, “Originally we were talking elopement and now we might have a few people there.”

Megan Fox Recognizes Her Own Lack of Talent

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Megan Fox on the set of Transformers 2Finally, the self-deprecating comments are back: doesn’t rate her own acting.

The actress - who is engaged to actor Brian Austin Green - insists she would never complain about receiving more attention for her looks than her work as she has not yet given “any reason” to win praise for her movies.

“I’m totally aware that I’ve never given anyone a reason to praise me for my acting talents. So to sit here and complain, ‘Why don’t people recognize me as an actress?’ would be outrageous. It’s my responsibility to prove that they should.”

The brunette beauty also admitted she rarely reads anything about herself as she fears it would turn her into a “drug-addled lunatic.”

“I could never be one of those actors who reads everything that is ever written about them. That doesn’t work with my personality. I’d be a complete lunatic, probably drug-addled and out of my mind. Instead, I stay in and ignore it.”