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Lea Michele Dated Matthew Morrison

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Matthew Morrison and Lea MicheleLea Michele dated Matthew Morrison.

The 27-year-old actress - who denied being romantically involved with her Glee co-star in the past - has finally confessed that the pair dated in her new book Brunette Ambition. However, Lea - who was in a relationship with her late co-star Cory Monteith from late 2011 until he passed away form an alcohol and heroin overdose in July 2013 - insists she dated Matthew, 35, long before they began working together on the set of Glee.

"When we shot the pilot [for Glee], I met Cory Monteith, Kevin McHale, Amber Riley, and Chris Colfer for the first time. I had worked on Broadway with Jenna Ushkowitz and Matthew Morrison before. Matt had been a friend of mine for years, and in fact we'd actually dated back in the day for a Broadway beat," she wrote.

Lea - who plays Rachel Berry on the hit FOX TV show - denied rumors she was involved with Matthew as they filmed the first series of Glee in 2010, claiming the pair enjoyed a "close" friendship instead.


Matthew Morrison to Get Married in 2015?

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Matthew Morrison and Renee PuenteMatthew Morrison is planning to get married in 2015.

The Glee star has predicted he won't tie the knot with his fiancee model Renee Puente - to whom he proposed in June - for another two years because he wants to take his time with the preparations in order to make sure it's the perfect ceremony. "It's [the wedding] is going good. We're a little way off. Probably not until like 2015, so we're just taking our time. But we're well into it," he told People.

However, the 34-year-old actor has decided the event will be filled with lots of music and will be very theatrical because he wants everyone to enjoy themselves: "I want my wedding to kind of be a bunch of performances. I want all my friends to get up and sing. I have very musical friends so I just want it to be a fun night where everyone just, you know they want to step up to the mic and sing a song."

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Matthew Morrison Happy with Non Hollywood Girlfriend

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Renee Puente and Matthew MorrisonMatthew Morrison is "very happy" with his girlfriend.

The Glee star has been dating Renee Puente since last summer and is pleased to have found love with someone who isn't famous because she gives him the "normality" he needs in his life: "I'm very happy. Renee's not in the industry - I need that normality. We like to stay home and cook, we're not that Hollywood."

Despite feeling settled with Renee, Matthew insists he is in no rush to have children, even though he has recently spent a lot of time with Elton John and David Furnish's 14-month-old son Zachary. "I'm not ready for a family yet. I'm mates with Elton John and love his son Zachary, but I'm not broody."

Matthew also revealed how being a household name hasn't changed his outlook on life and is still sensible when it comes to money: "Yes, I am a household name, but for me it's just another job that I love doing. I still live like a starving actor, to be honest. I'm very frugal with money because I'm scared of losing my job, so I still have starving-actor mentality. I'm very tight with money and real estate is the only thing I've put my money into. I've bought a home in Los Angeles. I don't think anyone can be fully prepared for how much this kind of fame can change a person's life."

Jonah Hill Challenges Matthew Morrison

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Jonah Hill on Late Night with Jimmy FallonJonah Hill has accused Matthew Morrison of bullying him at a recent showbiz event - and is out for revenge. The Moneyball star was told by the Glee star to be quiet at a presentation for the Fox network in May while he was talking to his actress friend Zooey Deschanel, immediately after a female organizer had also told him to stop talking.

Jonah - who was at the event to promote his upcoming animated comedy Allen Gregory - was left angry after the entire room laughed at him and he still isn't happy. During an appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon yesterday, the comic star said, "Do you know this guy Matthew Morrison on Glee? This guy piggybacks on this woman calling me out. I've never met this guy in my entire life. He goes, 'Yeah Jonah, can't you stop talking for one second?' And everyone laughed at me! I already got it in my head that I don't like this guy. I'm sure he's a good human being, but you don't throw a dude under the bus who's just sitting there being quiet. I've never met him before. He bullied me!"

And this is not the only time Matthew has done something to anger the Superbad star.

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VIDEO: Jane Lynch and Matthew Morrison Carpool for Funny or Die

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Even Glee’s stars have to drive to work -- at least, they do in this hilarious clip from Will Ferrell’s Funny or Die. Jane Lynch and Matthew Morrison are going to work together (in the latter’s 2003 Beetle), and all is well until somebody breaks out into song. Watch the video above to see the two hash it out.

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VIDEO: Nuthin But a Glee Thang, Baby

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Chilling until the next episode of Glee is now much, much easier -- and we’ve got Heather Morris to thank.

The blonde Glee star helped write an uproarious new skit for Funny or Die set to the delicate strains of Snoop Dogg’s “Nuthin’ But a G Thang.” That’s right Gleeks … it’s Nuthin’ But a Glee Thang.

Naya Rivera, Matthew Morrison, Cory Monteith and Harry Shum, Jr. helped out, lending their smooth dance moves to this fantastic all-female rap led by Heather Morris. In the opening scene, Modern Family's Sofia Vergara reminds us that she's not just hot, but hilarious -- all while wearing a Sue Sylvester-style tracksuit.

Check it out in the video above!

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VIDEO: Glee Cast Wows X Factor Audience

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Glee’s Cory Monteith, Amber Riley, Lea Michele, Kevin McHale, Jenna Ushkowitz, Naya Rivera, Chord Overstreet, Heather Morris, Mark Salling, Harry Shum, Jr. and Dianna Agron showed up at Britain’s X Factor this week to perform “Don’t Stop Believing,” much to the delight of the crowd. (Chris Colfer was not present, presumably because his character, Kurt, isn’t currently a member of New Directions.)

Their performance was preceded by a funny, taped clip featuring Jane Lynch as Sue Sylvester and Matthew Morrison as club coach Will Schuester.

The number won a rousing standing ovation from the watching judges. Our favorite moment? When Amber Riley stepped down off the stage to belt her line right in Simon Cowell’s face. As any die-hard Gleek will tell you, Riley was rejected during her American Idol audition.

Watch the entire performance in the video above.

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Glee: Meet the Mini-Mes

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The most adorable scene in Glee history, so far, debuted in the same episode as Gwyneth Paltrow.

In Tuesday’s “The Substitute,” Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison) gets sick, but attempts to muscle through anyway. When he hallucinates that all the New Directions kids have turned into toddlers, he knows it’s time to go home to bed … and we got to see the cutest show moment ever.

Watch the video above to get a behind-the-scenes look at the adorable child actors who help steal the show on Tuesday night. Heather Morris, who plays Brittany S. Pierce, gives fans an in-depth look at making TV magic … with mini-mes.

Matthew Morrison and Cameron Diaz?

Everyone’s favorite Glee club teacher Matthew Morrison and A-list Hollywood hottie Cameron Diaz were seen leaving LA’s Bardot together over the weekend, and everyone’s wondering the same thing: are they a couple?

Morrison was cornered by the press at a recent Rocky Horror Picture Show tribute, and he says that he and the movie star are “just friends.” Hmmm.

But Diaz isn’t the only gorgeous blonde the actor has been palling around with recently.

“Dare I say I have a crush on Gwyneth Paltrow?” he asked reporters. “She’s not like a movie star, she’s just like a normal person. She was so awesome to work with. She’s so talented.”

Morrison also said that Gwyneth sings “like three numbers or something” in her upcoming Glee episode, which airs in November.

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Hot Celebrity of the Day: Matthew Morrison

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Matthew Morrison in Vogue

No - this is not a page out of some ‘70s catalogue. And no - that is not a male model you see pictured.

This snapshot is from the June 2010 issue of Vogue, and that man with those abs is none other . Yes, that really is Glee‘s Will Schuester.

In the words of David Lee Roth, I’m suddenly hot for teacher.

(Make sure to check out our other hot celebrities.)

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