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Is Mariah Carey Pregnant…or Just a Bad Dresser?

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Mariah CareyMariah Carey

The minute Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon wed, the pregnancy rumors have come non-stop. Thankfully, the singer has a list of explanations ready for every occasion. (Why wouldn’t she sip champagne with Ellen Degeneres last fall? Because she doesn’t drink before 3 pm.)

So what’s Carey’s excuse for the recent speculation? A poor clothing decision.

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Questionable Outfit of the Day: Mariah Carey

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I’ve got to hand it to . That singer won’t let marriage zip her up anytime soon.

Although yesterday’s temperature in Aspen was chilly enough for Mariah to wear a ski jacket and hideous Christian Dior boots, it apparently wasn’t cold enough for her cleavage. Maybe she was just temporarily ventilating?

(Make sure to check out our other questionable outfits.)

Is Mariah Carey Pregnant?

Will there be any spiked eggnog for this Thanksgiving?

On yesterday’s episode of Ellen, the talk show host addressed the pregnancy rumors swirling around the recently-married diva. Realizing the singer would probably have difficulty answering the question, was ready with a backup plan. If Carey wanted to prove she wasn’t pregnant, why not celebrate with a glass of champagne?

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Mariah Carey Not Above Accepting Gifts

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Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon

Even though didn’t send out invites to her recent hush hush wedding, the diva is definitely not one who forgets her friends.

According to the New York Post, the singer wants to make sure everyone has had a chance to congratulate her and Nick Cannon on their questionable nuptials.

Those wondering if the newlyweds have the proper furnishings to fill Mariah’s massive home can find all their needs in one convenient place. According to a source, Carey’s assistant has already sent out over a 100 emails letting people know where they can purchase belated wedding gifts (Bergdorf Goodman). Requested items reportedly include expensive china and stemware.

Oh, I get it now. Her friends couldn’t celebrate with them earlier because they simply didn’t have the proper plates until now. Totally understandable.

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Mariah Carey Fails to Throw Pitch at Baseball Game

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Mariah Carey makes yet another oopsieNewlywed Mariah Carey has made a fool of herself yet again. Whilst visiting Japan recently, the failed actress attended a Yomiuri Giants vs.Rakuten Eagles baseball game, given the honor of throwing the first pitch. Unfortunately, it appears that either her very uncomfortable attire or unnecessarily-high heels got in the way of allowing her to successfully throw the ball from the mound to the catcher.

Lucky for us, it was all caught on tape! In the video, which can be seen after the jump, the scantily-clad pop star managed to at least throw the ball a measly-looking five feet, which then depressingly rolled towards home base. Clearly learning from her past oopsies, Carey continued to smile unflinchingly after her utter embarrassment, hurried off the field and off to do some kimono shopping (something she can at least do successfully).

Nick, you really ought to keep a closer watch on your wife.

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Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon: Pics of the New Couple

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Finally.  The newlyweds have left the Bahamas and shown us what they look like as a couple.

Mariah Carey, Nick CannonMariah Carey, Nick Cannon

While I’ll admit , 38, and Nick Cannon, 27, look happy…I’m still having a hard time believing they’re actually married.  If I didn’t know any better, I would have thought they were out on a very nice prom date.


Mariah Carey Wedding Photo

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Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon, People magazine

If there was ever any doubt Mariah Carey’s rumored marriage, People now has the photographic proof.

In this week’s upcoming issue, the singer and her new hubby, , talk about their Bahamian wedding and share exclusive photos from the private ceremony.  Apparently we’ll also be seeing shots of their new tattoos.  (I hate to be so negative—but aren’t love tats usually something you end up regretting?)

Oprah Winfrey reveals what the bride’s tattoo says, after the jump.

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Did Mariah Carey Marry Nick Cannon?

Mariah CareyNick Cannon

Right now crews from Entertainment Tonight and The Insider are somewhere out there trying to get this story straight….

Depending on who you choose to believe, singers and Nick Cannon are either just dating, engaged or already married.  Although the two have been spotted together in the past several weeks, the ‘couple’ has artfully dodged any dating rumors.  Then last Saturday, Mariah appeared at an after party for her new movie (Tennessee) while sporting a large rock on her ring finger.

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Mariah Carey’s Ridiculous Lingerie Closet

After yesterday’s tour of ‘s lingerie closet on Oprah, several questions came to mind.

I know the singer was in Africa when the talk show host opened up her girls school.  Didn’t coming back home to something like this seem like such a waste? 

Secondly, didn’t Mariah just tell everyone last month that she considered herself to be a prude?  Who the heck is she wearing all this stuff for?

Mariah Carey Edges Past Elvis

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Put-Description-HereAlthough I knew this day would eventually come, I still have a hard time believing it’s finally happened.  has just now surpassed The King.

Mariah’s latest single, Touch My Body, just became the Number One song on Billboard’s Hot 100.  This achievement gives the 38-year-old singer a total of eighteen #1 hits on those charts, edging her right past Elvis Presley.  (He was holding reign at 17.)  With a few more years under her belt, she may one day pass as well.  (The Fab Four clock in at 20 toppers.)

While I will fully admit that I like many of Carey’s songs, I find it strange to even think of her musical library being in the same realm as those two legends.  Will her songs eventually stand the test of time?  Which one of her singles could possibly compare to something like Let It Be or Can’t Help Falling in Love?

Carey’s next album, E=MC2, will be released on April 16.

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