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Madonna’s Daughter Lourdes Dating ‘Homeland’ Star Timothée Chalamet

Lourdes Leon and Timothee ChalametLourdes Leon is reportedly dating 'Homeland' star Timothée Chalamet.

The 16-year-old fashion designer - the eldest daughter of Madonna - met Timothée at the LaGuardia High School of Music and Art and Performing Arts in New York City where they are both studying and they have now made their relationship romantic.

"It's common knowledge at the school that the pair are dating," a source said.

Lourdes - whose father is Madonna's ex-boyfriend Carlos Leon - is due to graduate from the prestigious school next year, while Timothée leaves this year. The school was the inspiration behind the 1980 musical film Fame. Timothée is best known for playing the son of Vice President Walden on Homeland although he has also appeared in TV series Royal Pains.


Beyonce Makes Rihanna Insecure

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Beyonce and RihannaRihanna claims she is jealous of Beyonce's good looks.

The "Diamonds" singer has admitted that the 31-year-old "Diva" singer, who is married to her "genius" mentor Jay-Z, makes her feel insecure.

When asked what she thought of Beyonce, the 24-year-old popstar told Bravo's Andy Cohen during a Facebook Live interview last Thursday, "Gorgeous. A stab to my self esteem."

Later, she admitted that despite being a huge fan of Madonna as well and wanting to collaborate with her on a song, she is quite happy being herself: "At this point I am so good with being Rihanna. I love her. Like I'm cool, I'm okay."

The "Rude Boy" singer claimed that in 30 years time she just wants to be happy with her figure. "I want to be skinny. I want to be fierce. I hope my t*ts are still sitting up. Nothing else will matter at that point."

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Madonna’s Daughter Eager to Flee Spotlight

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Madonna and her daughter LourdesMadonna's eldest daughter Lourdes is planning to fund her own university education.

The independent 16-year-old student - who helps run a successful fashion line Material Girl with her famous mother - is said to want to pay her own fees to attend performing arts school Bard College close to New York in a bid to escape the spotlight and her mother's strict rules.

"Lourdes can't wait to leave home and get to university. She's already planned it all. She's also fed up being in the spotlight. That's why she didn't go on stage during Madonna's tour," a source told The Sun.

Madonna previously said she worries about being an "irresponsible parent" and revealed her daughter planned to leave home in the near future: "My children are my first priority and because they are older I can't take them with me on the road everywhere. I really feel I would be an irresponsible parent if I didn't stop my tour and spend time with them. My daughter is going to be leaving home soon."

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Madonna Has an Entourage of 200

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MadonnaMadonna reportedly takes an entourage of 200 people on tour.

The 53-year-old singer's demands for her current MDNA run of shows - which began in May and ends in December - are said to include being accompanied by 30 bodyguards, personal chefs, an acupuncturist, a yoga instructor and an on-site dry cleaner.

Additionally, the "Celebration" hitmaker also requests 20 international phone lines backstage and insists on only vegan snacks. Madonna is particular about the look of her dressing room, which must be draped in a particular fabric and filled with white and pale pink roses and lillies, with the stems on each flower trimmed to exactly six inches. After her shows, the singer likes her hotel rooms to be a home-away-from home and has her own furniture shipped into the suites.

"Madonna requires all furniture be removed from the rooms and replaced with her own pieces that she has shipped in," a source said.

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Madonna’s Stalker Back in Court?

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Robert LinhartMadonna's alleged stalker has had his case reinstated just three months after it was dismissed.

Robert Linhart - who was first arrested in September 2010 after police found him outside the "Girl Gone Wild" singer's New York apartment with a pocket knife in a bag and an ice pick in a truck - wrote on his Twitter page he will be returning to court on June 19.

"Welcome to my nightmare. Judge Wittner reverses her dismissal decision. Trial set for june 19 2012. My Lawyer Kevin Kitson quits on the spot(sic)" he wrote.

Robert was also found with signs in the back of his truck confessing his love for Madonna, but he claims in an extended Twitter rant the New York police broke the law: "When the 4 rogue NYPD cops destroyed the signs on my car, they broke the law and violated my constitutional right of free speach. XXX Four cowardly rogue NYPD officers beat a handcuffed 59 yo man. He's arrested for nothing except speaking his mind. It all will come to light(sic)"

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Madonna Wants to be President

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MadonnaMadonna wishes she could be President of the United States.

The pop superstar believes she would do a great job if she was able to take control of the country and her main goal would be to stop the country wasting money on "weapons of mass destruction."

"You can't really change much in one day. I think I would like to be president for a longer time. I wouldn't spend as much money for weapons of mass destruction but instead for education and art," she said when asked what she would do if she was President of the United States for one day.

Although she has achieved worldwide success, Madonna's ambition and drive has not diminished over the years. The 53-year-old singer attributes her success to her thirst for reinvention and never taking anything for granted: "It's harder to stay famous than become famous. I don't think there's a rule for that (staying successful). You have to really love what you're doing. You have to feed your soul with ideas and you're not allowed to stop growing as a human. That's what helps to create art. When it comes to my work I don't take anything for granted."

Madonna Wants to Recreate Britney Kiss

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Britney and MadonnaMadonna wants to kiss Britney Spears on stage again.The "Girl Gone Wild" hitmaker - who locked lips with the blonde singer on stage at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2003 - took to social networking site Twitter to ask if she would be interested in recreating the iconic moment again.

"@britneyspears please come on stage and kiss me again. I miss you!!(sic)" she wrote.

"@MadonnaMDNAday Tempting...(sic)" Britney responded, to which Madonna answered, "Are you gonna make me work for this?"

Britney was not the only pop star Madonna enjoyed a twitter interaction with. She also asked Katy Perry if she would come and see her when she tours her new album MDNA: "I wanna see you in the front row somewhere this year. okay?(sic)"

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Piers Morgan: Kate Moss is Vile

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Piers MorganPiers Morgan has branded Kate Moss a "vile little creature."

The 46-year-old journalist - who now fronts CNN's Piers Morgan Tonight - says he hates Kate, 38, and the supermodel despises him in equal measure.

"She doesn't like me, I don't like her. Kate Moss is utterly horrific. If people actually knew what she was like they would never, ever be interested in her again. She's just a real, spoilt little madam from Croydon. There's nothing wrong with Croydon - I was brought up near Croydon. But she's just a vile little creature."

Moving on to the topic of Madonna, Piers - who has banned the "Hung Up" singer from his chat show - took aim at her toned physique: "Those arms are just terrifying. It's like watching Conan the Barbarian. She's looking even more barbaric than ever at the moment, utterly grotesque. When I got the CNN job I banned her from the show, permanently. She responded by saying she'd never heard of me, but we both know she's lying."

But he insists he doesn't hate all of Hollywood and even has kind words to spare for actresses Gwyneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz:

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Madonna’s Boyfriend Proposes?

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Madonna with her boyfriend Barhim ZaibatMadonna's boyfriend Brahim Zaibat has reportedly proposed to her.

The 53-year-old singer - who has been dating the 24-year-old French dancer since 2010 - is still considering her response, and although the twice-married star has previously said she would rather get "hit by a train" than marry again, she is giving it serious thought.

"Brahim asked Madonna to marry him at a Kabbalah Center a few weeks ago, but Madonna hasn't given him an answer yet. She doesn't want to rush into anything. She is very happy with Brahim, although her friends are not sure she is ready for marriage again. That said, Madonna has a real fear of being on her own. It's a major issue for her, and she loves having a man in her life who is young and makes her feel young," a source told the Mail.

Madonna has previously said she would love to be "swept off her feet" again: "Every girl wants to be swept off her feet by a knight in shining armor. Even if we are sophisticated, intelligent, evolved human beings, we like to think in the back of our minds that Mr. Right is going to sweep us off our feet and take us into the sunset, and we're going to live happily ever after."

Madonna Stalker Won’t Stop

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Madonna‘s alleged stalker claims he won’t stop pursuing her until he meets the singer.

Retired fire-fighter Robert Linhart, who has been arrested twice since Saturday, was arraigned in court yesterday on charges of criminal mischief, graffiti and being in possession of a homemade 7.5 inch ice pick, after writing messages to the pop superstar on the pavement outside her apartment in Upper West Side, New York City.

The messages read “Meet me please,” “Tell me yes or no,” and “If it’s yes, my dream will come true. If it’s no, I will go.”

According to court documents, he reportedly told officers after his arrest on Tuesday, “I can be here. This is police brutality. I have a right to do this. I am not doing anything wrong. I keep running into Madonna. I saw her in 1992 and I’d actually like to meet her in person. I won’t stop until I actually meet Madonna. I’m going to go right back there and do it again.”

This followed his earlier arrest on Saturday, where he played loud music out of his car and was charged with resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and criminal possession of a weapon.

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