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Quote of the Day: Kate Hudson on Love and Marriage

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Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy

“It’s definitely not something I’m looking for. But the divorce [to Chris Robinson in 2007] doesn’t put me off. I’ll just see what happens. I think a lot of times people are terrified of love and stop themselves from experiencing it. I don’t ever want to get that jaded. I do believe in love. I believe that when you really open yourself up to love, it’s the most beautiful thing.’”


Owen Wilson’s Lance Armstrong’s Dax Shepard’s Alex Rodriguez’s

Matt Bellamy’s girflriend, Kate Hudson, on the state of matrimony.

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Kate Hudson Moving to England for Muse Frontman

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Matt Bellamy and Kate Hudson is planning to move to England to be with her Muse rocker boyfriend Matt Bellamy.

The 31-year-old actress, who has been dating the British musician for just four months, is ready to quit Los Angeles and set up home in the UK capital with Matt, 32.

“Kate’s been swept off her feet. She’s not only fallen in love with Matt, but also with the idea of starting a new life in Europe. The plan is for them to divide their time between his London apartment and his home in Lake Como, Italy. She’s already started moving her things over. She couldn’t be more excited,” said a friend of the Hollywood star.

Kate - who plans to keep her Los Angeles home so she can use when she’s filming in the US - has become obsessed with the UK since Matt showed her the beauty of the English countryside, including the place where he spent his childhood. “Matt’s introduced Kate to a world she never knew. He’s shown her around the English countryside, taken her to Devon and Cambridge, where he grew up, and Ireland, where his mother was born. She’s found a man she truly believes she can settle down with. She’s truly excited about starting her new life,” the source added to Look magazine.

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Kate Hudson Dating Muse Rocker

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Kate Hudson and Matt BellamyAlthough she’s had her share of athletes, is back to dating rock stars.

The actress - who was most with baseball star Alex ‘A-Rod’ Rodriguez - has reportedly enjoyed a string of dates with the Muse frontman Matt Bellamy, but has been trying desperately to keep their romance under wraps.

“Matt has been over to America to hang out with Kate. But they have done everything they can to avoid being seen together in the early stages of their relationship,” a source close to Matt said.

The couple were spotted having dinner together in a New York eatery earlier this week, but plan to make their first official public appearance together at the Glastonbury festival - which Muse are headlining - in Somerset, South England, later this month.

“Things are going so well Kate is planning to fly to the UK to hang out with Matt at the festival. She wants to watch the band from the side of the stage and meet his pals,” the source added.
Kate, 31, was previously married to the Black Crowes rocker Chris Robinson, with whom she has a six-year-old son Ryder. Matt, 32, split from his fiancée, Italian psychologist Gaia Poloni late last year.

Kate Hudson, Cameron Diaz Fight Over A-Rod

Alex Rodriguez and Cameron DiazKate Hudson and Cameron Diaz are at war over .

Cameron’s new relationship with the baseball star has infuriated Kate, who was in a relationship with Alex from May to December last year. Hudson believes Diaz is simply trying to get her back for sleeping with Justin Timberlake just days after the pair split in early 2007.

“Kate thinks it’s payback pure and simple. Cameron was actually in a serious long-term relationship with Justin,” a source told Us Weekly magazine. “She thinks it’s a joke Kate would be mad. Kate is only upset because she hates being single.”

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Did Kate Hudson Enlarge Her Breasts?

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Kate Hudson in white tankKate Hudson in grey tank

According to sources close to Kate Hudson, Ryder Robinson’s hair isn’t the only thing that has seen change recently in that household. It’s now being reported that his mother underwent breast augmentation surgery late last month.

Although A-Rod’s ex has yet to respond to the comments, she didn’t do much to end the speculation when she wore a tank top to the Coachella festival over the weekend. While she she doesn’t have anything quite as obvious up front as say Heidi Montag, the difference between the two pictures above is still noticeable.

So what do you think? Do you believe Hudson had the plastic surgery…or could she simply have been helped by some cutlets?

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Red Carpet Fashion: 2010 Golden Globes

The stars strutted on the red carpet for the , though the weather didn’t quite align in their favor. Though the night was rainy, the celebrities still donned their best tuxedos and party frocks…some, more successfully than others. Who wore award-winning looks, and who was just all wet?

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A Darker Look for Kate Hudson

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Kate HudsonKate Hudson

Goldie Hawn might have trouble exploring change, but thankfully her daughter doesn’t.

For her new role in (no - it’s not another romantic comedy), Kate Hudson traded in her signature blonde locks for much darker tresses. The movie about a sheriff-turned-murdering sociopath also stars Casey Affleck, Simon Baker and Jessica Alba.

What do you think of Kate’s new look? Are you happy to see a new side of her…or are you hoping she goes back to her roots soon?

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Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong Already Over

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Put-Description-HereAfter taking time to meet each other’s families, play tennis and smooch at parties, Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong are already putting an end to their relationship.

According to Us Weekly, the couple of only three months decided to part ways after attending the Lance Amstrong Livestrong Summit in Ohio over the weekend.

A source tells the magazine that the actress and the cyclist simply realized this was never going to work. “There was no drama or ugliness – They just decided to end things. There is no hatred, just sadness.”

Question now is: Who’s going to rebound first? My money’s on Kate.

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Kate Hudson vs. Claire Danes: Battle of the Skinnies

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Kate Hudson in red bikiniClaire Danes in red bikini

Up until recently, I would have said that was one of the skinniest actresses in America. (Notice I said America, because otherwise Keira Knightley would easily have her beat).

But then I saw .

I’ve always been told that black was a slimming color, but apparently red does a pretty good job as well.

Kate Hudson Moves on with Lance Armstrong

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Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong

While Lindsay Lohan was busy kissing it up on Diddy’s yacht, another couple was grabbing some attention at Cannes.

Less than a month after ending her relationship with Owen Wilson, actress Kate Hudson has been spotted with seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong. On Friday, the two were together in France at Dolce & Gabbana’s annual party. The week prior, they - and the cyclist’s three children - were seen spending time in the Houston area.

Weirdly enough, this is the second person Lance has dated that was once connected to Wilson. (Armsrong’s former fiancee, rocker Sheryl Crow, dated the actor years ago.) But I wouldn’t worry too much about Owen. Given both their dating histories, I personally don’t foresee this match between Kate and Lance lasting much longer

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