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Top 10 VIP Breakdown celebrity stories of 2010!

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We know you're ready to ring in the new year, and we're right there with you! That said, we figured you'd enjoy stepping back with us for one final look back at the year that was 2010 as we give you the top ten most popular stories of the year here on VIP Breakdown. Interestingly enough, Justin Bieber made the cut, but he was relegated to the #10 spot (unless you give him credit for the story about Tom Brady getting a Bieber haircut that nabbed #3.) Number one was the story about Gary Coleman's parents being left with more questions than answers as it pertains to the late star's death. Speaking of death, the list also includes the death of Dixie Carter, and two stories about celebrity tattoos. Hit the jump for the full list, and have a safe new year!

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Kara DioGuardi Goes Nude for Allure Magazine

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Kara DioGuardi in Allure magazine

Kara DioGuardi may have been hesitant about sporting a bikini on last year’s American Idol finale, but she’s come a long way since then.

For the upcoming issue of Allure, the American Idol judge lets her guard completely down and takes her clothes completely off. Kara is just one of several female celebrities - including actress and singer Colbie Caillat - to strip down for the magazine’s annual “nude” event.

“This shoot was less about beauty than about taking a risk and showing people a side of me they never have seen,” DioGuardi said about her decision to participate.

You can see a few more pics after the jump and on the magazine’s website.

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Kara DioGuardi Outs Lambert, Adam Disses Aiken

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Given all the recent talk about American Idol‘s Adam Lambert, you would have thought the Season 8 runner-up was actually the winner. Maybe these two new tidbits will now put some of the chatter to rest.

Is Adam Lambert gay?

Even though it was believed the 27-year-old might soon reveal that answer to Rolling Stone magazine, someone else may have already done the work for him. On today’s episode of The View, judge Kara DioGuardi said Lambert’s sexuality has never been a mystery.

“I don’t think that Adam was ever in [the closet]. You know, I think he was always openly out.” Kara told the co-hosts. When Barbara Walters questioned that statement, Kara added: “From what I’ve seen on the various forms of things, I do. I never thought he wasn’t.”

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American Idol’s DioGuardi Now Engaged

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Kara DioGuardiThis is turning out to be quite an exciting day for American Idol‘s . Not only will the new judge get to see herself on the reality hit, she’ll be receiving belated well wishes on some personal news.

Over the holidays, the music producer/songwriter and her boyfriend, Mike McCuddy, became engaged. The proposal happened during a vacation in Mexico. Although the proposal came in early December, the wedding news is just now become widely known.

No date has yet been announced for the upcoming ceremony.

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