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Cheryl Cole’s X Factor Food

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Cheryl Cole's mother still packs her lunchCheryl Cole’s mother still makes her packed lunches.

Joan Tweedy, who lives with Cheryl and her soccer star husband Ashley Cole, is keen to ensure her daughter eats properly while filming talent show The X Factor, so sends her off every day with pre-prepared meals.

A source said, “Having Joan on board will make sure there’s plenty of healthy food prepared for Cheryl. She’s making her small packed lunches so Cheryl can have a break during work and make time to eat. It’s very sweet.”

The 26-year-old singer is keen to look her best for the show, as well as for when she launches her solo career in the coming weeks and so has embarked on a new healthy-eating regime. In an effort to maintain her perfect weight of 117lbs, she has started munching on small meals throughout the day so she is always full but never bloated.

The source explained, “I think Cheryl wanted to find a diet that would help her feel good physically and mentally. In the past she’s been criticized for her weight and hated being under the spotlight for it. She seems so much more confident now. No-one is commenting on how skinny she is any more, just how sexy she looks.”