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Hot Celebrity of the Day: Jennifer Lopez

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Jennifer LopezJennifer Lopez

It’s not very often when someone can divert attention away from Angelina Jolie, but - with help from Robert Cavalli - might have managed to do that last night.

At yesterday’s California premiere of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, the 39-year-old did her best to make sure everyone knew who the hottest mother of twins around was. (I’m not saying she actually is, I’m just saying she tried.)

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Victoria Beckham and Jennifer Lopez’s Pose Off

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Jennifer Lopez and Victoria BeckhamJennifer Lopez and Victoria Beckham

There’s nothing like a little competition between friends…right?

Last night during Mercedes-Benz’s Fashion Week, new BFFs (with a fresh Mia Farrow-inspired cut) and enjoyed the Marc Jacobs fashion show together. But based on their carefully thought out poses, you’d have thought the two ladies were the models, not the observers.

Had I not known these two were gal pals, I would have sworn they were trying to outpose each other. Then again - maybe they were.

People Pays Brangelina $14 Million for Twin Pics

People and Hello! shell out $14 million for Brangelina's baby pics

After leaving Brangelina fans on the edge of their seats (myself included) for weeks without seeing their twins, the couple have decided that it is finally time to introduce them to the world.

Much to no one’s surprise, People magazine won the bidding rights to the twins’ photo shoot in the U.S. and Canada, and Hello! magazine won the international rights. Although there has been no official release as to the amount, sources have claimed the figure is around $14 million.

Compared to previous biddings on babies like their older sister Shiloh ($4 million) and Jennifer Lopez’s twins ($6 million), the Jolie-Pitt twins have definitely set a new record for costing a magazine so much.

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Lopez and Kidman: This is Not What Pregnant Women Should Look Like

Whatever happened to those women who actually looked like they were pregnant…and/or the mothers who had a difficult time losing the weight long after their deliveries?

Jennifer Lopez, Marc AnthonyKeith Urban, Nicole Kidman

Check out these recent photos of and .

One of these ladies is several months pregnant and the other just recently gave birth to twins.  Can you guess which one is which?

Jennifer Lopez Gives Birth to Twins

Jennifer Lopez PregnantLadies and gents, the moment has finally come.  will now finally have to admit that she is the mother of twins.

People reports that the singer/actress and hubby welcomed both a son and a daughter very early Friday morning.  Baby Girl Anthony weighed in at a healthy 5 lbs. 7oz.  Her younger brother was a slightly larger 6 lbs.

The deliveries, which were confirmed by Lopez’s manager, happened shortly after midnight in Long Island, NY.

These two are the first children for Jennifer.  Meanwhile, the latest additions bring Anthony’s total up to five.

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Jennifer Lopez: Why Alcohol and Pregnancy Don’t Mix

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Jennifer Lopez pregnant

They say a glass of wine during pregnancy is fine.  I’m sensing was drinking for three….

Rumor Confirmed: Jennifer Lopez Expecting Twins

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Marc Anthony, Jennifer LopezAnother celebrity, another family leak.

For the third time in one week, a relative has been the source of baby gossip.  Last week, Gwen Stefani‘s father-in-law leaked the news of her latest pregnancy.  A few days later, Julianna Margulies’ mother-in-law announced her new grandchild’s birth.  This time around, ‘s own father is the blabbing culprit.  Granted, he didn’t spill anything the whole world didn’t already know.

In an interview with Escalando TV, David Lopez revealed that his daughter is not just packing on extra water weight—she is, in fact, pregnant with twins.  (Cue the confetti.)  Apparently multiples is something that runs in the family; J-Lo’s aunt also had twins.

The deliveries will be the first for Lopez.  Her husband, , has three kids from previous relationships.

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