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Hayden Panettiere Is an Exhibitionist

Hayden's Letterman outfit

Judging by her barely-there Caroline Seikaly dress, it’s probably not going to come as a shock to you that Heroes star Hayden Panettiere thinks of herself as an exhibitionist.

When asked about her much-anticipated nude scene in the upcoming high school comedy I Love You, Beth Cooper, Hayden divulged:

“I don’t think it takes much thought, and I don’t think it takes much preparation as an actor. My dad has always said I was an exhibitionist when I was growing up. As a young girl, I’d be running around with no clothes and I was like, ‘La, la, la, la.’ So, I didn’t find it very hard being naked. It’s like I drop my towel and that’s it. But that’s just me though. Maybe other people find it harder.”

Hey, at least she’s not like that other actress who irksomely denies her hotness. *Cough Megan Fox cough* Go Hayden! Be proud of your hotness!

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Hayden Panettiere: Red Carpet Meltdown

Hayden PanettiereHeroes star made an appearance at a red carpet fundraiser held by the Pacific Foundation, but the press got a little more than they bargained for when they tried to interview the young actress.

“Back up!” Panettiere reportedly shouted at photogs. According to , the actress became even more upset after posing for routine photos. When a reporter touched Panettiere on the shoulder, the actress allegedly shouted “don’t you ever touch me!”

Rumor has it that she then refused to speak to interviewers, saying only “you all make my life miserable,” before storming off the carpet. And maybe that statement is true…but, they also made her famous.

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Did Hayden and Milo Split Over a Pregnancy Scare?

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DescriptionLooks like Milo Ventimiglia and Hayden Panettiere are going back to being just uncle and niece.

After more than a year together off-screen, the Heroes stars have officially called it quits. (Did someone have a wake up call?) Insiders claim the split was a result of two people simply being in different stages of their lives.

News of their relationship initially raised eyebrows because of their 12-year age gap. Milo is 31; Hayden turned 19 back in August. The two were first spotted together in late 2007, shortly after Panettiere’s 18th birthday.

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2008 Emmys Fashion: The Black Dress

Although last night’s Emmy ceremony was full of surprises, many of yesterday’s attendees chose to keep it very safe. Here is just a sampling of the dark selections seen on the red carpet:

America Ferrera

(America Ferrera)

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Crazy Days and Nights

Listen to Hayden Panettiere’s New Single

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Here we go again. There’s yet another television star who wants to make it as a singer. This time around (Heroes) is the one assaulting our ears.

In a recent interview on his radio show, the 18-year-old told Ryan Seacrest she’s invested a lot into her music. In fact, she’s actually been working on her album for four years. (I can only imagine what 14-year-old Hayden would have produced.)

Listen to her new single, ‘Wake Up Call’, and let us know your opinions. Am I the only one who thinks the music doesn’t match the tone of the video?

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Celebrity Summer Trend: The Short Haircut

Eva Longoria ParkerHayden Panettiere

Even though there are some stars out there who’ve been sporting short hair for quite some time now (e.g. Victoria Beckham, Rihanna, Katie Holmes), others are just now jumping on the bandwagon.

Recently, and became the latest daring two to chop off their long locks for a fresher summer style.

What do you think of their new looks? Was it it a much-needed change…or should they reach for the extensions asap?