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What’s After Harry Potter?

Fans will have boxed sets, theme parks and endless TV re-runs to look forward to once both parts of have come and gone…but what about the actors?

Emma Watson (Hermione Granger), Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley) and title star Daniel Radcliffe aren’t going to disappear from the spotlight anytime soon. All three stars of the franchise are looking forward to new projects now that shooting has wrapped on the last of their epic wizarding adventures.

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Miley Cyrus: 2009’s Worst Celebrity Influence

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Miley Cyrus

Maybe abandoning Twitter was the best thing Miley Cyrus could have done.

In a recent poll conducted by Just So You Know, the 16-year-old superstar was crowned the “Worst Celeb Influence” of 2009. Miley’s “win” comes after another long year of controversy. When she wasn’t offending Asians, she was either dating a 20-year-old or pole dancing on national television.

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Why I Love Emma Watson

While I would never call myself a Harry Potter fanatic, I’m finding more and more appealing every day. Why?

  1. She’s gorgeous.
  2. She knows how to dress like a lady.
  3. She’s planning to go to college.
  4. Her accent is adorable.
  5. She can laugh at herself. (Refer to video above.)
  6. She can lie with a straight face to David Letterman.
  7. She doesn’t leave the house without underwear.

(BTW - you can get a better shot of her recent wardrobe malfunction after the jump.)

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Emma Watson Grows Into Fashionista Image with Elle Cover

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Emma Watson on the cover of British Elle

As Harry Potter starlet Emma Watson fronts Burberry and increasingly becomes best buds with Karl Lagerfeld, it’s becoming more apparent that she’s pretty serious about that fashion career. The August edition of British Elle further cements her path, and holy Coco Chanel, does she look gorgeous!

Before she buckles down that path, however, she might take a slight detour and finish school: “I’m so excited. Living in London, it’s hard to be anonymous. But hopefully, on some campus somewhere, I’ll fade into the background a bit.”

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Emma Watson Fronts Burberry’s Fall/Winter ‘09 Campaign

Emma Watson for Burberry

While Miley Cyrus convinces Max Azria to do a line for Wal-Mart, Emma Watson is receiving praise in the fashion world for her work in Burberry’s Fall/Winter ‘09 campaign.

Not unlike the British fashion house’s ad campaigns in the past, the Harry Potter starlet shows off signature Burberry bags and trench coats alongside models Tom Guinness Taylor and Charlie France (who surprisingly do a great job at making her look much older than 19).

As I am a fan of hers, I’m clearly inclined to give her a thumbs-up. After all, she’s been a favorite of Karl Lagerfeld for some time. That’s basically a golden pass for approval in the fashion world, no?

More pictures after the jump!

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Will Emma Watson Give Up Acting?

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Emma WatsonCome 2011, will have starred in 8 successful Harry Potter films and generated enough money to dabble in any indie project she likes. But will we ever see the actress in a nude Broadway performance a la ?

In a recent interview, the college bound 18-year-old admitted she was uncertain where her future would take her. Since Emma never really had thoughts about getting into acting in the first place (she was only nine when they found her “out of nowhere”), she’s not sure if the profession is something she’ll eventually stick with. “Just because this has happened to me doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right thing,” Watson said. “I’ve come from a background of lawyers and academics. We didn’t watch films in our household.”

So what’s up next for the Tale of Despereaux star? School. Although she won’t be joining Daniel on a NY stage anytime soon, Watson could still be making an extended trip to the States. It’s believed that Emma - who was seen touring Harvard a few months back - may be attending an American university in Fall 2009.

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Emma Watson Becomes a Lady

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Emma Watson as HermioneEmma Watson in Italian Vogue

While Daniel Radcliffe has been working to separate himself from his popular boy wizard character, another Harry Potter star has been doing some maturing of her own.

In the recent issue of Italian Vogue, 18-year-old (a.k.a. Hermione Granger) shows us how much she’s grown in the past 7 years. She might not be appearing fully nude on Broadway like Radcliffe, but she still gives us something to be wowed by.

You can see more pictures from her photo spread after the jump.

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Are Hermione and Harry Potter a Real-Life Couple?

Emma Watson, Daniel RadcliffeWho knew Hermione was the British version of ?

Although we are used to the ever-changing lives of our American celebrities, we haven’t really become accustomed to following the rituals of their U.K. counterparts.  Well, when the gossip concerns one of the famous stars, it’s really hard to look away.

Just last week, was criticized in the press for supposedly associating herself with 27-year-old rocker Johnny Borrell.  (Wondering who he is?  He’s the lead singer of a band called Razorlight.)  Although the 17-year-old actress denied dating the musician, many were hoping she would stay away from the “hell-raiser”.

One week later, Hermione Granger has now been linked to a new fella:  .  The 17-year-old actor (someone her age!) was reportedly spotted with his co-star on a Valentine’s date, of all things.  After leaving a London pub, they then supposedly left in the direction of Radcliffe’s home.

Ooh, I like British gossip!

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