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Lindsay Lohan’s Secret Sister

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Lindsay Lohan, Michael Lohan and Dina Lohan

Finally, something that might make interesting.

According to OK! Magazine, Michael Lohan - Lindsay and Ali’s dad - has admitted to fathering another girl. His third daughter was conceived while he was still married to , though the two were supposedly separated at the time. That love child is now 13-years-old.

In a statement to the publication, Michael said he initially didn’t know about the pregnancy. “Years later [the woman] contacted me, convincing me that I was the only person she was with and that she had my child.”

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OK! Magazine


Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson Heating Up

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha RonsonLindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson

I’m not sure if could have asked for a better way to promote her new reality show…

Although most people have already assumed Lindsay Lohan and her gal pal, Samantha Ronson, were more than just friends, the buzz around the twosome has grown within the past week.

Last Thursday, the two made a very public statement when they were seen kissing at the . (I have no idea what Lindsay was there to promote.) While partying on Diddy’s yacht (I don’t think he had anything to plug either), the ladies let their affection for each other be known - and they didn’t care who saw it. And since the 21-year-old actress is supposed to be laying off the sauce, the smooches and hand-holding weren’t things that could be blamed on alcohol later.

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Dina Lohan: Top Mom?

Lohan family

Listen up, frazzled moms.  Don’t worry too much about steering your children in the wrong direction.  Even if you do—someone out there will still think you’re a great mother.

Take for instance.  Even though the show mom has seen one daughter fall off the wagon (and out of her clothes) and the other child aspiring to emulate her big sis, she’s set to be labeled a “Top Mom” at a charity event tonight.

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New York Post

Lindsay Lohan Liquors Up Again

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Lindsay Lohan passed out

Oh, Linds.  Whatever are we going to do with you?

After a recently-rehabbed Lindsay Lohan was spotted drinking back in January, enablers of the star tried to come to her defense.  At the time, a friend told the NY Daily News, “Lindsay is learning how to work through her addictions and, once in a while, she chooses to have a cocktail.”  Well, it seems she needs to ‘work’ a bit harder.

According to People, the actress has been spending a lot of time with her BFF Samantha Ronson lately.  Unfortunately, to ‘hang out’ with a deejay, one is usually required to spend a lot of time in clubs.  Very smart.  Why don’t we just throw the girl in a liquor store?

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Mama Lohan: I Had No Choice

The Other Lohans: Ali and DinaDid someone at E! have Dina Lohan at gunpoint? Nah, that’s just her being her usual fame-hungry, greedy self.

Unfortunately, I just had more to add to this upcoming debacle in addition to her soon-to-be-reality-star daughter’s ridiculous age. According to PageSix.com, the former Rockette and mother of four told them that they had “no choice” but to do the reality show. “Tabloids and reality shows are not going away. If they know who is as a person, it’s better.”

Good news for those that are actually fans of that other . Dina revealed that her redheaded daughter will be making cameos on the show, but it will definitely be all about Ali: “Lindsay has her own career. It’s about Ali.”

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