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Elizabeth Taylor Quietly Laid to Rest

Elizabeth Taylor dies

Screen legend Elizabeth Taylor was buried in an intimate funeral service on Thursday. The Hollywood icon was interred in the famed Forest Lawn Cemetery, final resting place for many of the entertainment industry’s elite.

The funeral started 15 minutes after it was scheduled to begin, as Taylor requested that her services start late. She asked that someone make light of this fact, joking that “She even wanted to be late for her own funeral.” And her wishes were honored in a fitting, private tribute.

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Legend Elizabeth Taylor Dies

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Elizabeth Taylor

One of the world’s brightest stars has burned out. Movie legend Elizabeth Taylor, 79, is dead. Of late, Taylor had been suffering with congestive heart failure.

Taylor’s career is unequalled in all of Hollywood. Born in London, England to American parents, she became a hugely successful child actress at age 12 with National Velvet. Her career was unstoppable from then on.

She appeared on more than 50 films and created a resume peppered with notable roles. Taylor won two Academy Awards, for her work in Butterfield 8 and Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf, but she also gained acclaim for A Place in the Sun, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and Cleopatra.

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Mike Starr Funeral Delayed

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Mike StarrMike Starr’s funeral has been delayed by the medical examiner who is still determining the reality star’s official cause of death. More tests must be performed before the body will be released.

The ex-Alice in Chains bassist will still have two memorial services to honor his memory. Family members are holding a memorial on Sunday in Seattle for those closest to Starr. A second service will be held for fans at a later date.

Nothing official has been released regarding Starr’s death, but his roommate did tell the media that he was mixing medications hours before he passed away.

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How Did Mike Starr Die?

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Mike Starr, Celebrity RehabMike Starr’s roommate, who was not identified by name during his TMZ interview, says that the reality star was taking methadone and anxiety medication just before he died on Tuesday, a combination which may have been lethal.

The roommate said Starr was still working toward sobriety following his Celebrity Rehab and Sober House stints, but on Monday night he was “mixing” his medications. Officially, the cause of death for the former Alice in Chains bassist has not been determined.

Mike [Starr] was a beautiful person who was fighting to stay sober,” said the roommate. “I am going to miss him greatly.”

And so will we. Once the official cause of death has been released, we’ll let you know. Follow VIP Breakdown on Twitter to get all the headlines quickly.

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Mike Starr, Alice in Chains Bassist, Found Dead

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Mike Starr, Celebrity Rehab 3Former Alice in Chains bassist and reality TV star Mike Starr, 44, was found dead on Tuesday in Utah.

Mike Starr became a fan favorite during his Celebrity Rehab stint, wherein he openly talked about the substance abuse problems that got him ejected from the band Alice in Chains. The musician often referred to the late Layne Staley as his best friend. He was ejected from Alice in Chains in 1993 due to his drug problems. Staley died of an overdose in 2002. Starr made an appearance on Celebrity Rehab 4 as a survivor of drug problems, inspiring others with his message of hope for the future.

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Corey Haim Snubbed by Movie Industry Again

Corey Feldman and Corey HaimFirst, Corey Haim was left out of the In Memoriam segment at the SAG awards. Now, he’s been snubbed by the Oscars as well. Haim’s former bestie and most frequent co-star, Corey Feldman, has stepped forward to speak out against the slight.

“Corey’s films have earned the industry over a half a billion dollars, and his work remains an inspiration to young artists world wide,” Feldman ranted to TMZ. “Corey [Haim] dedicated his life to the film industry. The same industry that failed to dedicate even 30 seconds to his memory.”

Haim's face was missing from the In Memoriam shown during the 83rd Academy Awards, and for many fans the slight stings. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences released a very tepid statement in response: “Whatever the length of the sequence, there will always be fans and family members of those not included who will be disappointed by their omission. The Academy extends its understanding and its apologies to those who missed seeing a favorite face in this year’s feature.”

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Why Did the SAG Awards Snub Corey Haim?

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Sunday night’s SAG awards were all about honoring Hollywood -- and, it was only fitting that the show included an “In Memoriam” for all those who passed last year. But one actor was left out of the final cut, and fans are incensed.

Corey Haim, '80s It Boy and '90s hot mess, was not in the tribute. According to show producer Kathy Connell, there simply wasn’t “time to salute everyone.” She says two separate Memoriam packages were created. “Mr. Haim was in the longer version,” she said. “As the show was running long, we were forced to choose the shorter package.” Haim died in March of last year.

"We have become used to not being honored by our peers in the industry," Haim’s BFF and frequent co-star, , told Popeater. SAG member Dorothy Provine, who died on April 25, was also left out of the shorter memorial video package (which can be viewed above).

But according to Connell, those are the breaks. "Some people who are included early on, may not be in the final package due to the passing of other SAG members."

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Quote of the Day: Michelle Williams on Heath Ledger

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Michelle Williams with daughter Matilda Rose

"Obviously, for me and for [Matilda], there's a hole in our life. Of course the natural inclination is to want to fill it and make it disappear, but what I've come to recently is that it's impossible. Nothing will fit in that hole because what we want back we can't get, which is this one person. I'm not going to rush anything and scamper around like a mad person and make myself crazy. I'm trying to be respectful of the absence. I'm not trying to fill it up. It is what it is."

-- Michelle Williams, on dealing with the death of Heath Ledger, the father of her daughter Matilda.

(Make sure to check out our other notable quotes.)

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Leslie Nielsen, Beloved Funnyman, Dead at 84

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Leslie Nielsen, 84, passed away Sunday due to complications from pneumonia. During his 60-year Hollywood career, Nielsen portrayed memorable characters in Airplane!, The Naked Gun and dozens of other films. Nielsen’s wife and several friends were with him when he died.

Nielsen starred in The Poseidon Adventure, See How They Run and several other serious dramatic films before he scored a role in 1980’s Airplane!. That comedic role helped propel Nielsen to stardom.

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Brother Death Drug-Related?

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Joseph and Dan Gordon-Levitt

‘s brother was “surrounded by needles and syringes” when he died.

Dan Gordon-Levitt passed away on Monday, and neighbors to the apartment in Hollywood where he was living were “not surprised” by his passing, suggesting his death was the result of drug abuse.

“Dan and his friends had been partying, and we were woken up with the girl screaming. She came running out to the front garden of their apartment and some people went out to help her. The paramedics were called, but he was found dead surrounded by needles and syringes. He had been living here on and off for the past few years, and he and his friends were not very popular to tell you the truth. One time they set a car on fire in front of the building, and there were always groups of people coming and going from that apartment. I’m sorry that he died, but I’m honestly not that surprised either,” a neighbor said.

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