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Quote of the Day: Christian Bale on Phenomenal Chris Farley

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Beverly Hills Ninja

"And Chris Farley was just phenomenal. Beverly Hills Ninja will always remain one of my tops. ... I have watched that movie. One time I sat down and watched it two nights in a row, and cried with laughter both times. The guy just was a phenomenon, and is missed dearly in my household."

-Dark Knight's Christian Bale on an action star actor he enjoys.

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Drugs and Self-Destruction: The Dark Side of Hollywood

UPDATE: According to the coroner, Corey Haim died as result of natural causes.

Fans woke up Wednesday morning with the sad news that 1980s teen icon Corey Haim . Unfortunately, this headline is not uncommon…nor is the sad story that sums up the once-promising actor’s young life. Perhaps best known as Corey Feldman’s frequent co-star, Corey Haim was once one of the most popular stars in the country. During his heyday of The Lost Boys, License to Drive and Lucas, Haim captivated hearts - and casting directors - with his trademark smirk and level gaze. It’s too bad that, at the same time, substance abuse captivated him.

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