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Parents Fear for Britney’s Life

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Britney SpearsAccording to E! Online, the day after their daughter left the UCLA Psychiatric Treatment Center, Britney’s parents are concerned for their daughter’s health and well being, have no idea where she currently is, and fear that her life is at risk.

And in this sad chapter that has become ’ life, some new characters have emerged: the First Lady of California and AH-nuld’s wife, Maria Shriver, and Streisand, no not Barbra-Adam, attorney at the law firm Loeb & Loeb. That is where Britney and pal (yup, he’s baa-ack) spent time just hours after she left the psych ward. Britney is looking to hire Streisand to orchestrate a game plan that would enable her to strip her father Jamie of his interim guardian duties.  Apparently Britney just doesn’t trust Jamie.

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Breaking News: Britney Checks Out!

Well, the paps in Britney’s neighborhood better get their camera gear ready— just checked herself out of the psych ward!

According to E! Online, the troubled singer left the UCLA Medical Center shortly before noon today and is now ensconced in one of her Beverly Hills abodes.  (You can see pics of her driving around below.)

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Britney’s Mom: Sam “the Antichrist” Lutfi Drugged My Daughter

Britney Spears, Sam LuftiAs part of a temporary restraining order against Sam Lufti, gave a heartwrenching deposition relating the extent of Lufti’s attempts to control her daughter.

According to E! Online, Lynne claims that met Lutfi (whose full first name is Osama-how apropos!) around October 2007 and immediately insinuated himself into her life. Determined to control her, Lutfi drugged her, cut her phone lines, and “systematically inserted himself into all aspects of her life”.

Such is the extent of Lutfi’s determination to control Britney and keep her parents out of her life that Lutfi made the following statement to Lynne: “If you try to get rid of me, she’ll be dead and I’ll piss on her grave”. Understandably, these remarks terrified Britney’s family which led them to seek the restraining order.

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Lindsay Lohan Hates Being Alone At Night

Put-Description-HereIn an interview appearing in the March issue of Glamour magazine, talks about her party girl image, getting back to work and how she’s trying to rid her life of bad influences.

“There are friends that have been hard to hang out with because they’ve gone done a different path,” the actress, 21, says in her first interview since being in rehab. “But it’s hard because I’m the kind of person who wants to trust everyone.”

Lohan also expresses empathy for and and insists that she’s comfortable with her own company—to a point.

“I’m fine being alone during the day, but I hate being alone at night. I like having friends around me, but now I’d much rather be at home,” she says, pointing out that she now suddenly has more hours of the day to fill, which she tries to do by writing in her journal and watching TV.

“That’s not to say I’ll never go to a club again,” she says, “because I’d be lying.”

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Someone to Watch Over Britney

Britney SpearsIt’s no secret that former pop star has had her fair share of troubles recently. She’s in a bitter with ex-hubby , she’s been admitted to the and she’s tragic media fodder. The latest reports say Brit will stay in the hospital for at least two weeks more, so now the whole issue has turned down a different path: who’s going to take care of Britney?

Father was given control over Britney (and her various assets) when she was hospitalized, but all that may change at a Monday hearing. A neutral party, or a different relative, may gain control, according to sources close to the situation. There is also another custody-related hearing scheduled for Monday, the latest in a long string of court appearances which determine which parent will parent Britney’s two children. Unfortunately, it seems right now Spears isn’t capable of taking care of herself.

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Dr. Phil on Britney Spears

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Britney Spears, Dr. Phil

So after weeks of talking about how he regretted talking about Britney, found himself in a unique position today: talking about on Did you get that?

The psychologist had already booked the daytime gig before Britney’s hospitalization earlier this morning.  But since the whole point purpose of his visit was to talk about the pop singer, he was fortunate enough to capitalize on today’s events.  Strangely enough, this was the least-confident Dr. Phil I can recall seeing.  Although he didn’t believing meeting Spears in the hospital was wrong, he was a little defensive - and not really at ease - during his conversation with the ladies.

“And all I’ve ever tried to do is help in this situation…and provide some help…and by that I don’t mean like sitting down and doing therapy with her because I don’t do that anymore.  I haven’t done that for a long, long time - don’t want to do it.  But I’ve always felt like…and had offered to the family to help…uh, get her into the hands of the right kinds of professionals that could provide medical support and psychological or psychiatric support.  And I don’t know the circumstances of how she’s wound up back in the hospital today but if it’s moving in that direction, then that could be a good thing.”

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Britney Spears Hospitalized Again

Another day, another hospitalization.  Early Thursday morning, more drama unfolded outside ’ home.  (You can see the video, after the jump.)  And while the scene was strangely reminiscent of the January 4th incident, there were many things that made today’s events different.

Britney Spears

  • This was a planned event.  Britney’s new psychiatrist - the one referenced in his conversation with Barbara Walters - had apparently sensed this day would come.  Realizing it would take a bit of work to get her to the hospital through a throng of photographers, etc., she worked out details with the LAPD.  When the psychiatrist arrived at her home last night, she felt it was time to get her some help.  With one phone call, she set the escort plan in action.
  • Britney was a willing participant.  No locked bathroom doors this time around.  The singer - who reportedly hadn’t slept in three days - was very calm when police arrived.
  • Her mother was actually there.  Instead of hiding away in another state, was in Britney’s home at the time of her departure (as was Lufti and ).
  • Another day, a new place.  She was not taken to Cedars-Sinai this time.  Today she’s at UCLA Medical Center.
  • No K-Fed sighting.  Since already has the kids with him, there apparently wasn’t a need to be around.
  • It looks like she might stick around.  Although Brit never stayed the suggested 72-hours the last time she was hospitalized, it looks she might this time.

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Paparazzi catch Britney’s latest wardrobe malfunction on tape

Britney Spears flash

had a Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction at Millennium Dance Studio, briefly flashing her bosom as she dances with herself inside a privately-rented studio with only present. We aren’t sure what’s worse - the video itself, or the casual conversation taking place outside while this guy is trying to film through the window. You be the judge. We’ve got the video for you, after the jump.

Britney Spears Helps the Economy

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Britney Spears, StarbucksWhile works on ways to stimulate much-needed spending, we’re learning about our favorite troubled pop star’s role in the economy.  As much as we would like her to just stay home and out of the limelight, there are many who depend on ’ mere presence - and her drama.

According to Portfolio Magazine, its estimated the celebrity (directly and indirectly) helps put out anywhere between $110-$120 million annually.  This amount does not factor in the $9 million she rakes in yearly, nor does it take into account the amount she personally spends on Starbucks, Taco Bell, hotels, assistants, gas stations or legal fees.  The $120 million figure is based off the money grossed by tabloids, photographers, promoters, sponsors…and even K-Fed.

So the next time you hear about a small town feeling the pinch when a company pulls up shop, think to yourself—what would happen if Britney did too?

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Britney’s ‘Mental Issues’ Being Treated

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Sam Lufti/Britney Spears, the shady man who has somehow wormed his way into ’ life, made a point of calling this weekend to blab about his client.  The pop star’s ‘manager’ for some reason felt it was necessary to update the newswoman on Spear’s current status.  (Apparently ‘s tacky interviews on and haven’t told us enough.)

So with permission, Walters shared a portion of her conversation with Lufti on today’s episode of .  The veteran reporter - who was very careful in choosing her words - started off by saying that she “couldn’t vouch for the information”, but that he “seemed to be very knowledgeable” and “was very nice.”  She then revealed that Britney (according to Lufti) is suffering from “mental issues which are treatable.”  Spears has supposedly been to a psychiatrist and (Barbara assumes) is starting some kind of treatment.  Sam claims the singer has been having mood swings and difficulty sleeping.  And despite rumors to the contrary,  Brit’s mother () has apparently been in contact with her daughter and has offered words of support.

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