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Britney Spears Worried David Lucado Isn’t “Mature” Enough

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David Lucado and Britney SpearsBritney Spears is worried her boyfriend isn't "mature" enough for her.

The 32-year-old pop star started dating David Lucado two months after splitting from her ex-fiance and former manager Jason Trawick, but now the relationship is approaching the one-year mark, Britney is reportedly having second thoughts.

"Britney has been have doubts since before Christmas. She really fell for David at the start of the romance, but now she feels she jumped into things too quickly after splitting from Jason. She was so desperate to have someone by her side. Britney's worried he's not mature enough for her - she's used to being spoiled by her boyfriends but, with David, she's been joking to friends that he's like a third son," a source said.

The 32-year-old star - who has sons Sean Preston, eight, and Jayden James, seven, from her marriage to Kevin Federline - is allegedly not ready to get hitched to David, 27, and wants to focus on her concert residency in Las Vegas.

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Kid Rock: Bieber Will Go Off the Rails

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Justin Bieber and Kid RockKid Rock believes that Justin Bieber will go off the rails.

The 42-year-old musician - whose real name is Robert James Ritchie - says fame will eventually take its toll on the 19-year-old singer and he will embrace the darker side of celebrity. "It's just a matter of time before someone puts a huge line of cocaine in front of Bieber and he's going to be like, 'Yes! This is f**king awesome!'" he said.

The rocker also spoke out about Britney Spears, admitting he felt sorry for the "Toxic" hitmaker: "Poor girl. Turned into a space cadet. That dead stare, just f**king like someone stole her soul... "

Kid isn't the only star who is worried about Justin, Channing Tatum recently revealed he thinks the "Baby" hitmaker - who was discovered at the age of 14 - found fame too young and hopes he doesn't go off the rails like many child stars do: "I do believe that whatever age you become famous, you end up staying that age. I worry about Bieber, man. That kid's wildly talented. I hope he doesn't fall down into the usual ways of young kids because it' so hard for someone to be responsible when they're not asked to be. We're not asked to do things ourselves."

Britney Spears’ Different Relationship with David Lucado

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Britney Spears and David LucadoBritney Spears' new relationship is completely different from her previous one.

The 31-year-old star is currently dating legal researcher David Lucado, 27, and one of the reasons things are going so well between the pair is because of the lack of legal ties between them, unlike with her former fiance Jason Trawick.

"Britney's relationship with David is night and day from her relationship with Jason. Not only was Jason her agent, for a lot of their relationship he was also her conservator. Business was wrapped up in the romance in a really weird, confusing way," a source said.

Britney - who has sons, Sean Preston, seven, and Jayden James, six, from her marriage to Kevin Federline - was set up with the businessman by her father Jamie Spears and the blonde beauty is enjoying the "fun" side of their relationship. "With David it's just all fun, just because they like each other. It must be a breath of fresh air for Brit," the source added.

Britney Spears Fell for David with Golf

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Britney Spears and David LucadoBritney Spears fell for her new boyfriend when he taught her how to play golf.

The "Piece of Me" hitmaker - who split from her fiance Jason Trawick in January - is currently dating David "Lucky" Lucado after being set up by her father Jamie Spears and the pair instantly clicked as he gave her a personal lesson in the putting sport.

"They first met when Lucky gave her a golf lesson. They totally hit it off which I'm not surprised by, everyone loves him. He got her number and asked her on a date and the rest is history. He treats her like any other person and is really special. As corny as it sounds he really cares and is such a good person," David's friend Caroline Harrison told Star magazine.

While Britney is smitten with her new man, her father, who is co-conservator of her affairs, initially had him undergo a background check and sign a non-disclosure contract as a matter of precaution. "Before David started spending time with Brit, he had to undergo a background check, and sign a confidentiality agreement, all arranged by Papa Spears. David had absolutely no problem with it, and completely understood why it was being done," a source said.

Britney Spears’ Mystery Man Revealed

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Britney SpearsBritney Spears is dating a "normal guy" named David.

The "Hold It Against Me" hitmaker - who split from fiance Jason Trawick last month - spent Valentine's Day with the 27 year-old in a California sushi restaurant, and the pair were also seen playing golf together at the Sherwood Country Club over the weekend.

According to gossip website TMZ, David - whose surname is as-yet unknown - hails from Atlanta and works for a law firm doing "field research." On their Valentine's Day date, the couple spent half an hour in the sushi bar, spending $60 - with David leaving a tip of $13.

Britney - who has sons Sean Preston, seven, and Jayden James, six, from her marriage to Kevin Federline - and Jason split in January, 13 months after getting engaged and the 31-year-old singer recently admitted she will "always love" the talent agent: "Jason and I have decided to call off our engagement. I'll always adore him and we will remain great friends."

Britney Spears Returns Engagement Ring

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Britney Spears and Jason Trawick

Britney Spears has returned her engagement ring to Jason Trawick. The 31-year-old popstar, who shares sons Sean Preston, seven, and Jayden James, six, from her previous marriage to Kevin Federline - reportedly ended her year-long engagement with her 41-year-old fiance of 13 months recently because he didn't want to have more children and she has now given him back the 3.5 carat ring he proposed with.

A source told gossip website TMZ.com that although Jason loves her children, he is "in another place" in his life and doesn't want to start a family of his own. The insider claimed that the couple argued about having children together increasingly often and it was the main reason behind their split. The popstar wasn't asked to return her diamond ring but decided to anyway.

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Britney Spears in Beginning Stages of Wedding Planning

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Britney Spears and Jason TrawickBritney Spears is in the "beginning stages" of planning her wedding.

The singer and X Factor judge has been engaged to her manager, Jason Trawick, since December 2011, but admitted they haven't gotten far with the wedding yet. When asked how the nuptials are going, she told Entertainment Tonight, "Pretty good. We're getting there." She continued she and Jason are in the "beginning stages" of organizing their union.

The 30-year-old also admitted to being a stickler for organization and cleanliness at home, while Jason, 41, is the polar opposite: "I'm OCD. I'm like, to the point where I'm completely anal and he's the complete opposite so we really butt heads in that department."

When asked about the most organized room in their house, she said, "All the rooms. Even the refrigerator is completely organized. Everything is in its place."

Britney Spears Wins Sam Lufti Case

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Jamie and Lynne Spears upon leaving the court houseBritney Spears and her family can breathe a little easier after today.

A Los Angeles judge threw out the lawsuit which Sam Lutfi - a man who claimed to be Spears' manager at the time of her highly-publicized breakdown - had filed against the X Factor judge's family for unpaid fees, assault, and defamation. The judge ruled in favor of the Spears, who argued that he hadn't proven his case within a week of testimony.

"I really thought long and hard about this. It's the right thing to do," Superior Court Judge Suzanne Bruguera said before dismissing the case.

While Jamie Spears, Britney's father, declined to comment upon the ruling, his lawyer Leon Gladstone said, "We're delighted, we feel it's the right result."

Lutfi claimed that he's going to appeal.

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Britney Spear’s Ex-Boyfriend Claims Her Mother Told Him to Trash Ex-Manager

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Britney Spears with Adnan GhalibBritney Spears' ex-boyfriend Adnan Ghalib claims her mother told him to trash Sam Lutfi's reputation.

The Afghanistan-born paparazzo - who briefly dated The X Factor judge during her public meltdown in 2008 - told a jury that the popstar's mother Lynne Spears instructed him to lie to the media to make it sound like her ex-manager Sam was evil and manipulating Britney at the time.

According to gossip website TMZ.com, Adnan took the stand today to give evidence in Sam's defamation and breach of contract lawsuit against the 30-year-old "Till The World Ends" singer and her parents Lynne and Jamie Spears. He claims that Lynne personally ordered him to trash Sam to his colleagues and media outlets all over Hollywood in order to turn the public against Sam but he did not say whether he followed Lynne's alleged instructions.

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Britney Spears Upset by Court Claims

Britney SpearsBritney Spears is upset by Sam Lutfi's recent court claims.

The X Factor judge's former manager is suing her parents for defamation and during the trial he has claimed Britney was addicted to drugs when he managed her but the singer, who has gotten her life back together following a much-publicised breakdown in 2008, is upset by his revalations.

"Over the past four years you'd hear Britney's name and the first thing you'd think of was shaved head, psych hold, umbrella. But she got her life straightened out and now you think music, glamour, that big smile. The court case couldn't have come at a worse time," a source said.

Britney's friends are also worried about the star having to relive her past troubles. "She's long battled mental health issues so to be reminded of this time in her life, when she almost died, is devastating. No one should have to relive what she went through," the insider added.