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Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Brother Dead at 36

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Dan Gordon-Levitt and brother Joseph

‘s brother has died suddenly at the age of 36.

The Inception star revealed the news of Dan Gordon-Levitt’s death on and paid tribute to his brother, calling him “f***ing awesome.”

“My super hero brother @burningdan 1974-2010. Celebrate his life here because he’s f***ing awesome.(sic)”

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Gary Coleman’s Death Ruled Accidental, Case Closed

Gary Coleman

The file has been closed on .

Utah police have reviewed the autopsy findings and officially ruled his death as accidental.

Some suspicion was raised about Coleman’s passing when his ex-wife and then-housemate released a statement disassociating herself from any involvement in the child actor’s death.

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UPDATE: Corey Haim Died of Natural Causes

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Corey Haim

Although the actor’s name had been linked to an ongoing illegal drug ring, Corey Haim’s death was not a result of any substances.

The Los Angeles County Coroner officially announced today that the Lost Boy star died on March 10 due to natural causes.

The 38-year-old, who had had troubles with addiction, passed away as a result of pneumonia complicated by an enlarged heart, bad lungs and narrowed blood vessels. While there were traces of marijuana and other medications in his system, they had “no significant contributing factors” in his death.

According to the autopsy report, Haim’s mother admitted getting rid of prescription medications in the home after his death “because she didn’t want anyone else to get hold of the medication and she didn’t know the police would be responding to her residence.”

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Michael Jackson’s Many Medical Problems Revealed in Autopsy

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In life, pop superstar was somewhat shrouded in mystery. Sometimes, he wore masks to cover his face. He hid himself behind the high walls of his sprawling ranch, and he chose to share only a few of the details of his intimate life. Jackson kept a lot to himself in his life, but in death many secrets are stripped bare.

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What Killed Brittany Murphy? We’re Clueless

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Brittany Murphy

Brittany Murphy, 32, recently from cardiac arrest. To be technical about the matter, everyone actually dies from cardiac arrest. The heart stops, the body dies. The big question is, what stopped the heart? In Murphy’s case, friends and fans are still clueless.

The LA County Coroner’s Office has completed the autopsy, but the results are under wraps while doctors wait for toxicology reports to be completed. These results won’t be available for several weeks. So far, no memorial plans have been made for the actress.

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DJ AM’s Death Ruled an Accident

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‘s death has officially been ruled “accidental.” The New York City Medical Examiner has determined the musician - who was found dead in his New York apartment last month - died of “acute intoxication” due to “substance abuse.”

According to TMZ, the coroner’s report reveals the 36-year-old star - real name Adam Goldstein - was taking cocaine, oxycodone, Vicodin, Ativan, Klonopin, Xanax, Benadryl and Levamisole at the time of his death.

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Report: Michael Jackson Death Ruled Homicide

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Dr. Conrad MurrayDespite the Los Angeles Police Department’s attempt to keep Michael Jackson’s autopsy results under wraps, an Associated Press source has confirmed the rumors: the singer’s death was a homicide.

According to a search warrant affidavit unsealed today, the King of Pop’s death was a result of lethal levels of the drug propofol (a.k.a. Diprivan). In the 32-page document, Dr. Conrad Murray revealed that he had been administering 50 mg of the drug nightly to help Jackson sleep. This routine went on for approximately six weeks. Fearing Michael would become addicted, other drugs were later introduced by Murray just days prior to June 25th.

On the morning of his death, Jackson was given another 25 mg of propofol “after repeated demands/requests.”

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What Killed Michael Jackson?

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The heavily-publicized is over, the body has been buried and the press coverage of the star-studded event carries on. But aren’t we all forgetting something?

Like the fact that we still don’t have a real, definitive answer on what killed in the first place? Jackson’s official death certificate says the cause of death is “deferred,” which means they simply haven’t figured it out yet.

“We have to keep some secrets,” Chief William J. Bratton of the LAPD played his cards close to vest when questioned on Tuesday. And though Jackson’s body has been released to the family following the official autopsy, not all of his organs have been given the same treatment.

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Michael Jackson Not Breathing During 911 Call

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Michael Jackson's star

It was clear long before ever arrived at the hospital yesterday that his condition was critical.

In a newly released audio tape (which can be heard here), an unidentified caller tells a 911 operator that they have a 50-year-old “gentlemen” who is not conscious or breathing. The male later explained that a personal doctor had been with the patient and was already working on trying to revive him. “He’s pumping his chest but he’s not responding to anything,” the caller says.

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VIDEO: Jermaine Jackson Formally Announces Michael’s Death

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At a brief news conference this evening, addressed the media on behalf of his entire family.

“My brother, the legendary king of pop, , passed away on Thursday, June 25, at 2:26 p.m. It is believed he suffered cardiac arrest in his home. However, the cause of his death is unknown until the results of the autopsy are known.

His personal physician who was with him at the time attempted to resuscitate my brother - as did the paramedics who transported him Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. Upon arriving at the hospital at approximately 1:14 p.m., a team of doctors, including emergency physicians and cardiologists, attempted to resuscitate him for a period of more than one hour. They were unsuccessful.

Our family requests that the media please respect our privacy during this tough time. May Allah be with you Michael, always. Love you.”

Although it’s been speculated that prescription medication may have played a role in Michael’s death, more won’t be known until the initial autopsy scheduled for Friday.

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