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Listen: Paula Abdul Calls 911

TMZ managed to unearth Paula Abdul’s Valentine’s Day 911 call, in which you can hear the singer arguing with her current boyfriend. "I want out of this car, and he won't let me," she sobbed to the dispatcher. Listen to the call in the video above.

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Questionable Outfit of the Day: Paula Abdul at the AMAs

Paula Abdul at the 2009 AMAs

While en route to yesterday’s American Music Awards, gave fans an idea of what to expect on the red carpet.

“I am practically laying down in the Limo cause the dress I am wearing…I have been poured into!! No Joke!! Not Fun!! Fashion HURTS!!” Abdul tweeted. If she only knew how much it would hurt us to see it.

You know - American Idol might be better off without Abdul. I have no idea how they would ever fit something like that under the judges’ table.

(Make sure to check out our other questionable outfits of the day.)

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Returning American Idol Kelly Clarkson

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Kelly Clarkson to return to American Idol as judgeThe original American Idol Kelly Clarkson is set to return to her roots.

The “My Life Would Suck Without You” singer, who won the first series of the US TV talent show in 2002, will appear as a guest judge at an audition next week.

A source said: “Kelly is beyond excited to get back to the show that started it all.”

It has also been claimed Kelly and the other current judges—Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson and Kara DioGuardi—will be joined by one of the Jonas Brothers to find America’s next pop superstar.

Following the departure of full-time judge Paula Abdul, who is believed to have quit the show over an alleged pay dispute, a series of famous faces have filled her place, including former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, hip-hop artist Mary J. Blige, and “I Kissed a Girl” singer Katy Perry.

The source added: “At this stage it doesn’t look like Paula will be replaced by one person. The celebrity judges are working really well for now.” Other stars linked to the guest judge role include Jennifer Lopez and Shania Twain.

Terri Seymour attacker Janice Thibodeaux pleads not guilty

Terri SeymourLooks like the woman accused of attacking Terri Seymour has pleaded not guilty to the charges brought against her. Janice Thibodeaux was charged with misdemeanour battery and assault yesterday morning following her altercation with Seymour, the ex-girlfriend of , and appeared in court to answer the claims.

A Los Angeles judge set her bail at $20,000. She is due to appear in court again on June 4. If convicted of misdemeanour battery, Thibodeaux faces a maximum six months in county jail and a fine of $2,000. The misdemeanour assault charge carries a maximum one year prison term and $10,000 fine. Thibodeaux is accused of assaulting Seymour outside Nokia Theater in Los Angeles, the site of where Cowell’s TV show American Idol was being filmed on Tuesday.

It has been claimed the music mogul has ordered his personal security team to protect Seymour until she feels safe again. Police claim Thibodeaux asked Seymour if she was still dating Cowell - who she split from last November after a six-year relationship - and then tried to choke her. However, Thibodeaux has revealed she was unhappy with Cowell’s behaviour towards his fellow ‘American Idol’ judge. She told a US website: “I wasn’t cool with Simon Cowell choking Paula Abdul on the show last week and with her crying-out ‘help’ as he did so. Nobody said anything about that so I wanted to confront him about it because that is not appropriate behavior, is it?”

Paula Abdul: Is She or Isn’t She?

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Paula Abdul Conflicting press reports and the overall loopy nature of American Idol judge makes it hard to pin down the answer, but there’s a lot of rumor regarding the Idol panelist and drug abuse. The burning question seems to be, is she addicted…or not?

An upcoming issue of will reveal that Paula Abdul suffered painkiller addiction and sought treatment for this affliction, but practically on the heels of giving the interview Abdul has denounced pretty much the entire thing. “I was quoted as something I didn’t say,” she tried to explain the situation on a recent radio show.

So…was Paula Abdul ever addicted to painkillers? Did she go to rehab for this problem? She’s saying no…but only after she said yes first. Confused? That’s just classic Paula Abdul.

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Paula Abdul on the HSN

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Paula AbdulObsessed with ? In love with Paula Abdul designs? Or do you just want another reason to watch the Home Shopping Network? Now you can combine all these passions - and get some new jewelry, to boot.

According to , she personally designs jewelry for each contestant on Idol. But the judge doesn’t stop there - anyone can see her designs if they just look hard enough. “I pretty much wear my jewelry all the time now,  but I end up giving it away,” Abdul recently explained. She started making the jewelry back in 2002, when Idol first hit (and took over) the TV scene.

“I wanted something the kids could touch and feel to remind themselves that their talent got them here,” Abdul explained. The judge is no stranger to home shopping. Paula previously made a foray into QVC, selling some of her jewelry collection to home-buying fans.

Her new line, Forever Your Girl, will first appear on Saturday and feature products ranging from $29 to $200 (USD) in price.

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Entertainment Industry Reacts to Hudson Tragedy

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Jennifer Hudson“I’m planning on touring,” smiled and spoke enthusiastically only weeks ago. “There’s more films and more music and stuff like that [in the future],” she said. “I want to start a fashion line as well, start writing music.” After her breakout performance in Dreamgirls, appearing as Carrie Bradshaw’s assistant in the runaway hit chick flick Sex and the City and with a new album and movie already making waves, Jennifer Hudson’s life seemed charmed. Today, the effervescent star is at the center of a grisly tragedy.

Engaged to David Otunga and on the brink of what appears to be an extremely successful career, Hudson talked of her many future plans. “It’s gonna be a production,” she said of her wedding. “I have so many visions for it right now - I get to put that together.”

Hudson, 27, had the world at her feet only last week. Now, she probably feels the weight of the world crashing down on her shoulders. Over the weekend, Hudson’s mother and brother were victims of domestic violence, events which proved fatal for both. On Monday, the star was in Chicago identifying the Julian, 7, who had gone missing after the killings took place.

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Paula Abdul Single Again

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Paula Abdul and JT Torregiani,

Where’s an episode of when you need one?

After nearly a year together, E! has confirmed that Paula Abdul is no longer with her restauranteur boyfriend. J.T. Torregiani, who was 13 years younger than the American Idol judge, had been living with Abdul as well.

Just last October, Paula talked to People about wanting to have a baby soon. Though she was keeping her medical options open, she remained cautiously optimistic about her new relationship with Torregiani. “He’s a positive force that has come into my life right now. Where it leads, who knows?”

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Paula Abdul Dissed By MTV

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Paula Abdul had been mostly relegated to VH1 by the time I was old enough to start watching music videos, but I’ll never, ever forget the number she did with the rapping, cartoon alley cat. Talk about a horrible musical moment.

Abdul has recently made the attempt to resurrect her oh-so-yesterday musical career through collaboration with . The new music video for her single debuted on American Idol (and can be viewed by you after the jump), but according to reports it might not be seen anywhere else.

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