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Kevin Federline Marries Victoria Prince

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Kevin Federline and Victoria PrinceBritney Spears' ex-husband married his long-term girlfriend on Saturday night.

The "Scream & Shout" hitmaker's former spouse Kevin Federline, with whom she has two sons, Sean Preston, seven, and Jayden James, six, tied the knot in a low-key ceremony, just one day after popping the question to Victoria Prince in Las Vegas on Friday night. Clark County Records granted the couple, who began dating in 2008 and whose daughter Jordan Kay is set to turn two next week, a marriage license shortly after they got engaged and a source confirmed to UsMagazine.com that Kevin is now married to the special education teacher.

"Kevin told her he was going to Vegas for a job, but he surprised her by proposing and [then plans on] marrying her while they are there. Victoria really wanted this for a long time so she's gotta be blown away. She's proven herself with him from day one. Victoria is an awesome girl," a source said.

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Britney Spears Inspires an Erotic Novel

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Kevin Federline and Britney SpearsBritney Spears' failed marriage to Kevin Federline has inspired an erotic book written by his aunt. Diane Story has used the pair's two-year union as the basis for her novel Pop Baby Krissy Doucet, which follows the romance between Keenan Fazio and Krissy Doucet.

"The moment Krissy set her sights on Keenan, she knew he was amazing. Choosing him at the club was one of the best decisions of her life. Yet how can she compete with the beautiful Tara Butler? A woman from Keenan's past who understands his sexual desires. Would sharing Keenan in Tara's bed be their only option for love?" the teaser text for the book reads.

Britney and Kevin started dating in 2004, got engaged in July that year and were married in September. When they announced their engagement, the backing dancer's ex-girlfriend Shar Jackson was pregnant with their second child.

Britney and Kevin had two sons, Sean Preston, six, and Jayden James, five, together before splitting in November 2006 and officially divorcing in July 2007.

Britney Spears Wants More Children

Jason Trawick and Britney SpearsBritney Spears wants another baby. The singer - who already has two sons, Sean Preston, five, and four-year-old Jayden James, with ex-husband Kevin Federline - is said to be keen to have a child with partner Jason Trawick and wants them to start trying as soon as her world tour finishes at the end of the year.

"She's always wanted a big family but also wants to prove to herself and to her family she is a good mother. She wants another chance to put things right. Now she's finally had the green light from Jason, she can't wait," said a source.

Earlier this year, it was claimed Britney - who temporarily lost custody of her boys to Kevin, following a very public breakdown in January 2008 - had got engaged to Jason after her former manager popped the question.

The "I Wanna Go" singer - who already has failed marriages to Kevin Federline and Jason Alexander under her belt - was thrilled when Jason filled the entire ground floor of the couple's Los Angeles mansion with candles and roses, before presenting her with a diamond flower-shaped ring.

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Britney Spears and K-Fed: Together Again

Britney Spears, Kevin Federline

Exes Britney Spears and Kevin Federline paired up once again over the weekend -- for their son’s Little League game. The divorced twosome managed to bury the hatchet long enough to watch their son Sean Preston, 5, play with the Westhills Yankees. Second son Jayden, 4, was also on hand.

Jason Trawick, who’s dating Spears, and Victoria Prince, K-Fed’s woman, were also present.

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K-Fed Back in the Limelight

Kevin Federline is finally getting good headlines and positive gossip. She’s got an album that’s sure to be hit, a tour that’s going to be a success and a documentary that’s going to be re-ran about seven hundred times. But she’s also got an ex-husband who’s got a voice of his own - one that’s sure to be heard.

has recently opened up about Brit and the past in an interview with People magazine. The father of four (Shar Jackson is the mother of Kori, 6, and Kaleb, 4, Britney the mother of Sean Preston, 3, and Jayden James, 2) has been brought up in conversation by Spears several times recently. Now, he’s going to go on the record when it comes to her.

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Britney Spears: Back on the Singles Market

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Glamour Cover

has a new MTV special, a new album and even a five-year plan for her future. Brit’s last plan (marry K-Fed, have a couple of kids, live happily ever after) didn’t quite work out. Maybe this one will.

“In five years, I would like to be married and have a father figure for my kids, someone who is a provider and can be really stable,” Spears offered up her opinions in the latest issue of magazine. Is this meant to be a direct dig at her kids’ actual father, K-Fed, or just a random future wish from Brit?

“It’s hard doing it on your own,” Spears added in her interview, in what would certainly seem to be a pointed remark in ’s direction.

But before you boys start lining up to become step daddy number one, you’d better learn about Britney’s new habits.

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Britney Spears and K-Fed: Couple, or Couple of Exes?

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Britney SpearsGossip sites and magazines are exploding with the news that and Kevin Federline may be putting their shattered romance back together. After months of agonizing divorce proceedings and custody hearings, could this really be the case? What has sparked these rumors? Apparently, the two shared a smooch. Sure, that’s national news.

Here’s how it (allegedly) went down: K-Fed comes over to Brit’s home on April 8 to gather up Sean Preston and Jayden James after a visit with mom. The two were talking about the boys when Brit leaned in and puckered up. Two separate publications published news on the kiss, which does not guarantee its authenticity or even that it was, in fact, newsworthy. Whether we’re talking about on-the-cheek or full liplock action, the pair do share a pair of kids between them - some affection and esteem is bound to result.

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Kevin Federline Packs on the Pounds

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This is a shot of hitting the golf course just last weekend.  Apparently being the sole guardian of two kids doesn’t allow much time for dancing:

Kevin Federline overweight

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Britney Spears Visits Her Sons

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Britney SpearsAfter several weeks (almost eight) without seeing her sons, finally got to visit with Sean and Jayden Saturday morning. The court-monitored visit began around 9 am and went on till 12. According to rumors, both boys were smiling when they left. Take that whichever way you like.

A security guard working for was also on the scene, as was Brit’s father, Jamie Spears. (Federline currently has sole custody of both kids.) Brit has been able to speak with the boys by phone, but one source says such calls are terribly rare.

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Someone to Watch Over Britney

Britney SpearsIt’s no secret that former pop star has had her fair share of troubles recently. She’s in a bitter with ex-hubby , she’s been admitted to the and she’s tragic media fodder. The latest reports say Brit will stay in the hospital for at least two weeks more, so now the whole issue has turned down a different path: who’s going to take care of Britney?

Father was given control over Britney (and her various assets) when she was hospitalized, but all that may change at a Monday hearing. A neutral party, or a different relative, may gain control, according to sources close to the situation. There is also another custody-related hearing scheduled for Monday, the latest in a long string of court appearances which determine which parent will parent Britney’s two children. Unfortunately, it seems right now Spears isn’t capable of taking care of herself.

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