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MTV Award

Award season is long, fraught with gossip, and seemingly unending. Someone always walks away with a statue - some performers and artists walk away with several. But by the time the same awards are given out the next year, no one really cares who won what the year before.

What we do remember is what they were wearing when they were doing it. People may not remember which Grammy Jennifer Lopez won the year she wore the green Versace gown, but they remember the gown. This year’s may be remembered for several years - the pictures not of moon men statues, but of the clothes everyone wore.

Whose couture sang the sweetest…and whose fashion was completely discordant?

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Mischa's stylist may have visited Disneyland one too many times

For all of those who didn’t quite agree with me last time on Mischa Barton’s latest looks, I would like to present Exhibit B.

All joking aside from E!‘s Minnie Mouse comment, her entire outfit looks so awkward! It might have helped a bit if she had at least attempted to fix her hair up. I mean, that’s what hairdressers are for, right?

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Aubrey O'Day

I’m confused. From what I remember, Diddy often made a big deal about how his girls from looked and dressed.

Now that she’s reached Season 3 of Making the Band 4, did he simply stop caring - like everyone else - what Aubrey O’Day does?

(Make sure to check out our other questionable outfits.)

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Katie Holmes walks the red carpet in her own dress

Apparently too many tabloids admiring Katie Holmes‘s taste in fashion have completely gone to her head.

The Broadway star showed up to the Los Angeles premiere of Tropic Thunder in a dress that had everyone’s head turning; it’s very questionable as to whether or not they were good head turns, too. Turns out Katie decided to team up with her stylist Jeanne Yang to design the dress.

Personally, I think it looks entirely too homemade for someone that’s married to Tom Cruise. The fabrics and cut definitely don’t do her figure justice—it’s simply not a very flattering look for her short ‘do.

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Monique ColemanJennifer Hudson

Okay - while I like Monique Coleman’s new hairstyle, am I the only one who thinks the High School Musical star ripped off ‘s look?

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Blake LivelyMaggie Gyllenhaal

Since orange just currently happens to be my favorite color, it’s no coincidence that two of my favorite looks from this week are orange red-carpet dresses.

While it’s not an easy shade to wear, I think that Blake Lively (at the The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants 2 premiere) and (at Japan’s Dark Knight premiere) both pulled the hue off beautifully.

What do you think?

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Ryan Seacrest gets bit by a shark!Even though I’m quite guilty of refreshing the E! Online site every five minutes or so, I felt utterly compelled to share a story that they actually consider noteworthy.

The short article centers about none other than their very own, multi-talented, workaholic Ryan Seacrest. Earlier today on his Los Angeles KIIS FM talk show, the American Idol host recalled his recent weekend “shark scare” with listeners: “I was bitten by a shark. It swam up to me, and it took a bite, and then he left.”

As if this couldn’t get even more exciting, Ryan revealed that the “predator” was about the size of a cat and that the incident occurred a whopping four feet from the shore.

Unsure of whether the writer’s sarcasm was lost to me on their site or not, Peter Gicas ends the news flash with a near-mocking “Proof positive that nothing—even a fanged fish—can keep our man down.” Thanks a lot for nothing, Mr. Jaws.

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Christian and Sibi at The Dark Knight premiere in SpainWhile both Batman and Balehead fans alike have been on high-alert for their hero’s recent family troubles, they need not fear for his marriage!

Christian Bale and his gracious wife of eight years, Sandra “Sibi” Blazic, are “solid,” reveals a source close to the couple. No one could really deny the claim, as the two were all smiles at Wednesday’s Barcelona premiere of The Dark Knight.

Then again, why wouldn’t the pair be all smiles upon hearing the news of The Dark Knight surpassing the $200 million mark within a record-breaking span of five days?

Either way, I’m happy. I mean, would you really want to see such an adorable couple like them break up? Didn’t think so.

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Lily Allen leaving Glamour Awards early

In less than a day, British punkster Lily Allen managed to shock both fans and press several times at Glamour‘s Women of the Year Awards, including a much talked-about quick departure due to her intoxication.

First there was the hair. Having just gone from dark to light, no one expected Lily to quickly change to an extreme pink! To be honest, while many folks slammed her fashion for the choice in hair color, I loved it! Okay, so I may be slightly biased since that is my own personal favorite hair color, but jewelry designer Tarina Tarantino and pop rebel Pink have both successfully pulled it off—why can’t Lily?

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Lindsay Lohan, MTV Movie Awards

While I’m sure has had better days, two positive things were learned from this MTV Movie Awards moment:

  1. Lindsay actually wears underwear.
  2. The stick-thin actress apparently seeks help from Spanx too.

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NY Daily News

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