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After yesterday’s tour of ‘s lingerie closet on Oprah, several questions came to mind.

I know the singer was in Africa when the talk show host opened up her girls school.  Didn’t coming back home to something like this seem like such a waste? 

Secondly, didn’t Mariah just tell everyone last month that she considered herself to be a prude?  Who the heck is she wearing all this stuff for?

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Speaking of Robin Wright Penn, I just realized that Gwyneth Paltrow‘s new do makes the Iron Man actress look a lot like her.

No wonder Gwyneth looks so much better now.

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A few days ago, I wrote about a certain group of actresses who I thought were in need of a hair change.  A lack of experimentation had those women stuck in a serious styling rut.

While I’m still waiting to see if my listed few will actually get around to surprising me, several other celebrities have come out of the woodwork recently to sport their new spring ‘dos.  Although some tweaks came out better than others, I applaud every single one of them for at least trying.

1. Ben Stiller  (The grey hair was what he had before he showed up at premiere.)

Ben Stiller, grey hairBen Stiller, dark hair

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Gwyneth Paltrow

After what seemed liked years of long, straight and bland hair, much ado was recently made when stepped out with a new ‘do.  Apparently she too was getting tired of her coif - either that, or she just couldn’t handle the kiddies pulling on it incessantly.  Whatever the reason, the change was much needed.

For every star that keeps us guessing with their ever-changing styles, there’s surprisingly another who could afford to mix things up a bit.  While it’s important to stick with styles that work for you, there comes a point when someone can work a style to death.  With all of the money some of these celebrities have, you’d think they could afford to be a bit more adventuresome with their looks.  What’s the worst that could happen?  If the experiment goes wrong, they could always recolor or reattach.

The group of ladies on the following page are women I’ve been hoping to see something new from in quite some time.  Aside from slight variations in some cases, these ladies have been pretty much been sporting the same old thing for ages.

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Sarah Jessica ParkerIt seems even celebrities don’t like being called names—even when they should be too wealthy to care.

For , that hurtful name was “unsexy.”  The title was given to her late last year when Maxim spent time listing out their five unsexiest women.  SJP was tops.

In an interview with Grazia magazine, the star reveals that she and her husband (Matthew Broderick) were upset by the unflattering honor.

“Do I have big fake boobs, Botox and big lips? No. Do I fit some ideals and standards of some men writing in a men’s magazine? Maybe not. Am I really the unsexiest women in the world? Wow! It’s kind of shocking… It’s condemnation, it’s insane. What can I do? I guess you can’t please all people.”

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Mariah Carey

Many words come to mind when I think of —and “prude” isn’t one of them.  But that’s just what the singer would like you to believe.

In an interview with Allure magazine, the diva not only compared herself to a beloved character (“I’m Mary Poppins: I’m what the buttoned-up girls are supposed to be.”😉, she goes on to call herself “freakin’ prude.”

Now before we go any further, here’s the definition of that word according to Dictionary.com:  “A person who is excessively proper or modest in speech, conduct, dress, etc.”

I just want to make it clear - I personally don’t care if Mariah is or isn’t modest, I just want to make sure she uses the term correctly.  I mean, we’ve all seen her go shopping without a bra on.  We know the lyrics to Touch My Body and Honey.  Her videos like to feature her in lingerie…or in the bathtub.  And how about the skimpy party outfits?  (You can check out a gallery of some of her photos, after the jump.)

Now if she believes the word prude to mean “woman who wants to look good and doesn’t care what you think” then maybe we’d have something.

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New York Daily News

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The Other Lohans: Ali and DinaDid someone at E! have Dina Lohan at gunpoint? Nah, that’s just her being her usual fame-hungry, greedy self.

Unfortunately, I just had more to add to this upcoming debacle in addition to her soon-to-be-reality-star daughter’s ridiculous age. According to PageSix.com, the former Rockette and mother of four told them that they had “no choice” but to do the reality show. “Tabloids and reality shows are not going away. If they know who is as a person, it’s better.”

Good news for those that are actually fans of that other . Dina revealed that her redheaded daughter will be making cameos on the show, but it will definitely be all about Ali: “Lindsay has her own career. It’s about Ali.”

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Although I first saw this photo last week, I have grown increasingly more angry over the past few days.  Please someone tell me—why is still smoking?

Even though the actor was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in late January, this picture of him lighting up was taken just seven days ago.  Smoking is believed to be one of the possible risk factors behind the disease.

Patrick Swayze

Let’s hope Swayze is really doing all he can to fight this illness.

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Ali Lohan, Lindsay Lohan

Over the past few weeks, I have become increasingly disturbed by the news I’ve been reading about Miss Lohan.  No, not Ali Lohan.  Let me tell you why:

First of all, the girl-who-used-to-be-very-cute recently said that she admired her older sister and wanted to be just like her.  (I don’t think I even need to explain why that statement is so wrong.)

Secondly, the teen who’s supposed to be fourteen has physically aged beyond her years.  (And not in a good way.)

And finally, Ali’s wardrobe decisions have been seriously questionable.

In the picture above, you can see how sweet the younger Lohan looked at a premiere for 2006’s A Prairie Home Companion.  (Keep in mind - that was only two years ago).  After the jump, you can see what she looks like now…

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Kate Hudson, Ryder Hudson, Chris Robinson

Up until recently, Ryder Robinson’s hair was the thing I was always fixated on.  Now I truly believe ‘s son has a much bigger issue to deal with:  anger management.

In this recent pic with Kate and ex-hubby Chris Robinson, Ryder is doing his best to give The Omen‘s Damien a run for his money.

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