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Brooke HoganI have to admit, I really know nothing about Brooke Hogan.  (I mean aside from the fact that she’s a joke of a singer and - fashionably speaking - the white version of Bai Ling.)  Up until today, I’ve remained completely indifferent toward her.

But now?  I actually feel a bit sorry for her.

It was probably tough enough for the girl to see her parents - Hulk and Linda Hogan - go through a divorce.  Now comes news of the most heinous kind: Her dad was sleeping with one her best friends.

Granted, this friend wasn’t exactly Brooke’s age (which would have made it all kinds of wrong), but that doesn’t lessen the ick factor.  According to the National Enquirer, the woman in question (33-year-old Christiane Plante) was someone who apparently worked with the aspiring musician on her last album.

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Britney SpearsAfter several weeks (almost eight) without seeing her sons, finally got to visit with Sean and Jayden Saturday morning. The court-monitored visit began around 9 am and went on till 12. According to rumors, both boys were smiling when they left. Take that whichever way you like.

A security guard working for was also on the scene, as was Brit’s father, Jamie Spears. (Federline currently has sole custody of both kids.) Brit has been able to speak with the boys by phone, but one source says such calls are terribly rare.

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Sean Penn, Petra Nemcova

While it is refreshing to see the usually somber smile—am I the only one disturbed by the fact that he’s grinning while out with a new woman?

It was only announced back in December that the Mystic River star was divorcing Robin Wright Penn, his wife of over 10 years.  Based on last night’s appearances with Petra Nemcova - a Sports Illustrated model (of course) - he hasn’t had any problem moving on.

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Pink, Carey HartAfter two years of marriage, singer Pink and motocross rider Carey Hart are calling it quits.

The two, who were married in Costa Rica in January 2006, had endured rumors of an oncoming split for some time now.  Although Carey, 32, had been the subject of infidelity gossip in the past couple of months, the couple had always denied a rift in their relationship.

Pink’s publicist released the following statement to People magazine:

“Pink and Carey Hart have separated. This decision was made by best friends with a huge amount of love and respect for one another.”

The singer, 28, asked the former star to marry her back in 2005.  She had written the proposal on a message board which he had to read while competing in a race.

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Paul McCartney, Heather MillsCome next week, will not just be the most-hated women in Britain, she’ll also be one of the wealthiest.

According to UK’s Daily Mail, there may finally be an end to the -Heather Mills divorce saga.  The two, who announced their separation back in May 2006, have been negotiating in court over the past week.  The Beatle and the contender were married back in June 2002.

The Mail claims Mills is expected to receive a $110 million settlement.  That figure is based on $40 million lump sum for her, and approximately $5 million per year for the McCartney heir up until the age of 18.  (Beatrice is currently 4-years-old.)  Stella’s half-sis will also have a $2 million trust waiting for her when she comes of age.  In all, Mills will be raking in approximately $27.5 million for each year she was married to the music legend.

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Jason AlexanderOkay, so does anybody remember the guy married before the K-Fed melodrama started? Like the actor, his name is - and maybe he’s thinking his 15 minute of fame aren’t over yet.

Alexander sat down recently to do an interview with In Touch magazine, and though he was married to the pop tart for only 55 hours, his opinion of her is being treated as though it’s utterly important and relevant to Brit’s current behavior.

His comments don’t at all cast Brit in a favorable light. Alexander on Spears and her kids: “She wants to see them, but she doesn’t want to be a full-time mom. She said it doesn’t matter if she doesn’t get them back full time, and that she can always have other kids later on.” Dayum. Alexander further said that he and Brit recently reestablished friendship ties and that he heard the former comments from Spears herself.

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Ryan PhillippeActor would like to set the record straight.  He wants me

everyone to know that his “friendship” with Abbie Cornish had nothing to do with his break from .

Speculation about a relationship between Phillippe, 33,  and Cornish, 25, began when the two worked together on .  (That film is scheduled to be released March 28.)  In a interview with W, Ryan doesn’t deny ever becoming involved with the Australian actress, only that it wasn’t the reason for his public split.

“It was unfair for her to be called the names that she was, because it wasn’t about that. I don’t think an outside person can ever cause a divorce. I had difficulties in my relationship, and in my marriage, long before I ever met her.”

Well, duh.  If you become involved with another woman - it’s clearly because you were the problem to begin with.

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Ethan HawkeAfter the dissolution of his seven-year marriage, didn’t look far for his next hook-up.  Now the actor, who has two children with ex-wife , will be a dad once again.  The new mom?  His kids’ former nanny.

Hawke, 37, met Ryan Shawhughes, 28, when she was working for the still-married couple.  (Although it was rumored an affair may have factored in his divorce, Shawhughes wasn’t the one in question.)  The two later began dating after Ethan and Uma parted ways.

Mara Buxbaum, Hawke’s rep, confirmed the pregnancy news and went on to say the two were ‘thrilled’.  No details on a due date or possible nuptials were announced.

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