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Sunday February 27, 2011 11:52 pm

Red Carpet Review: Academy Awards 2011

Academy Awards 2011 red carpet

The 83rd Academy Awards were held next to Grauman’s famous Chinese theater, in the heart of Hollywood. Where better to honor the elite Oscar crowd? Everyone donned the most expensive of frocks and jewelry for the event, strutting their stuff in the world's most well-known labels. But, not everyone managed to put together an award-winning look. Who failed so utterly, they managed to snag the Worst Dressed title? And which star shined so superbly, they stood out as Best Dressed? We've done the long red carpet walk to bring you the answers...

Mila Kunis - 2011 Academy Awards

Mila Kunis wore a drapey purple number by Elie Saab...the best we can say about which is that the color suits her. The lacy fabric falls away from her, revealing a lot of skin but drooping in all the wrong places. Mila’s elegant hairstyle and diamond jewelry looked like a tribute to old Hollywood and we love it, but her gown did nothing to accentuate her slim figure. And, why would she carry a tan Bottega Veneta clutch that matched nothing she wore? Mila's misses on the red carpet are slight, and this time she'll get away with a warning.

Hailee Steinfeld - 2011 Academy Awards

True Grit’s Hailee Steinfeld was, as always, incredibly lovely and age-appropriate in a pink Marchesa ball gown. She even wore a little headband to go with her very Princessy look. The gown is just the right combination of youth and elegance.

Amy Adams - 2011 Academy Awards

Amy Adams was on of the night’s nominees...and that’s why she shouldn’t have worn such a high-necked blue gown by Lauren Scott. The color did little for her gorgeous hair color and even less for her petite little figure. The short sleeves and collar make Amy's shoulders look mismatched against her slim hips. We loved the additions of the Cartier watch, but it doesn‘t make up for the bad dress choice. Adams could easily score a Worst Dressed award for this fashion miss.

Cate Blanchett - 2011 Academy Awards

Cate Blanchett wore a high-necked lavender gown that is fraught with mistakes from head to yellow shoulder stripes. Her short hairdo beautifully showed off her natural makeup and glittery Van Cleef earrings, but why in the world did she wear a Givency dress that didn’t suit her at all in cut or color? Blanchett’s fair looks all but disappeared behind the soft purple color, which would have been stunning on a brunette. Because this former Oscar winner forgot to dress for her own gorgeous looks, she’s an easy Worst Dressed nominee. . .and it’s safe to say that this Oscar red carpet is not a good year for purple.

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johannson was stunning in a lacy red number from Dolce and Gabbana that showed off her slim figure perfectly. Newly-single ScarJo scintillated her way down the red carpet in this sexy frock, and if she’d only done a little more with her hair she might have scored a Best Dressed nomination on the night.

Anne Hathaway - 2011 Academy Awards red carpet

Anne Hathaway’s red Valentino gown could only have been worn at the Oscars. The long, strapless number was gorgeous from to toe and a perfect color for Hathaway’s pale skin and dark locks. Her hair, makeup and Tiffany jewelry were all perfect, and only the first of many red carpet-worthy ensembles she would don before the night was through. Hathaway’s stunning red look was definitely perfect for the red carpet, giving her an easy Best Dressed nomination at the Oscars.

Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon looked fantastic in her long black formal by Armani. Reese’s blonde locks were a perfect compliment to the dark gown, which was topped with a band of white satin. Her elegant look was understated and flattering, proving that sometimes less is more. Witherspoon’s choice of simple loveliness makes her a front-runner for our Best Dressed award.

Jennifer Hudson - 2011 Academy Awards

Jennifer Hudson showed off her lovely (new) figure in a boldly-colored orange Versace gown. She dripped in diamonds, accenting her look with an upswept ‘do. Glamour, beauty, diva appeal -- Jennifer Hudson’s got it all, and this year’s Best Dressed race is getting tougher to judge all the time.

Natalie Portman - 2011 Academy Awards

Best Actress front-runner Natalie Portman wore a dark purple gown that beautifully hid her advancing pregnancy. The long, flowing lines of the gown were softened by an off-the-shoulder style that allowed Portman to show off her long, tassel earrings. As always, Portman was perfectly poised and classically elegant in the soft Rodarte gown. Portman won our Best Dressed title on the Golden Globes red carpet, but that weird cluth is enough to keep her from scoring the same title on this red carpet. Portman may have won the Best Actress Oscar, but we can't in good faith call her the Best Dressed of the night.

Sandra Bullock - 2011 Academy Awards

Sandra Bullock also wore red for her long walk down the carpet, looking gorgeous in a strapless frock from Vera Wang. The only problem was Bullock’s hair, which was roughly pulled back into a bun at the back of her head, and the wine-red clutch that doesn't match. Sandra’s a new mother, so we’ll give her a break for being short on time, but this look definitely won’t score her a spot on our Best Dressed list of nominees. It seems last year's Best Dressed Oscar champion won't gain consecutive victories.

Keith Urband, Nicole Kidman - 2011 Academy Awards

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban made a perfect pair on the red carpet. Kidman sparkled in an embellished white gown by Dior. The glittering gown was perfectly paired with a choker-length diamond necklace, which Kidman showed off by pulling back her lovely red locks. The only thing we don't like is the weird sunburst pattern of the glittering crystal design on the bodice -- though the weird angels of the gown make Kidman's hips look larger than they are, too. It's hard to decide which parts of the dress are good and which are bad, but not hard at all to know the orange Pierre Hardy heels were the wrong choice to pair it with.

Gwyneth Paltrow - 2011 Academy Awards

Gwyneth Paltrow looked like an award herself in a skinny, gold Calvin Klein sheath that beautifully complimented her blonde locks. The long, straight hairdo was an elegant choice for this simply stunning golden gown.Paltrow teases with a hint of skin, glamming up her look with jeweled earrings that perfectly match the eye-catchin embellishment at her waist. Paltrow is so perfect, we want to claim she's the Best Dressed of the night...but, we can't.

Halle Berry - 2011 Academy Awards

Halle Berry wore a feathery, glittering sheath from Marchesa to upstage Paltrow, and every other glamor girl on the red carpet. Halle wore no necklace to detract from the huge diamonds in her ears, a bold choice that worked beautifully. Halle’s nude-colored gown needed no other accessories than those two perfect diamonds and all those dreamy tufts of tulle. Halle’s restrained choices were definitely enough to push her toward the front of the Best Dressed list, making her an easy winner on the red carpet.

Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton - 2011 Academy Awards

Not that Helena Bonham Carter is a loser...though she does have the dubious honor of being our most frequent Worst Dressed award-winner, a title she has now gained for another of this year's red carpets. She looks a little strange in this ensemble from Colleen Atwood, which looks more like a mismatched two-piece than a single frock. The wrinkled black skirt is a different color and fabric than the black velvet bodice, which itself has an odd open-arm full-length sleeve design. The addition of the lacy fan and the elegantly-curled hair is fabulous, but the dress is not. The only color she wore, you can't see in this pic: Helena had on a red garter and painted-on British flag on her right leg. Her look may be unique, but Carter is, as always, a good match for her famous director husband, Tim Burton (pictured here on the red carpet with his wife.)



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