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Sunday February 24, 2013 6:57 pm

Simon Cowell Wants a Girlfriend After Carmen Electra Split

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Simon Cowell and Carmen ElectraSimon Cowell wants a girlfriend after split from Carmen Electra.

The 53-year-old music mogul has confirmed he is no longer dating the former Baywatch star - who he met when she was a judge on last year's Britain's Got Talent - and revealed although he isn't looking for anyone in particular, he would like to date a fellow Brit.

"I'm now a single man. We spent time together and she is so much fun. But I'd like to find a girlfriend. I do particularly like British women but I haven't got my eye on anyone," he said, speaking to the Sunday People.

Simon - the mind behind the likes of The X Factor and American Idol - admitted his hectic schedule was to blame for his lack of a long-term relationship. "I'm lucky that I have a lot of good people around me. That's very important, especially when you do what I do. I'm happy but I would like a girlfriend," he said.

He also revealed plans to move back to Britain "at some point," admitting he can't see himself living in the US "forever."

"I love my time in Britain, so I always look forward to being here and it's where I feel like home. I'm actually quite British really. My mum would love me to live here full time again. I can't see myself living in America forever. At some point I look forward to coming home. I work two years ahead though," he continued.



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