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Thursday December 17, 2009 12:55 am

Shakira Thanks Chocolate For Her Figure

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Shakira credits her figure to chocolateCurvy claims she owes her sexy figure to chocolate.

The singer sticks to a strict healthy eating and fitness regime to stay in shape, but says it’s crucial to treat yourself to your favorite foods on occasions.

“I think it is important that you are in balance. I really like to eat, I love chocolate and all kinds of sweets. I’m absolutely addicted to it.”

Shakira, 32, also revealed she is constantly changing as a person and if her new album She Wolf seems to be focused on sex, it’s because she is a more sexual person than she was in her 20s. The pop beauty - who is engaged to Antonio de la Rua - added to German newspaper Bild, “I think that’s how life works: You’re changing and you’re constantly looking for an improved version of yourself. In my life there is one fixed constant - the connection between my music and soul. My performances are always an expression of how I feel. If I appear at the moment more sensual than before it is because this aspect plays a greater role in my life than a decade ago. I’m a woman and I think that this femininity is reflected in my new album.”



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