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Monday December 5, 2011 8:58 am

Mark Wahlberg Embarrassed By Rapping Past

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Mark Wahlberg as Marky MarkMark Wahlberg wishes he had kept his shirt on more when he was younger.

The Fighter actor is embarrassed by his musical past as lead rapper in hip-hop group Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch and admits he would take back both his outfits and music choices if he could:

"Believe me, if there were things I could take back I would. I can't take any of it back and it's molded who I am today, but I would certainly like to erase some of those things. I should have kept my shirt on a lot more. And not pulled my pants down so much."

When he made the transition to movies, Mark revealed he finally felt as he if he found his true calling, but his model wife model Rhea Durham and their four children are still more important to him than his career.

"When I did my first film I really felt like I had found my niche. It was difficult because I wanted to do anything in my power to make people forget about my past. I wanted to be credible, respected and taken seriously. Well family is the most important thing to me. So when I'm back home I'm in the gym at 4:30am, when it's still dark out and the kids haven't woken up yet. Then I get the kids up, get them off to school and get my day started. Family, faith and being a good person are the be all and end all. If I succeed at business and I fail at being a good father then it was all for nothing."

The full Mark Wahlberg interview is in the January/February issue of Men's Health magazine on sale today.



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