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Wednesday February 13, 2013 3:13 pm

Kim Kardashian’s Lawyer Calls Kris Humphries a Liar

Laura WasserKim Kardashian's lawyer has branded Kris Humphries a liar.

The Kourtney & Kim Take Miami star's attorney Laura Wasser has filed new legal documents in their divorce battle, accusing the 28-year-old basketball player and his lawyer Lee Hutton of lying when they told the judge they never told her that he was determined to bring their case to trial so he could "blow the lid off reality TV."

The 32-year-old beauty and her lawyer also strongly insinuated that Kris' team has been threatening to use their divorce to "expose" Kim's reality series via the trial, unless they secure an annulment and/or a financial settlement.

According to gossip website TMZ.com, Kim's high profile lawyer claims Mr. Hutton bluntly told her, "The Kardashians or Bunim-Murray (producers of Keeping Up with the Kardashians) do not want that to happen."

Ms. Wasser said Kris' lawyer virtually ignored the divorce while questioning the producers of the popular E! series, and 95% of his questions were about the show. The questions he asked producers, included, "Is any aspect of season 6 [which features Humphries] scripted? If so, who maintains those scripts?," and "It's not uncommon for a producer ... to give direction to cast members during a particular scene, is it?", as well as "Can you tell me who gave direction to the characters for the Bora Bora episode on what topics they should discuss? [The episode in which Kris finds out Kim had previously been married]."

Kim's lawyer also hit back at Kris's claims that he doesn't have time to deal with the divorce until May or June because of his hectic basketball schedule. She insisted he has plenty of days off, including the upcoming All-Star Game, which she said she is certain won't require his participation.

The former couple's divorce has been dragging on since November 2011, despite their marriage lasting a mere 72 days because Kris wants an annulment on the grounds of fraud. Kim denies that she married him to boost the ratings of her reality show and wants a divorce.



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