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Wednesday January 2, 2013 12:26 pm

Emma Stone Constantly Aware of the Paparazzi

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Movies, Paparazzi Photos,

Andrew Garfield and Emma StoneEmma Stone is "paranoid" of the paparazzi. The 24-year-old star is so wary about being caught on camera doing something embarrassing that she acts differently to how she would if there was no one following her.

"It's weird in Los Angeles - [paparazzi are] hiding out everywhere. The hardest thing is that it makes me act like an a**hole because I now have this weird level of paranoia that I never had before. It feels like having a private investigator on you or something. You find yourself walking around holding your head up like you're looking in the mirror - and your friends are wondering what's wrong with you. Then I feel like a jerk because half the time there's nobody there... still, I really don't want to be caught with a burger all over my face."

Emma - who is dating her Amazing Spider-Man co-star Andrew Garfield - always wanted to be an actress and was so determined to reach her goal that she once told her mother Krista she would "die" if not given the chance to act.

"My parents knew that there was something a little off about me. So it made sense when I asked, aged 11, if I could take acting classes. Apparently I said to my mum, 'If I can't act, I'll die.' And then she knew - she knew that only an actress would say something like that," she added to UK's Glamour.



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