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Tuesday October 21, 2008 6:37 pm

Wiliam Shatner Lashes Out at George Takei

UPDATE: Takei told Entertainment Tonight that an invitation was sent to Shatner after all. William just didn’t bother to RSVP.

It should make J.J. Abrams feel better to know that he isn’t the only one hated by William Shatner.

Since he hasn’t been assigned to any film shoots, the Boston Legal star has apparently found himself with a lot of spare time. Last month, Shatner - with the help of his daughter - hit YouTube to talk about being snubbed by the Star Trek director. Now he’s hitting the internet to talk about being snubbed by a former co-star.

When actor George Takei (Sulu) married his partner Brad Altman back in September, several members of the Star Trek family were included in the event. Unfortunately, Shatner was not one of them. In an interview with AP Radio, George said his memories of the show’s lead star weren’t always pleasant.

But as Shatner has proven in the Abrams feud, he’s not one to hold back his thoughts. Even if that means speaking out over a month after a wedding ceremony has taken place. In his latest YouTube video, the 77-year-old used several choice phrases while talking about the man he claims to barely know. (Uhhh…how many movies did you and Takei do together?) My faves? “Poor man”...“psychosis”...“sickness”...“pity.”

Watch the video and let us know what you think. Do you think Shatner has a right to be bitter? Or do you clearly understand why George would want to keep him out of his private celebration?



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