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Saturday October 16, 2010 3:17 pm

Who Does Kanye West Follow on Twitter?

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Kanye West Twitter

Someone took the time to figure out what we all want to know: who does Kanye West follow on Twitter?

The list is only 16 people strong, suggesting the musician is very discerning in his tastes.

Keep reading to find out who is in the lucky group…

Read More | New York Post via Perez Hilton

Anja Rubik, one of Kanye’s Sixteen, is originally from Poland. Anja, 29, is a model. Abbey Lee Kershaw, 23, is Australian … and also a model. Douzen Kroes, 25, another model, is Dutch. Get the idea?

We’ve seen the list, and it’s actually sort of impressive. You can go here to see more of the names.

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