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Thursday September 16, 2010 1:22 am

VIDEO: Jane Lynch Says DeGeneres Blazed Trail for Gay Actors

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Although Jane Lynch has proudly discussed her recent wedding to Dr. Lara Embry, there was a time when she wasn’t so open about her sexuality. Thankfully, fellow actors like Ellen DeGeneres made it easier for her to do so.

“I was more closeted in my life when I was younger,” the Emmy winner revealed. “By the time I started to do work and people knew who I was, I just never made the choice to hide that I was gay.”

“By the time you get to be our age, Ellen, there are no big deals anymore,” she added.

Of course, a little inspiration always helps. “You were at the height of your fame and you came out,” Lynch told DeGeneres. “And that just blazed a trail for me. It really did. It made it so much easier for me what you did.”

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Jane did admit, though, that it might be harder for an actress like Julia Roberts to come out of the closet – which is why the star decided to make the announcement for her.

“So you’re saying is gay?” Ellen joked.

“That’s what I’m saying, right here on this show ... She won’t admit it, but I’m here to tell you she’s gay. You’re welcome, Julia!” Lynch laughed.



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