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Sunday May 30, 2010 11:16 am

Speidi Split a Hoax?

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News recently broke that Speidi, also known as Heidi Montag and Spender Pratt, also known as those two jokers from The Hills, . While some MTV fans are crying into their pillows, others remain much more skeptical. Spencer and Heidi are incredibly ambitious entertainers who have never hidden their motives to become increasingly famous.

Could these rumors be a hoax engineered by the pair in order to increase their own star power? Headlines regarding Heidi’s plastic surgery are starting to fade…so wasn’t it time something new surfaced regarding the reality TV couple? Or is it all true?

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Heidi’s rep says yes (wouldn’t you expect that, though?). In a statement, it was revealed that “yes the split is real… [Heidi’s] trying to lay low the next couple days. What I can say is that it’s a separation for now, not divorce.”

In a tweet regarding the big news, Spencer’s sister Stephanie Pratt said “I hope whether this statement is true or not that they are both happy in whatever life decisions they make.”

Sounds like she’s not quite buying it. The couple made headlines through the blogosphere in 2007 when rumors surfaced that they were planning a fake split.

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