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Thursday December 3, 2009 11:44 am

Rihanna Gets Caught Naked by Pool Guy

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Not only does Rihanna enjoy taking nude pictures, but she also enjoys randomly walking around her house in her birthday suit!

The “Hard” singer recently admitted that a few rumors regarding her pool guy catching her in the buff are true:

“Oh my God! These are all true rumors. I don’t, like, flaunt my stuff to him. I just have no idea what day it is ever, so I never remember what day he comes and I’m always just walking around my house. He comes one day a week.  I’m never in LA so when I come, I’m not thinking, ‘There’s a pool guy that’s going to come.’  I come in, go to the refrigerator, grab a bottle of coconut water and then I turn around and it’s like, frozen. Freeze.”

What was Chris Brown thinking? His loss and the pool man’s gain!

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